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Top M.Design Colleges in Textile Design - India

M.Des in Textile Design

The M.Des (Master of Design) in Textile Design is a specialised postgraduate programme focusing on building skills and competence in creating textiles for diverse purposes. It covers Fundamental Design Ideas, Colour Theory, Texture, and Composition. It also studies fibres, yarns, and fabrics and their qualities. It explores classic textile processes, such as weaving, printing, and dyeing, and modern ones, such as digital printing and sustainable textile practices. 

Highlights: - 

Degree Name

Master of Design



Duration of the course

2 years


B.Des, B.Sc, B.F. Tech

Education mode

Full-time, Distance.

Admission Process

Merit as well as Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams


Fees of the course

Rs 10,000 - Rs 8.00 Lakhs

Eligibility Criteria: - 

  • Candidates must complete graduation in designing from a recognised Institute.
  • Candidates must have secured an aggregate score of 45%- 55% in the qualifying exam.
  • Candidates may have to clear the Entrance Exam.

Syllabus for M.Des in Textile Design: 

The M.Des in Textile Design syllabus will vary from college to college, but the course aims and subjects shall remain the same; the subject distribution over the syllabus may differ, but the study matter remains consistent. Nevertheless, candidates should check the official website to know the complete syllabus. Here is a general guide to M.Des in Textile Design syllabus design, as commonly followed by Indian colleges: 

Semester 1

Semester 2

Subjects of Study

Textile Chemistry

Textile Theory

Weaves Process

Fibre Theory

Loom's Process

Textile Texture

Industrial Visit Project Work

Yarn Process


Semester 3

Semester 4

Textile Science (Printing & Dying)

Market Dynamics

Introduction to Finishing Advance Weaving Process

Project on Different Visits

Finishing Process Articles on Printing Industrial Visit

Knitting Industrial Visits


Project on Woven & Knitting Fabrics

Next step after M.Des in Textile Design: - 

If a person wants to do further studies in Designing to improve their knowledge and skills, then they can go for the following courses: -

  • Certificate Course in Advanced Textile Processes: Learn advanced textile processes, such as jacquard weaving, digital textile printing, sophisticated dyeing procedures, and surface decorations.
  • Certificate Course in Fashion Textiles: This course focuses on creating textiles for fashion applications, including trend forecasting, textile innovation, and collaboration with fashion designers.
  • Certificate Course in Sustainable Textile Design: Learn about sustainable textile design processes, eco-friendly materials, recycling, upcycling techniques, and ethical sourcing.
  • Certificate Course in Textile Surface Design: This course teaches you how to create surface patterns, motifs, and textures using different printing, embroidery, and decoration processes.
  • Certificate Course in CAD for Textile Design: This course teaches you how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software specifically for textile design, emphasising digital pattern development, colouring, and repetition designs.
  • Certificate Course in Textile Art and Craft: Learn about hand weaving, hand dyeing, sculpting, and experimental textile methods.
  • Certificate Course in Textile Design Management: Covers project management, marketing techniques, and commercial factors unique to the textile design sector.
  • Certificate Course in Digital Textile Printing: Learn about digital printing technology, colour management, and how to prepare designs for digital textile printing.
  • Certificate Course in Textile Innovation and Research: The Certificate Course in Textile Innovation and Research offers advanced training in textile research methodology, textile material innovation, and future textile design trends.
  • Certificate Course in Textile Trends and Markets: Examines worldwide textile trends, market dynamics, consumer behaviour, and their implications for textile design and product development.


Employment after M.Des in Textile Design:- 

Job Profiles

Average Salary (Lakhs Per Annum)

Textile Designer

Rs 4.00 - Rs 9.00 LPA

Fabric Resource Manager

Rs 2.00 - Rs 5.00 LPA

Fabric Analyser

Rs 3.00 - Rs 7.00 LPA

Design Consultant

Rs 2.50 - Rs 6.50 LPA

Embroidery Designer

Rs 3.00 - Rs 5.00 LPA

Exhibition Designer

Rs 2.70 - Rs 8.00 LPA

Design Journalist

Rs 3.00 - Rs 5.00 LPA


  1. What is the scope of Textile Design?
    Textile Designing will open vast opportunities for the student who is pursuing this career. They can work in the garment, fashion, furnishing, and interior designing segments, along with their innovative concepts and skills will make their fashion sense grow in the competitive market.
  2. Where do Textile Designers work?
    Textile Designers often work in design studios, factories, and labs. They are responsible for making the apparel more unique and convenient to wear.
  3. What are the major subjects in Textile Design?
    The main subjects include Designing elements and principles, Communication and graphic designing, the Process of colour mixing, Insights about art and textiles, Basic design concept, and cultural values in the fashion industries.
  4. What is the course duration of M.Des in Textile Design programme?
    The course duration of M.Des in Textile Design is 2 years.

Other specialisation in M.Des: -

M.Des in Interior Design, M.Des in Fashion Design, M.Des in UI/UX Design, M.Des in Industrial / Product Design.

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