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Top B.Design Colleges in Apparel Design - India

Are you the one who takes pleasure in styling yourself or concerned about others' outfits? Well, then this interest of yours could take you a long way in the world of glamour or business. Yes, you have guessed it right. It is a bachelor’s degree in apparel designing that is being hinted at. To gain expertise at fashioning of apparels, following the latest trend is not adequate. You need to gather knowledge about the history of its initiation and several technicalities involved in the process.  An apparel designer must not be mistaken with a fashion designer since the latter works on the designs of not just clothing but accessories as well. Apparel designing involves creating clothing patterns and styles right from scratch, which includes even basic embellishments such as buckles, buttons, laces, etc. 

10 Reasons to Study Bachelor in Apparel Design

Become a Multi-Tasker

  • As an apparel designer, you need to juggle multiple roles such as creating designs, keeping pace with ongoing trends to come up with newer ones, understanding the heart of the market and so on. The degree course deals with all these phases and teaches you to become adept in all these departments. 

Polish Your Creativity

  • Your creative mind may come up with endless clothing styles and concepts, but those can become a success only when in sync with practicalities such as quality, cost, acceptability, etc. You acquire the required blend of creativity and technicality through this degree course in apparel designing. Moreover, you get acquainted to the history of different categories of costumes for a strong foundation to advance. 

Art of Drawing Human Figures

  • Proper presentation of your apparel design is possible only when you have sketched the figures with accuracy. This degree course teaches the techniques of drawing human figures representing views of different angles as well as silhouettes. 

Learn Designing Fundamentals 

  • This not just includes the practical side but is concerned with the theories related to apparel design such as. You are taught liberal arts, science and the history of costume making for a clear understanding of the entire concept. 

Study of Fabrics

  • A bachelor in apparel designing is a must to gain a deep knowledge of the different types of fabrics available and how each of these differs in characteristics. You learn to select from fabrics of different quality and become aware of which one to use for a particular dress based on the age group and comfort level for which it is being designed. 

Become Tech Savvy

  • A degree course teaches the functioning and use of varying software programs meant for computer-aided designing. Simple sketching of designs on the paper isn't sufficient any further since the garment industry has become fast-paced and works in a cost-effective manner to curtail the production costs. 

Deal with Traditional Fabrics

  • India is home to a diverse range of textiles and contributes to apparel designing for the global market. Thus, to flourish in this profession, you must have a deeper understanding of the printed, dyed and woven textiles that are indigenous to the country. This is possible only when you take up the bachelor degree course. 

Art of Sewing

  • The knowledge of sewing is mandatory because without knowing how you can assemble the different design pieces to form an entire outfit? Apart from basic sewing methods, the specializations like honeycomb and embroidery used to create patterns are also taught in the bachelors of apparel designing. Knitting and pattern making processes based on the computer are also included.

Acquire Expertise

  • Studying a degree course in apparel designing can open up to you a host of venues wherein you desire to build a career. These branches are, namely, sports attire, casual wear, functional and customized clothing. You learn to deal in each of these areas during the course and explore what suits your capability. 

Clothing Production

  • The ulterior motive behind creating apparel designs is to get them marketed and appreciated by customers around the globe. Bachelor's in apparel designing equips you with the strategies related to producing, marketing, and retailing manufactured clothing. As a professional, you would be required to supervise and monitor each of these steps. 

 Job Opportunities

Work as a forecaster of fashion trends at international clothing lines such as Marks & Spencer, Zara. Your job profile would comprise coordination with fashion designers to churn out the most promising outfits in the market. You need to delve deep into research work and find out what the next style quotient customer is waiting for. This requires close observation of the styling chronology as well as the human mind. Basically, you would be the creative force behind the trendsetting collection a company produces. 

If you take pride in being a part of the Indian heritage, then pick up the job of an apparel designer at Raymond or Park Avenue. The pay package offered by these clothing brands could extend till as high as 7, 04,000 rupees per annum. This designation requires you to attend a bundle of tasks like conceptualizing the designs, drawing sketches, creating patterns, evaluating the production costs. 

Or you may even opt for the designation of quality controller. The job responsibility comprises the identification of faux raw materials and helping the concerned apparel brand where you are working, using the most genuine fabrics and supplies in the production. The effort you are required to put is worth the remuneration offered by the country's various clothing lines. 

As an apparel designer, you can make the most of your creative potential and present it to the world. Your artistic nature and imaginative mind get utilized the best in this profession. There are so many learning areas related to the apparel design industry that mastering each of those can be quite challenging and requires proper guidance to grasp it. You can work for big fashion labels or create your own clothing line after having completed the bachelor's degree in apparel designing. 

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