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Top B.Tech Colleges in Aeronautical Engineering - India

The science involved in the ideation, designing and development of an aircraft’s components remains a mystery to those who aren’t familiar with aeronautical engineering. The aviation industry needs talent resources to match the ever-increasing number of aircraft in manufacturing.  This degree course is a systematic presentation that covers every significant topic in the field of aerodynamics. It is a subdivision of aircraft engineering that concentrates solely on the motivation, innovation, creativity, and technology involved in making each portion of an aircraft. Apart from theoretical knowledge, aspirants adapt themselves to the expertise required to work in different aviation industry departments. 

Top 10 Reasons to do Aeronautical Engineering

No Looking Back

  • Aviation has been a flourishing industry ever since its advent and assures further growth in the years to come as an impact of rapid urbanisation across the country and the globe as well. Therefore, this engineering programme is the right option to be on your marks and get set go as soon as you get a call for being recruited in any of the multiple job positions that the industry has to offer. 

Prestigious Position 

  • The knowledge acquired through this engineering programme engages you in the most esteemed designations and job responsibilities like that of aircraft manufacturing. Your profession won't be bare sustenance of yourself but a noble way of contributing to society and that too, on a grand scale. 

Tour the World 

  • Depending on the level of expertise, an aeronautical engineer stands enough possibilities of travelling abroad as and when demanded of him by other nations' aviation sectors. With all the employer organisation's expenses, trips to foreign locations become joyous and delightful than ever!

Socialising Job

  • The job of an aeronautical engineer is never single-handed and involves team coordination. You get the opportunity to come across people of different cultures, social backdrop, intellect and viewpoints. Every bit of stress is cut down by the constant company you get while planning, designing or executing it in the production of an aircraft, in whole or part. 

High Remuneration 

  • Salary is definitely one of the ulterior motives on your mind for pursuing a degree course, and aeronautical engineering is just the right option. It assures you with alluring compensations in every department, whether it is related to software or manufacturing. 

Enhanced Knowledge 

  • This degree course is quite fascinating since it gets you acquainted with flying vehicles' amazing technicalities and functioning. If flying toy or remote-controlled aeroplanes and helicopters have charmed you in your childhood days, then this is the chance to take a tour of the life-size hardware and gadgets in operating condition. 

Enjoy Adventure 

  • Aeronautical engineering exposes you to the nation’s assets in the form of missiles and other military aircraft apart from commercial helicopters, private jets, and aeroplanes. The study curriculum imparts both academic and practical knowledge on design planning, construction, and assessment of the produced aircraft components. 

Versatile Learning

  • This degree encapsulates the nitty-gritty related to these flying spectacles. Aspirants are equipped with specialisations in flight mechanics, aerodynamics, the tactics involved in stability and propulsion of aircraft. 

Become Skilled

  • An aeronautical engineering curriculum infuses you with the skills of time management, problem-solving, analytical thinking, creativity, communication, and team collaboration. These attributes would help you stand out in any profession, even if it is not of the same field. 

Choose Your Own Designation

  • With multiple specialisations to select from, aeronautical engineering gets you ready for a targeted designation with the most appropriate industry-relevant knowledge and expertise. Just name the aspect of aeronautics that you are passionate about, and you have it. Instrumentation and communication, aerospace propulsion, aircraft materials, transportation systems, fluid dynamics, navigational guidance are, to name a few. 

Job Opportunities

Aviation organisations, aircraft manufacturing companies as well as testing agencies, recruit properly trained aeronautical engineers. The job responsibilities being very daunting in nature, are compensated with high annual salaries at different ranks or designations. 

You can opt for the position of Maintenance Engineer that is entitled to an annual income of 3.9 lakh rupees. You would be in charge of detecting flaws and time-to-time repairing of the aircraft components to keep them in perfect order. 

The assistant technical engineer's designation has rewarded an annual salary of 9.92 lakh rupees, while the Consultant job profile fetches 8 lakh rupees per annum. 

If you would like to be directly associated with aircraft manufacturing, then Aircraft Production Manager's position is the ultimate choice for you. The annual compensation received is 7.78 lakh rupees. The individual is required to monitor the availability of raw materials, supervise the designing and executive teams to maintain track of the operations and ensure timely completion of the manufacturing work. 

The intricacies involved in the job makes the role of a Thermal Design Engineer quite challenging. It is the foundation of the aircraft mechanism that involves severe calculations and intricacies for the concerned military aircraft's flawless performance or a commercial jet plane. The annual remuneration for this job profile is 10.25 lakh rupees. 

There is no dearth of job opportunities for trained professionals with a plethora of job ranks available, namely assistant aircraft engineer, mechanical design engineer, assistant technical officers, etc. 

Get tagged with some of the big names in the aviation and aeronautics industry, such as National Aeronautics Lab, HAL, Air India, and DRDO. The entry-level salary at DRDO, ECIL and NTPC ranges between 3 and 4 lakh rupees per annum. The pay packages can soar as high as 45 to 49 lakh rupees a year with the experience accumulated. 

Aeronautical engineering confirms exposure to overseas industries without having to wait till the mid-level of your career. This degree course makes you an aircraft specialist by letting you pursue the programme in relation to a single category of the flying vehicle such as plane, rocket, jet, or helicopter. The ongoing research on producing fuel-effective and less noisy air vehicles have made aeronautical engineers eligible for a global recruitment spree. 


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