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Top MBA Colleges in International Business Management - India

This management program is a perception of foreign markets' trends to help you imbibe them in domestic export and import operations. Individuals are trained to evaluate international businesses' functioning and choose the concepts suitable for making your organization globally equipped.  This 2-year postgraduate programme is a detailed study of foreign economies and their business models. It provides the aspirants with an understanding of international business scenes to find out how any of those modifications can be implemented in revamping Indian commerce. 

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in International Business Management

Review Markets

  • An MBA in international business management provides you with the aptitude to determine the appropriate market drifts and target consumers. Your exposure to and calibre of exploring various markets make you capable of determining whether or not your organization's services will fade. Organizations planning to flourish worldwide hire such professionals to serve their purpose. 

Learn to Acclimatize

  • International business managers are responsible for guiding domestic firms or enterprises in functioning overseas. At the global level, an organization's expansion requires it to have offices or branches operating in foreign locations. These MBA professionals with a keen eye on international economies and markets' behaviours have the expert knowledge to furnish this. 

Find the Best Deals 

  • This MBA programme imparts specialisation in extensive market research and its utilization for the organization's profit. These experts are hired to figure out the cost differences between foreign and local markets in procuring raw materials, finished products or services. They can assess whether exporting a particular service or importing certain products can make the organization recognized globally. 

Live Your Desired Life

  • International business management fulfills one's desire to reside in foreign nations or fantasized destinations. Professionals with such expertise are required to travel abroad on expenses borne by the employer organization. 

Become Linguistic

  • The MBA programme in international business management teaches you fluency in other languages and hones your communication skills. Therefore, organizations extending branches overseas are in search of such talents to alleviate the extra burden of learning a new language.

Explore New Cultures

  • Without adequate knowledge about different cultures and lifestyles, it is not possible to identify different market patterns and relevant customer approaches. An MBA in international business management closely deals with these areas making you master them.

Receive a Lucrative Pay

  • With globalization soaring high, business enterprises are looking up to skilled management professionals to make the world feel their vibe. In such circumstances, an MBA in international business will make high-end business organizations reach out to you. Consequently, your skillset will get compensated with a pay package that enchants you.

Broaden the Employment Scope

  • This 2-year MBA programme opens new avenues of employment in domestic and foreign organizations. International exchange is one of the diverse studies covered by this course. It paves the way for aspirants to be employed as experts, even in foreign-based business enterprises.

Earn a Universal Appeal 

  • An international business management professional is expected to have an overview and updated knowledge of customer attitudes in different corners of the globe. Cultural differences have to be identified to make the concerned service or product universally appealing.

Interpret Business Reactions

  • A successful business strategy in Indian organizations may not work when operated from a foreign land. Different countries have their own ideas and business models. An MBA in this domain is necessary to get thoroughly acquainted with these contrasts beforehand.

Job Opportunities

  • Business Development Manager—This is a rewarding designation with an annual compensation of 7.44 lakh rupees. The manager builds and maintains client relationships, generates sales leads, and promotes services or products to new customers. 
  • International Marketing Manager—His tasks involve researching market prices to formulate policies for the concerned organization. He plans and incorporates international marketing strategies. The organization depends on him to select suitable sales channels. The remuneration received is 7.51 lakh rupees a year. 
  • Area Sales Manager—This job role involves meetings and association with different departments of the organization. The annual compensation for this designation is 7.7 lakh rupees. 
  • Senior Business Analyst: The individual is required to detect business risks, opportunities, and drifts for the concerned organization by evaluating varying informational resources. This rank fetches a yearly income of 9.32 lakh rupees. 
  • Project Manager—His responsibilities include managing employee performances, allotting tasks, and solving conflicts that hinder the organization from reaching its aim. The effort he puts in is worth the annual compensation of 12.53 lakh rupees.
  • Global Business Manager—This job profile offers an annual salary of 12 lakh rupees. You would be required to make your organization culturally flexible by managing operations with global proficiency. 
  • Investment Banker – This designation is responsible for the issuance of equity or debt securities. He also has to perform tasks favourable to clients and gather capital. The salary received is 9.93 lakh rupees a year.
  • Export Manager - His task is to ensure that goods are shipped to foreign countries in accordance with the laws regulating the domestic export industry. This rank is compensated with an annual salary of 6.67 lakh rupees. 
  • International Business Consultant – The consultant is required to sustain relationships with international clients through the creation of a contract. Besides, it answers the organization's queries regarding the upcoming foreign market trends. The salary received per annum is 9.78 lakh rupees. 
  • International Finance Manager – The job designation is responsible for identifying financial risks, preparing the budget and financial reports, and estimating financial results to assist the IT department. The annual remuneration for this post is 10 lakh rupees. 

An MBA in international business management can land you a job in the government sector and NGOs, too. Banking, restaurant chains, and the airline industry are other obvious areas to opt for. Amazon, ICICI, Citi Bank, Google, HSBC, Cognizant, and IBM are some of the celebrated organizations that hire MBA professionals in international business management. 

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