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Top B.Design Colleges in Jewellery Design - India

All that glitters might not be gold. But you can definitely shine in your career as a jewellery designer. This is one of the creative domains where you can flourish by becoming an expert at the art. If you like concocting ornament pieces to embellish yourself with a new look every time, then why not exploit this talent for bedecking others? It is an art that involves the sketching of designs, fabrication and crafting of jewellery with the use of technical tools. Designing ornaments is not an easy task. It involves configurations and calculations regarding how each little piece of detail has to be placed to bring the ornament together. Most importantly, this profession teaches you to be innovative with the designs and not repeat the same.   

10 Reasons to Bachelors in Jewellery Designing 

Give Way to Your Innovative Mind

  • A Bachelor in Jewellery Designing is of three years’ duration segmented into 3 semesters. If you are floored by the look of ornaments and have the imagination of tweaking the design to create a new one, then this degree course is a must for you. 

Become Specific about Designs

  • You might be very artistic by nature and keep sketching ornament designs in your free-time. But that is not sufficient for you to sketch the details for, say a ring, in particular. Bachelors In Jewellery Designing will teach you the art of drawing five distinct views of the ring from different angles to figure out the flaws if any.

Familiarity with Concepts

  • Every creative facet such as jewellery designing has a history of its own and lays down certain guidelines that you need to adhere to. This degree course in jewellery designing makes you aware of both innovations and limitations of this craft. You cannot just follow your fancies, but there are practicalities that need to be kept in mind. 

Master the Motifs

  • The attractiveness of a jewellery piece is greatly dependent on the motifs it features. The category of motifs might have remained the same all these years, but the presentation is what that keeps changing. Studying Bachelors in Jewellery Design helps you keep at pace with those changes and continue creating unique designs. 

Knowledge of Tools

  • Jewellery crafting is highly laborious but very engaging at the same time. Without proper learning, you cannot delve deep into the different techniques that demand precision and patience. Bachelor’s degree in jewellery design teaches the functionality of drafting tools as well as methods of treating white and yellow metals, like gold, platinum, etc. 

Knowledge of Precious Stones

  • A course in jewellery design leads you to the intricacies of stone embossed ornaments. Several categories of stones are available in terms of quality and characteristics. The art of ornament designing is related to science regarding the natural formation of gems and how you need to handle each of them. You are made to learn about the treatment of pearl, cabochon and faceted gemstones, in practical. 

Gain Exposure

  • The preparation for exhibitions in the course of this 3-year programme gives you the opportunity and confidence to display your creativity. You also get to learn the technique of using drafting tools. 

The utility of Drafting Tools 

  • Without knowing the skills of using the drafting tools, you won’t be able to become a professional jewellery designer. A lot needs to be learned about the display and embellishment of the form, shape and texture. A bachelor in Jewellery Designing unfolds the concepts related to jewel artistry in front of you. 

Drafting and Hand-Drawing 

  • These are the skills that you need to get polished for a strong base in jewellery designing. The computer might support matrix, Rhinoceros 3D and other such designing software, but nothing beats hand-drawing at the conceptualisation stage. The degree course is essential for picking up these skills. 

Promotion of Your Art

  • As soon as you acquire a degree in jewellery designing, you would have a portfolio ready at hand, with designs from your syllabus assignments. These can be used to impress the clientele so that they recommend you or hire your talent to tap it in. 

Job Opportunities

Bachelors in Jewellery Designing opens new vistas of the material creation since you are left being broad minded to gain inspiration for designs from people, lifestyle and objects around you. The career opportunities are flexible and can be changed as per your liking or the field you excel in. This is a thriving industry that is growing each day across the world, depleting the earth’s natural resources. 

You can get a job in any of the designer boutiques to create pieces of art and make the most of your creativity. The pay scale for a designer ranges between 1, 50,000 rupees and 4, 50,000, based on the individual’s experience and capability. 

If you wish to channelise your ideas in upgrading the industry, you might take up the job of a researcher or teacher. 

The flea markets and fairs are the platforms of presenting your art form to the customers and earn a lump sum without doing a regular designing job.  

A bachelor in jewellery designing makes you equipped with the tactics of brand management. And if you have the knack of doing business or have really grasped the concept well then go ahead and create your own label or studio. 

Grab all the attention from the glamour industry where you can work as a jewellery designer for the customised wear of the celebrities from the entertainment world. Besides, the option of freelancing is always available and the most suitable since it gives you the chance to work for your favourite brands that you have always been proud of. You may get acknowledged globally, working for an international or pan-Indian brand. 

The sky is not enough to limit the amount you can earn by exploring different venues of jewellery designing. There are several designations and departments to opt for, such as goldsmith, gemmologist. The degree course is the opportunity to re-discover your talents and make the right decision of the path you wish to take so that you may flourish in future.

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