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Top B.Design Colleges in Interior Design - India

Any enclosed area, whether home or office becomes meaningful only when a certain art or theme is attached to it. The concept of interior designing is pretty much in fashion in contemporary times. Even a mansion with a great many spacious rooms looks crippled without a schematic decor. The magic of interior design is such that it can totally transform the ambience of a room or place.   It is a combination of science and art in relation to planning a space, starting from layout to execution. A creative or witty, and imaginative mind is a must to succeed as an interior designer. Designing also involves makeovers of residential and corporate interiors to a large extent. Every little detail, such as the amount of light entering the room or from which direction, is paid attention.

Top 10 Reasons to do Bachelors in Interior Designing

Enhance Your Creativity

  • If you are very particular about or brood on your home looks, you have got the spark in you that needs to be ignited. Studying Bachelors in Interior Designing is the ultimate solution to materialize your dream of giving a makeover to your den and others. The profession of an interior designer is most sought-after by students in the field of creative learning. You get to explore each new day in the process of sorting your client’s problems. 

Polish Your Skills 

  • Have you ever paid attention to your superiority in the selection of wall paints, furniture or how to arrange a room? If so, then becoming an expert at it can make you showcase your talent and get paid for it. A degree course in interior design equips you with all the technicalities like drawing the layout, using specific tools, etc. 

Test Your Mettle

  • Interior Designing refers to continuous changes in the thought process to let in innovative ideas. A Bachelor in Interior Designing exposes you to a wide range of work projects, each of which differs in the requirements of the clients concerned. 

Exposure to Diverse Projects 

  • The place can be a retail store or a high-end office space in any of the contemporary skyscrapers. How to approach a project and not let your imaginations run wild is tutored by the degree course. Thus, it’s an absolute necessity if you desire to excel. 

Enjoy Entrepreneurship

  • A Bachelor in Interior Designing is essential to make the most of your potential. With the challenges you learn in the course of the study, start-up business ideas come your way. Incorporate all your experiences in your dealings and your organization can reach prominence, as well. An increasing number of constructions accompanying the rapid urbanization has caused interior designing to flourish in recent years. 

Expand Your Knowledge Base

  • Possessing a degree in interior designing not only certifies your skills but is also a channel to other professions. When you meet customers from multiple sectors, your exposure to different industries increases, such as the business, hospitality or corporate sectors involves separate sets of functions and skills. You may find out that a certain skill is present in you and thus, a new career or profession gets revealed to you. 

Freedom at Work

  • Independence at work is typical to the profession of an interior designer. You can have your own way since the customer hires you is likely to envision the subject through your creative eyes. Besides, you can make the most of your energy and efficiency to work on two to three projects at a time. This prevents work from getting monotonous and accelerates the flow of your creative juices. 

Become Your Own Expert

  • Whether or not you desire a full-fledged career in interior designing, a degree course in the subject won’t go vain. Your expert tips could help your own family and relatives whenever they are in need of it. Hiring a professional can cost you a fortune, so why not use the knowledge you have garnered while studying bachelors?

Science of Stylizing

  • Interior Designing can be referred to as stylizing of interior space. This art form isn’t solely based on the drawing but is intertwined with different theories and sciences. The degree course teaches you how to assimilate all of these to conjure new ideas. 

Learn the Technicalities

  • Timely delivery of a project and that too, within an affordable budget is the demand that you need to meet as an interior designer. Real values such as honesty and punctuality could be adopted in interior designing, to shine in the future. 

Job Opportunities

Interior Designing can fetch you between 2, 28,000 and 7, 90,000 rupees per annum. For instance, LivSpace offers a yearly remuneration of 4, 56, 633 rupees. Interior designers at AmeriVault get 3, 26,218 rupees in a year. 

You can switch from one department to another in an interior designing profession that is vastly categorized into two segments --- residential and commercial. 

As a lighting designer, you need to conceptualize the type, shape and strategic placement of lights while being a kitchen designer; you solely focus on its nitty-gritty. 

Experience the versatility of this industry through being an interior architect, designer or a 3D designer. The platforms of showcasing your innovations are many to name, such as kitchen designing, lighting design, exhibition designing.

So, don’t wait and opt for bachelor’s in interior designing to fly high with a flexible job like this. The freedom to be creative, immense possibilities of growth and financial rewards make this degree course fruitful. Besides, it leaves you with good habits for managing your own resources well. Budgeting, spatial awareness, time management and creativity not only bring success in interior designing but in other walks of life, as well. The degree course would endow you with communication skills and analytical thinking to solve problems in an instant. The disciple is another factor that holds significance in this profession. Thus, you learn to become organized in life so that you may sincerely execute your assignments and meet deadlines without any delay. 

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