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Top B.Tech Colleges in Automobile Engineering - India

Automobile engineering is much more than simply the science behind the operation and manufacturing of road transportation vehicles. The students become familiar with the different aspects and functions of the automotive industry.  This engineering programme traverses a variety of sections that require expertise and intelligence for the smooth execution of vehicles. These include manufacturing, raw materials, rapid prototyping, ergonomics, emissions, chassis design, aerodynamics, alternative fuels, etc.  The course makes you industry-ready by imparting extensive knowledge of relevant and useful domains such as supply chain management, fuel efficiency, and pedestrian safety. 

Why should you pursue Automobile Engineering?

  • In this course, environmental science and engineering are taught to produce trained professionals not to design vehicles recklessly but in an environment-friendly manner. This expertise is a requisite for modern automobile manufacturers, especially at international levels, thereby increasing your employment scope in overseas industries. 
  • You get acquainted with the properties and reactions of different metals used in automobile manufacturing through the study of automotive materials and metallurgy. Thus, the degree of automobile engineering makes you apt for working as an expert consultant to vehicle producing companies for their best make. 
  • Reliability engineering and manufacturing processes teach you the fundamentals of designing vehicles with a proficient mechanism to survive the long travels and bumpy roads on a regular routine. 
  • On the other hand, the subject of automotive electrical systems is also included in the study curriculum. This discipline delves into every possible vehicle's roots of electronic mechanism, making you adept at detecting and solving flaws.   With a specialization in this field, you can employ yourself as an electronics engineer in an automobile corporation. 
  • Production technology is an integral part of the study curriculum where you learn the technical methods and the tactics of monitoring the work of every department to ensure timely production of the concerned vehicle. 
  • Aspirants are taught about the various types of fatal pollution caused by on-road vehicles as well as design strategies for mitigating it. 
  • The other subjects covered by this degree course are, namely, applied thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, automotive engine components, automotive transmission, quality check, and automotive diesel engines. 

Start Your Journey to the Automotive Industry

With the array of diverse subjects covered by an automobile engineering degree, you don’t stay limited to industry-specific roles but switch to job designations in other industries that require the same specializations such as environment and engineering, production technology, etc. 

The demand for professionals trained in automobile engineering is opening more employment avenues in sectors related to technology that goes hand-in-hand with automobiles. 

This industry is not about car manufacturing but immense research and development to keep pace with the changing global scenario. 

Learn to Innovate 

  • Automobile engineering prepares you for jobs that demand creative liberty. Planning new features with innovative technologies for entertainment or pollution control is the dream of most car fanatics that get materialized through this course. 

Communicate with the World

  • The automotive industry's job profiles mostly involve interaction with experts or staff from different corners of the globe. This course assigns you practical projects to create mock situations for grooming your interpersonal skills and the ability to connect with the working mindset of individuals from different cultural backgrounds. 

Auto Designing 

  • This is a thriving profession and garners much limelight. The creators of the scintillating car interiors are driving investors crazy to make their auto brand stand out from the rest. An automobile engineering degree is your initiation into the world of Computer Aided Automation (CAM), ERP, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). 

Explore Different Industries

  • Apart from manufacturing industries, the motor vehicle departments, private transport companies, service stations, production plants, insurance companies are also in constant need of skilled professionals to maintain proficiency in their operating standards. 

Associate with Reputed Brands

  • This degree course is a stepping stone to the celebrated brands in the automotive industry, such as Renault, Audi, Volkswagen, etc. As brands keep sprouting, the possibilities to work at a global level increases thereby, assuring your trips to foreign lands. 

Join the Faculty

  • You can churn out several batches of automobile specialists to cater to the demands of different departments as an instructor or teacher in the faculties of the front row universities in both government and private sectors. This degree course remunerates professors with a compensation of 7 to 8 lakh rupees a year. 

Analytical Thinking

  • An automobile engineering curriculum infuses you with time management skills, problem-solving, analytical thinking, creativity, communication, and team collaboration. These attributes would help you stand out in any profession, even if it is not of the same field.

Choose Your Own Designation

  • With multiple specializations to select from, aeronautical engineering gets you ready for a targeted designation with the most appropriate industry-relevant knowledge and expertise. An automobile engineering degree facilitates you to master the knowledge and practical applications, problem-solving skills regarding safety elements, mechanical and electronic software, etc. 

Tailor-Made Roles for Students of Automobile Engineering 

Sales Officer 

  • The job responsibility is centred on pitching an automobile for sale. Unless you have detailed knowledge about the technical traits and effectiveness of the vehicle components, you won’t be able to bring the customer around. Thus, this automobile engineering degree equips you for explaining the car specifications in a confident tone to the consumer. This position would fetch you an annual income of 2 to 3 lakhs. 

Automobile Engineer 

  • This job designation involves the designing, production, and testing of vehicles. The compensation received annually ranges from 5 to 6 lakh rupees. 

Design Engineer 

  • The task of this job profile involves research and study for envisioning ideas to transform those into new models of vehicles through designing. The individual is entitled to an alluring salary of 6 to 7 lakh rupees per annum. 

Product Development Engineer 

  • This job designation is responsible for the design and development of vehicle components as well as assembling them to form a whole. This challenging task is rewarded with a salary of 4 to 5 lakhs per annum. 

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