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Top BFA Colleges - India

"A Guide for Artistic Excellence"

If you want to be a professional artist, you've probably heard of the Bachelor of Fine Arts, an undergraduate degree in the arts. 

A BFA study lasts three to four years and is broken into six to eight semesters. It includes theoretical and practical courses. Students must complete art, design, and illustration courses as part of the programme. Some colleges additionally require students to keep and publish journals about their work. The curriculum will consist of both theoretical and practical training. Many colleges will urge students to publish their work and keep journals to display their creations. 


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Course Highlights

Fine Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts is a popular course for individuals who have completed Class 12. The table details course kinds, course levels, costs, top recruiters, and job profiles. The following table lists some of the significant highlights of the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme.



Name of the course

Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Fine Arts)

Course Level



3 years, full time


Fine Arts

Examination Type

Semester System


10+2 qualification in any stream with a minimum 50% marks aggregate

Admission Process

Either based on entrance test or marks secured in the higher secondary level or both

Entrance Exams



Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Eligibility Criteria 

Students might look at the following points to gain an indication of their BFA eligibility:

  • All candidates who have completed Standard XII in any stream from a recognised board meet the Bachelor of Fine Arts eligibility requirements.
  • Although there are no other defined criteria, some universities/colleges may require a minimum percentage (typically 50-60%) in Class 12 to be admitted to a BFA course.
  • Apart from this, preference at the time of admission is occasionally given to students who have studied Arts/ Humanities in Class 12 and have some basic knowledge of the Fine Arts subject which they intend to follow.


BFA Entrance Exams 2024

Students seeking admission to top colleges offering Bachelor of Fine Arts programmes can apply for the following entrance tests administered by several popular universities:


AUSAT: Alliance University Scholastic Aptitude Test, or AUSAT, is a university-level entrance exam administered by Alliance University in Bangalore. The Alliance University, Bangalore, administers the AUSAT entrance examination for admission to several undergraduate degree programmes.

CUCET: The Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test is a university-level entrance exam administered by Chandigarh University. The exam is divided into two sections and is administered online.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the Common University Entrance Test UG (CUET UG), a national-level entrance examination, for admission to undergraduate degree programmes in various fields accepted by central universities in India

Other exams in addition to the above are PUBDET, NSD Entrance Exam, Calcutta University Entrance Exam, and URATPG.


BFA Specialisations

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) curriculum may be ideal for you if you have a vivid imagination, the ability to express your artistic side, and are interested in sketching, photography, or visual effects.


The course helps students hone and fine-tune their skills in dance, theatre, and music through BFA. As previously stated, the duration of a BFA study is three to four years, divided into six to eight semesters. Typically, the BFA course is offered in a variety of specialisations. Candidates can choose any of the specialisations that interest them and major in it.

Why Study BFA?

BFA is a varied course that provides numerous job opportunities in the arts, writing, entertainment, media, and related fields. 

  • Unlike other traditional courses, the BFA curriculum introduces you to new-age areas such as art, aesthetics, ceramics, and pottery making.
  • After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, you can pursue a variety of career paths. Examples include art teacher, creative writer, and art director.
  • Graduates of the Bachelor of Fine Arts course can pursue careers as freelance artists, writers, or teachers. The freelance profession is popular nowadays because of its flexibility and limitless earning potential.
  • As per payscale, the average salary that you may obtain after a BFA education in the employment roles of a fine artist, sculptor, or painter is INR 4,87,957. 
  • Those who want to change their profession after BFA can easily transition to the master of arts (MFA), which specialises in numerous disciplines, including photography, music, painting, filmmaking, etc.


BFA Admission Process

Admission to the BFA course is based on merit and entrance tests. The entrance exam questions are multiple-choice. However, the exam pattern varies depending on the particular college/university administering it.


Top BFA Colleges

Several BFA colleges improve students' skills and provide them with in-depth knowledge about BFA courses, allowing them to pursue acceptable employment prospects. Other Fine Arts courses available at the colleges include MFAs and diplomas. The colleges stated in the table are listed alphabetically, not in any sort of ranking hierarchy.


Top Private Colleges for BFA

AAFT University of Media and Arts

Amity University, Noida

Chandigarh University

DY Patil College of Applied Arts and Crafts

Lovely Professional University

Mangalayatan University


NIMS University, Jaipur

Shristi Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Swami Vivekanand Subharti University

World University of Design



Top Government Colleges for BFA

Annamalai University

BHU, Varanasi

College of Arts, Delhi University

College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), New Delhi

Kurukshetra University 

Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith

Maharishi Dayanand University

Visva Bharti University


What After BFA?

With modernisation and increased digitalisation, the scope of the Bachelor of Fine Arts is rapidly expanding in a variety of fields. After graduation, students have numerous opportunities to earn an excellent wage, prestige, and recognition in a variety of industries. One can begin as a freelancer and progress into photography, directing, fashion, and so on.

Fresh graduates can work in art galleries, banks, journalism, and public relations. One might display his or her talent in private galleries and museums. Multimedia animators and artists can work in video games and motion pictures, which are popular in today's generation.


BFA Syllabus/Subjects

The BFA course programme includes both academic and practical studies. Several universities also encourage candidates to publish their artworks as research papers or to manage art magazines. The candidate's chosen specialism heavily influences the BFA course syllabus.

The following are the core subjects taught in the BFA programme.

BFA Theory Subjects

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Cultural History of India
  • Health Education
  • History of Indian Art
  • Environmental Studies
  • Basics of Computer Fundamentals
  • Aesthetics
  • Design & Communication Practice
  • Human Values & Professional Ethics
  • Market Research
  • Mural
  • Visual Graphics

BFA Practical Subjects

  • Geometry Perspective
  • Sketching & Drawing
  • Painting
  • Design
  • Lettering Layout
  • Clay Modelling & Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • 2D Art & Design
  • Computer Graphics
  • Communication Illustration
  • Communication Design
  • Advertising Art
  • Market Research
  • Visual Arts Process & Practices
  • Composition


Careers Opportunities After BFA

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree can pursue employment as authors, art teachers, or art directors to showcase their exceptional talents. There are several career opportunities accessible for new graduates and students seeking employment in the public and private sectors. Some of the most promising employment prospects are


After finishing their Bachelor of Fine Arts or BFA degree in Theatre, students can pursue a career as actors on stage or in film. An actor portrays a character and draws the audience's attention, convincing them that the figure is real.


This is one of the best career options following a BFA. If you have a BFA degree in painting and a decent portfolio of your work, you will easily find work as a freelancer doing portraits or artwork for interiors. You can either work with an art dealer who will provide you with consistent work or sell your paintings yourself. In addition to artistic abilities, you will need business and communication skills.

Museum Curator

This is one of the higher-paying BFA degree occupations. A museum curator preserves, maintains, and gathers artefacts in museums. He or she will be expected to raise cash, plan events, and conduct public relations. Museum curators also influence how visitors interact with the artefacts on display.

Art Therapist

It is believed that art is an excellent kind of therapy for resolving mental health issues and achieving overall well-being. Art therapy is another popular BFA employment in India. The art therapist understands their patients and directs them to the type of art form that will allow them to express themselves freely and relax.

Graphic Designer

This is one of the main employment alternatives following a BFA. A graphic designer is a professional who generates visual designs using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. He or she is critical to developing a company's brand image and promoting its products or services.

Creative Director

This is one of the most profitable arts-related careers you may pursue after earning your BFA. A creative director oversees and directs creative projects from concept to completion, establishing the artistic vision that a creative team of designers follows.

UX Designer

A UX Designer is one of the most in-demand BFA degree careers, designing and creating the interfaces that people see whether using an app, website, or video game. Their work responsibilities include designing an environment to improve the user experience. They maintain very close relationships with their customers or users.

Interior Designer

This is one of the BFA areas in India that is not only profitable but also in high demand, as both individuals and businesses need better and more pleasant interiors. Interior designers work to create aesthetically pleasant spaces. They are essential for both business and residential constructions.


This is another of the best careers for BFA graduates. Choreographers can work in a variety of settings, including film, television, live theatre, and dance schools. A choreographer's responsibilities include organising rehearsals, guiding dancers, and teaching routines.


An editor is one of the most in-demand occupations for BFA graduates, responsible for delivering the final edited article, script, or book. He or she may collaborate with publishing companies, television networks, financial institutions, and others. Their responsibilities include assigning stories to writers and journalists, editing content, proofreading, and ensuring that the narrative fulfils publication requirements.


A cartoonist can create cartoons manually or using a computer. He or she may work with video game companies, periodicals, comic books, and animated films, making this one of the most profitable careers for BFA grads. Cartoonists also create and edit animations and visual effects to meet the director's or client's requirements.


This is one of the government positions available to BFA graduates when they complete their studies. As a sculptor, you will construct forms out of three-dimensional materials such as stone, concrete, marble, plaster, and wood. To make objects, you can use tools like chisels, gouges, or mallets.

Jewellery Designer

A jewellery designer's expertise is required for all types of jewellery designs made of any metal, including gold, silver, ivory, and crystal. This is another great employment opportunity after BFA and requires a jewellery designer to create decorative metalwork. To suit consumer preferences, most jewellery manufacturers hire designers based on their specific needs.


A lecturer position is one of the highest-paying BFA jobs in India. A lecturer is in charge of teaching students at a higher education institution, as well as doing research and administration. He or she also collaborates with researchers, government officials, commercial companies, and students.


BFA Top Recruiters

The top recruiters for Bachelor of Fine Arts graduates can differ based on the individual field of the arts. BFA graduates are in high demand in a variety of businesses, including advertising firms, art galleries, museums, film and television production companies, publishing organisations, and educational institutions. Some notable companies that frequently hire BFA graduates are listed below



Marvel Studios


Yashraj Studio


Marks & Spencer




Employment Areas

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree provides chances in a variety of creative areas. BFA graduates are frequently employed in the following fields:

  • Advertising Companies
  • Art Studios
  • Educational Institutes
  • Boutiques
  • Publishing Houses
  • Fashion Houses
  • Television Industry
  • Websites
  • Theatres
  • Promotion and Product Design



The Bachelor of Fine Arts programme emphasises artistic abilities, creative expression, and critical thinking across several visual arts areas. Students get a thorough understanding of art history, techniques, and concepts via both hands-on experience and academic studies. Additionally, the BFA programme prepares students for professions in a variety of artistic fields, including painting, sculpture, digital media, graphic design, and art instruction. However, the decision to pursue a BFA course is purely based on the student's interests and career ambitions.



1. Can a BFA graduate assist in creating promotional campaigns?

Yes, BFA graduates can play a pivotal role in designing multimedia content for advertising campaigns. Their skills in graphic design, animation, or multimedia arts can be employed to create engaging content across various platforms.


2. What is the work of a Bachelor of Fine Arts?

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programme focuses on various forms of visual arts, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, photography, graphic design, and more. Graduates can pursue careers as professional artists, designers, art teachers, art administrators, or in related fields within the creative arts industry.


3. Can I do BFA after the 12th?

Yes, a class 12th with 50 per cent marks is the minimum criterion for pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts course.


4. Is BFA costly?

The cost of a Bachelor of Fine Arts course depends on the type of college the candidate chooses to enrol in. Some private colleges may charge higher fees, resulting in a more expensive degree.


5. Can I study BFA online?

Yes, many colleges offer BFA courses online. Pursuing a BFA online allows you to be flexible in your schedule.


6. How many years is a BFA?

The duration of the BFA course is three to four years, depending on the specialisation candidates' choice.


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