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Top B.Tech Colleges in Electronics and Communication Engineering - India

If you are passionate about the underlying concepts and intricacies of electric equipment manufacturing, installation, designing, and operation, then this engineering branch is the ultimate choice for you. It is a concoction of the fundamentals of engineering, such as chemistry, drawing, physics, and mathematics. Telecommunication systems, types of machinery, electronic equipment are related to this domain. 

What are the Takeaways from this Course?

This engineering degree offers you the perception of designing electronic equipment, including those used for communication technology. The aspirants become familiar with the different facets of equipment-building such as embodiment, interactive or creative design, automation, instrumentation and robotics. 

Why Should You Study Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Become an Equipment Specialist

  • In the course of this engineering degree, students acquire both academic and practical knowledge of creating equipment designs through research. They learn the methodologies of maintaining, developing, and testing the end product. The engineering professionals are also responsible for monitoring the entire manufacturing process as well as the assemblage of components. 

Significant Specializations in Technology

  • This degree programme focuses on multiple electronic divisions such as computing devices and microprocessors, information networks systems, optical systems, and semiconductor devices. Expertise in these mechanisms is demanded by the sectors associated with Defence Force, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, and Core IT. Therefore, pursuing this engineering course assures your possibilities of switching roles from one industry to another. 

Develop a New Persona

  • The study curriculum makes you adept at market research and critical thinking skills to meet the requirements of both your professional and personal life. The classroom assignments put you in practical tests where you are required to visualize and create the design of an electronic product as well as assess its quality through effective trial and error methods. 

Expand Your Knowledge Base 

  • This degree programme covers every possible specialization involved in equipment making, right from the automobile sector to the shooting set. These are, namely, Medical instrumentation, Digital VLSI, MEMS, CAED, Field Effect Nano Device modelling. 

Reach the Core of Technology

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering keeps you updated with the latest innovations in technology along with its understanding by delving into the vast topics of Coding & Designing and Information Technology. The aspirants acquire the techniques of gaining information on consumer bases through the means of research so that they can ideate product designs that are compatible with the users. This degree course aims to make you well-versed with the current digital skills in terms of functionality and aesthetics. 

Get Equipped for Different Industries 

  • The knowledge and skills obtained through this engineering programme study make you the right fit for working in the industries associated with renewable energy, automation, robotics, mechatronics, and the World Wide Web. Fortunately, most of these industries are based overseas, such as the Gulf countries, Canada, Germany, thereby fulfilling your desire to work abroad. This course is also an initiation into the world of management skills combined with technical wisdom. 

Takers of Electronics and Communication Engineers

  • A degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering will leave you flooded with employment possibilities in several telecom and software industry departments. This education programme even provides you with the opportunity to contribute to society by engaging yourself at ISRO, DRDO Laboratories, Ministry of Communications, and other such prestigious government sector organizations. Even the large scale industries like chemical, coal, steel, and petroleum have jobs ready at hand for these degree holders. Transportation, aviation, consumer electronics, diagnostic equipment, computer application are the existing fields that hire electronics and communication engineers. The rapid advancement in technology is opening new employment avenues for these professionals in the manufacturing of self-driving cars, autonomous drones, energy-effective systems, and industrial automation. 

Tailor-Made Roles to Match the Skills Acquired through Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics Engineer 

  • This job designation is responsible for controlling the data flow in broadcasting and communication systems. The annual income earned is 5.45 lakh rupees. 

Field Engineer 

  • The job profile is centred on fixing benchmark practices for the field operations, assessment of performances, and recommendation of solutions, accordingly. The salary received for these responsibilities is around 5 lakh rupees per annum. 

Production Manager 

  • The job responsibility includes the designing, evaluation and scheduling of projects on the basis of time, resource and budget as the governing factors. This job position fetches you an annual compensation of 6.8 lakh rupees. 

Network Planning Engineer 

  • This job designation involves the supervision and management of the employer organization’s internal and external network systems. The individual is required to coordinate with teams and incorporate new yardsticks for fibre designing. The salary drawn by this job rank is 5.2 lakh rupees a year. 

Software Engineer 

  • The individual is in charge of creating business system software for every phase starting from the network control to the operating systems. The annual remuneration for this job rank is 4.96 lakh rupees. 

Electronics Technician 

  • This job profile is rewarded with an annual salary of 2 lakh rupees. The job responsibilities include installation, designing, manufacture and development of electronic equipment. 

Desktop Support Engineer 

  • The requirement of this job profile in a present-day organization is indispensable. It involves the solving of the enterprise’s system security and server problems. After all, a business has a smooth sailing only with an uninterrupted information technology system at its disposal. 

Communications Engineer 

  • This job profile is the force behind the modification and designing of electrical communication platforms. The individual is required to maintain the performance standards by means of fixing trial sessions, approving budgets, and setting timelines. They are responsible for on-time delivery of products and services while conducting a site survey is also a part of their job. 

Improve your chances of being associated with eminent brands such as Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, HCL Technologies, Samsung Electronics, Phillips Semiconductors, Intel Corporation, IBM, and Texas Instruments. 

This degree course imparts extensive knowledge and understanding of even the most minute of the software and hardware details. Besides, it exposes you to multiple domains like optoelectronics, designing of both digital and analogue circuits, digital image processing, power systems, and so forth. 


1672 search results

1672 search results