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Top B.Tech Colleges in Mechanical Engineering - India

Ever thought about how our life would have been without the machines we use daily, from mobiles to vehicles? Mechanical engineering focuses on decreasing the load on humans by forming new creations with advanced technologies to help us in our daily chores. Being one of the oldest branches of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering includes detailed examination, manufacture, the progress of electrical gadgets, automobiles, tools, etc. The Undergraduate degree (B.Tech) is granted after four years, while a Masters degree (MTech) is one or two years.

Top 10 Reasons to do Mechanical Engineering.

Opportunity to think creatively

  • Mechanical Engineers require a high level of creativity to surpass the previously built creations moreover;, they need to form something unique and better every time. You can apply your thought process to form something unique that can create history!

Valuable creations

  • In the 21st century, everyone depends on machines in one way or another, which mechanical engineers largely form. They form the technological world's backbone by generating energy, making equipment, tools, weapons, gadgets, etc.

Handsome Salary

  • This field provides you with adequate remuneration ranging from 1.7 Lakh to 10 Lakh per year. You might not get a good amount as a fresher, but with time and experience, your payment will boost up too.

High Demand

  • Mechanical Engineers are required in various fields such as the Aerospace industry, Defence Industry, Automotive Industry, Chemical Industry, Construction Industry, etc. moreover the modern world is highly dependent upon them.

Various Career Opportunities

  • Mechanical Engineering encompasses many sectors, which in turn creates many job opportunities. You can pursue a career in Civil Administration, Management, Masters, Entrepreneurship, Defence, and many more.

International Opportunities

  • Mechanical Engineers are needed everywhere in every country, especially in developing or underdeveloped countries where they can create an impression by aiding those countries to heighten their technological status.

Acquisition of Knowledge

  • Mechanical Engineering includes a broad domain that ranges from mathematics to electronics. Thus, Mechanical Engineers are multi-skilled and highly intelligent.

Recession-Proof Jobs

  • Many companies do not offer recession-proof jobs, but mechanical engineers never get out of demand as the entire world is dependent upon their creations and technology. Thus, even during difficult times, people need types of machinery or gadgets daily.

Profuse options in higher studies

  • Contrasting to the options provided in other engineering fields, Mechanical Engineering serves innumerable options such as a Master's in manufacturing engineering, a Master's in aeronautical engineering, a Master's in marine engineering, etc.

Forever Up to date

  • A Mechanical Engineer always keeps up with the trend associated with technology. Furthermore, they are well acquainted with the latest technologies and gadgets.

Job Opportunities

Aerospace Engineer

  • Aerospace engineering deals with the designing, construction, and development of aeroplanes and satellites. Some of the top international aerospace companies are Boeing, Airbus, Airnetz Aviation Pvt Ltd. The salary of aerospace Engineers varies from 5-6 Lakh per annum.

Automotive Engineer

  • This focuses on the construction, development, and design of automobiles such as cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles. L&T Technology Services Limited, Altran Technologies, HCL Technologies Ltd. are some of the top Indian automotive companies. The salary automotive engineer varies from 2 - 10 Lakh per annum.

Nuclear Engineer

  • Nuclear engineering encompasses the formation, designing, and progression of the gadgets or instruments working or benefitting from nuclear energy. The topmost companies include Uranium Corporation of India, Bhavini, Nuclear Fuel Complex, etc. The salary of a nuclear engineer varies from 7-13 Lakh.

Maintenance Engineer

  • They check upon the existing equipment or instruments and tend to develop them for better performance. Top companies hiring maintenance engineers include Tata Power, Reliance Industries, Suzlon Group, Thermax, etc. The remuneration of maintenance engineer differs from 1-6 Lakh.

Mechanical Engineer

  • You can pursue the mainstream career of this field which is Mechanical Engineering itself that focuses upon the development, designing, and construction of various machines and types of equipment. Kirloskar, Godrej Group, Larsen are some of the top-notch companies which hire mechanical engineers in India. The salary of a mechanical engineer varies from 1-9 Lakh per year.

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

  • This domain focuses upon the maintenance, development, induction of instruments and tools required to monitor engineering works. The salary of the control and instrumentation engineer varies between 2-10 lakh per annum.

Contracting Civil Engineer

  • They monitor and check the creations of consulting engineers. The salary of a contracting civil engineer varies from 2-6 Lakh per year.

In this technologically advanced world, mechanical engineers are of immense importance to help us carry out our activities with much ease. A huge chunk of society is employed as mechanical engineers due to the increase in the demand for machines and gadgets. Be it travelling or cooking, and technology is knitted in every activity we involve in. It is extremely difficult to live without these machines; for example, how can we communicate without a phone or travel without automobiles or aircraft? Besides, Mechanical engineers are of high reputation and considered as the jack of all trades. They work for social welfare by transforming their ideas into instruments and gadgets that help us in our daily lives. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.

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1783 search results