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Top B.Design Colleges in Fashion Design - India

Attire is not just a bare necessity, but it can impact your personality by the way you present it.  Every aspect of life trends in its own pattern, then why not the sense of dressing up? Fashion is the true definition of the physical identity of humans on the globe. How nice it would be if you could get yourself as well as others, the perfect couture. Trends keep coming and going, but true fashion is one that dissolves the senses.  Fashion Designing can be defined as the creativity to bring in fabrics, patterns, textures, and shades together for an outcome that is ecstatic to the wearer and enchanting to the viewer. It does not just include clothes but even accessories for a complete look. Compliance with the changing trends of the fashion market is a must in this art for pleasing the mind and taste of those who would be slipping into your creations. 

Top 10 Reasons to Do Bachelors in Fashion Designing

Explore your Creativity

  • If material Nature has been an inspiration for you and that you are creative enough to tap its beauty and showcase it on material clothing, then the profession of Fashion Designing is your perfect match. A bachelor's degree would get you formally trained to hit the nail on the head.

Get Exposed to New Ideas

  • The fashion designing course would get you acquainted with the theoretical fundamentals as well as practical knowledge for transferring your natural creativity into art. You will come across different styling suggestions and also get aware of the industry demands to boost your innovative thinking. 

Learn to Teach

  • A Bachelor in Fashion Designing is a requisite to fulfill your desire of becoming a designing faculty. A teaching career in the fashion industry is thriving, but for that, you need to put your best foot forward by earning yourself a formal degree. 

Grow as a Designer 

  • One is unable to succeed or progress in a field without acquiring knowledge of its history. Bachelors in Fashion Designing will teach you the basics for mastering this wearable art. You will get a clear picture of the advent of the fashion industry, manipulation of textiles, drawing and sketching techniques, managing an entire fashion house, and fashion events. 

Analyze Your Skills

  • You might be naturally talented in drawing, sketching, or selecting fabrics, but all of these qualities need to be perfected. This is possible only when there are instructors or teachers to figure out your faults. Studying Bachelors in Fashion Designing will make you capable of challenges thrown at you by clients or the fashion market. 

Get Your Portfolio Built

  • The class projects that you would be working on during the undergraduate course of Fashion Designing will otherwise serve as a portfolio in the future. It will exhibit your skills that are tagged by prominent identities or house the college lets you work with during the degree course. 

Scope for Your Experiments

  • Pursuance of Bachelors in Fashion Designing is the time phase for getting done with all the possible but silly flaws in execution so that you don't lose your credibility by repeating them as an expert. You get to share opinions with other students while putting their feedback on your designs into learning. 

Become Industry-Ready

  • Being only immensely creative does not secure your position as a fashion designer unless you are adept in all departments such as sewing, sketching, etc. A bachelor in Fashion Designing teaches you right from scratch. This is a period of sharpening your claws for a better understanding of the unpredictable fashion market and trends. After all, the right choices can be made only when you know something from its core. 

Identify Your Speciality

  • The vast arena of Fashion Designing can open up a wide range of career avenues based on the different categories of dressing. An undergraduate course causes you to juggle through various areas of expertise. You end up recognizing which subject interests you the most and the segments where you falter.

Possess a Certification

  • Bachelors in Fashion Designing from a reputed institution fetches you the much-needed recognition. The certificate awarded to you at the successful completion of the course gives you the scope of working with or for the fashion industry's cream-like renowned houses, celebrity clients, and high-class designers. 

Job Opportunities

Apart from becoming a fashion designer who is required to attend all events, including fashion exhibitions and trade shows, there are other designations too that draw money and fame. The pay package of a fashion designer in Indian companies is quite alluring so as to name a couple of them:

Reliance Fashion Brands – Rs 10,16,616 per annum
Arvind Lifestyle Brands- 4,89,327 per annum

Working as a fashion illustrator can fetch an annual remuneration between 2 to 9.4 lakhs, such as at the house of Raymonds. This job is pretty important for projecting the designer's mental creation through sketching.  

Being a fashion stylist who provides its client with the most appropriate look for an event, you can start off with a monthly salary of 22, 359 rupees at the house of celebrity designer Ritu Kumar.

As a fashion co-ordinator, you would be responsible for the advertisement of products, arranging for fashion shows, etc. The pay package at the renowned Urban Factory Pvt Ltd starts from 30,000 rupees per month. 

Start working with Inaya Couture as a fashion merchandiser at a monthly payment of 25, 765 rupees that are only bound to rise with your increasing experience and sharpness of skills. The major task of this marketing profile is to analyze the sales data based on the past and present trends. This requires you to be knowledgeable about the textures, fabrics, hues alongside the production techniques and market demand. 

At the end of the day, the pay package or job title hardly matters if you are passionate about the fashion industry and wish to strive to be the back-seat driver. A bachelor in fashion designing is a must to enrich your creative personality so as to mold that of others through this wearable art form. 

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