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Top MBA Colleges in Travel and Tourism Management - India

An MBA in travel and tourism management gets you closer to interesting job roles across the world. The bottom line of this programme is to equip its aspirants with the art of negotiating, and the ability to harmoniously work as a team. Students gain knowledge of the industry basics for applying that in practical responses to the judgemental facets of the sector. 

What is an MBA in Travel and Tourism Management?
This MBA programme is a post-graduation course for two years, and it inculcates problem-solving skills in students. It deals with the expertise required to function in every arena of tourism and travel. It helps students develop the most crucial ability to speak in public. 

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in Travel and Tourism Management

Get Jobs across the Globe

  • Studying every discipline has an ulterior motive of getting employed in the same domain. An MBA in travel and tourism management opens up to you new vistas to choose from. The popularity of tourism industry is everlasting. So, leverage it by getting equipped with the right training and appropriate knowledge to make it at this industry. 

Enhance Your Skills 

  • The travel and tourism industry promises you a versatile career for, which you are required to master an array of skills. These include awareness of cross-cultures, project management, business management, human resources, marketing fundamentals, sustainability. Enabled with multifarious skills, you can explore the different branches of the travel and tourism industry. 

Preserve the Environment

  • The curriculum of the MBA programme comprises the study of sustainable tourism. It teaches the aspirant to reduce the negative effects of travelling on Nature. Acquire the expertise of economically benefitting a tourist attraction without hampering its natural environment. And, indirectly, you too could contribute to society’s betterment through an attractive job. 

Versatile Working Ambience

  • An MBA in travel and tourism management bets on a job that won’t be monotonous. You are free from the shackles of the conventional working hours as well as the four-walled office rooms. Your office can be a cruise ship, luxury hotel or a resort offering you refreshing views all day long. To be on the move most of the day, you can stay physically fit without feeling any strain of the job. A tension-free mind in a workplace is what people generally seek for, and it is solely available in this industry. 

Adventure Every Day

  • Adventure is not limited to going on expeditions but rather related to testing your skills in a new situation each new day. An MBA in travel and tourism management infuses you with the necessary expertise. You can joyfully apply to meet the tasks that come your way, such as receiving a delegation, scheduling a tour programme, etc.

Exposure to the World 

  • The best part of a career in travel and tourism is that you don’t have to be stagnant at the same place till the day you retire. Visiting different states or countries as demand from your job role makes you get acquainted with new lifestyles, people and surroundings. Life is short, but the world is vast and gets newer with each day. 

Enjoy More Holidays

  • A travel and tourism career stands out from the rest due to the relaxing job profile it offers. The working hours are flexible, and employees often find themselves getting work finished earlier than the scheduled time. Therefore, the work-life balance is maintained, and you can visit your family at intervals without any negative impact on your salary. 

Travelling through Work

  • Candidates with an MBA in travel and tourism management have room enough to be hired by the tourism sectors from different corners. This a soul-fulfilling career that materializes your dream of covering the most sought after destinations at a concessional rate. 

Expand Your Knowledge Base

  • The travel and tourism management programme are decisive of your career and the quality of life you would be living in the future. Happiness is the basic want from a successful career but seldom does it happen where people have to sacrifice any of the two. An MBA curriculum involves working with cross-cultures that extends to practically meeting with people from different cultures and walks of life, as a professional. 

Break Free from Monotony

  • The travel and tourism sector offers interesting variants of job role to select from or switch to. Each task here is aimed at satisfying the customer in an innovative way that in turn, makes your day delightful, too. 

Job Opportunities

An MBA in travel and tourism management is the right approach towards getting employed as a travel consultant, travel agent, Visa executive, tour guide, tour manager, and hotel tour manager. Each of these job roles pays you a satisfactory annual compensation in comparison to the light work schedule one enjoys. 

  • The task of travel agents revolves around arranging tours with relevant facilities and scheduling itineraries. The annual salary for this designation is around 5 lakh rupees. 
  • A hotel tour manager’s responsibility is to ensure the proper functioning of every department in a hotel. This job role can fetch you an alluring income of 10 lakh rupees every year. 
  • The tour guide’s remuneration is 2.1 lakh rupees per annum. This job profile is related to tourist education on the historical and cultural attributes of the places they visit. 
  • Information on and issuance of visas are taken care of by the visa executive. The annual compensation for this job role is 6 lakh rupees. 
  • The tour manager role is a field job where the individual gets the opportunity to travel along with the concerned group of tourists. He or she is responsible for managing and implementing tour programmes on the organization’s behalf. The yearly remuneration is 7 lakh rupees. 
  • Travel consultants get placed in travel companies to answer travellers' queries and do the needful for solving their problems. This designation is entitled to an annual compensation of 5 lakh rupees. 

With an MBA in travel and tourism management, you too can be a part of the most-heard tourism and travel-related brands like Yatra.com, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu, Make my trip, Mahindra Club, Cox & Kings, The Ritz Carlton. 

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