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BLS LLB is the acronym for Bachelor of Legal Science, and Bachelor of Legislative Legal is a five-year comprehensive legal education that applicants can begin immediately after completing Class 12. The BLS LLB course is similar to the BA LLB and BBA LLB courses in that applicants obtain two different degrees upon completion: BLS and LLB. The sole distinction between these law courses is that in a BLS LLB school, candidates are taught all topics from a legal standpoint, whereas this is not the case in a BA LLB or a BBA LLB. 


Highlights: - 

Degree Name

Bachelor of Legal Science and Bachelor of Legislative Law



Duration of the course

5 years


Graduate in any stream

Education mode


Admission Process

Merit and Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams


Fees of the course

Rs 1.00 Lakhs - Rs 10.00 Lakhs


Eligibility Criteria: -

The following are the eligibility criterias for 5 year BLS LLB courses as mentioned by BCI:

  • Candidates must complete 12th in any stream
  • Candidates must have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks.
  • Candidates must clear the cut off of the entrance exam for the admission.

Syllabus for BLS LLB: 

The BLS LLB syllabus will vary from college to college, but the course aims and subjects shall remain the same; the subject distribution over the syllabus may differ, but the study matter remains consistent. Nevertheless, candidates should check the official website to know the complete syllabus. Here is a general guide to BLS LLB syllabus design, as commonly followed by Indian colleges: 

Semester 1

Semester 2

Contract Law

Labour Laws

Political Science




Semester 3

Semester 4


Environmental Laws

Law of Crimes

Legal Writing and Legal Language

History of Courts

General English

Semester 5

Semester 6

Family Law

Bankruptcy Law

Land Laws

Criminal Procedure of Code

Torts and Consumer Protection Laws

Intellectual Property Law

Semester 7

Semester 8

Law of Evidence

Company Law

Law of Insurance

Law for Women and Children

Law and Medicine

Taxation Law

Semester 9

Semester 10

Transfer of Property Act and Easement Act

Statutes Interpretation

Public Law and Human Rights

Alternate Dispute Resolution System

Conflict of Laws

Constitutional Law

Juvenile Justice Act and Probation of Offenders Act

Bankruptcy Laws

Administrative Law

Banking Laws and Negotiable Instruments Act


Reference books for BLS LLB:- 

Name of the Books

Name of the Authors

Transfer of Property Bare Act

RK Sinha

Hindu Law

Paras Diwan

Muslim Law

Aqil Ahmed


Ratanlal and Dhirajlal


JN Pandey

Indian Polity

M Laxmikanth

CPC Bare Act

CK Takwani

Evidence Act

Batuk Lal



Specialisation to choose in LLM after BLS LLB: -



Criminal Law

Exploring criminal justice systems, criminal procedure, criminology, and related areas.

Intellectual Property Law

Examining patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property protection.

Corporate Law

Covering company law, securities regulation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, etc.

Constitutional Law

Focusing on studying the Indian Constitution, its interpretation, and related jurisprudence.

International Law

Concentrating on public international law, treaties, diplomatic relations, international organisations, etc.

Environmental Law

Addressing laws related to environmental protection, conservation, and sustainable development.

Tax Law

Covering direct and indirect taxation, tax planning, tax litigation, and related areas.

Human Rights Law

Focusing on international and domestic human rights laws, institutions, and mechanisms.

Family Law

Concentrating on marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, and other family-related legal matters.

Labour Law

Covering laws related to employment, industrial relations, and workers' rights.



Employment after BLS LLB: - 

Job Profiles

Average Salary (Lakhs Per Annum)


Rs 3.00 - Rs 6.00 LPA

Judicial Services

Rs 7.00 - Rs 15.00 LPA

Legal Advisor/Consultant

Rs 4.00 - Rs 12.00 LPA

Government Lawyer

Rs 5.00 - Rs 10.00 LPA

Corporate Lawyer

Rs 5.00 - Rs 15.00  LPA

Legal Researcher

Rs 3.00 - Rs 8.00 LPA

Legal Officer/Manager

Rs 6.00 - Rs 20.00 LPA

Law Professor/Lecturer

Rs 4.00 - Rs 15.00 LPA




  1. How is BLS LLB different from LLB?
    You can apply for a three year LLB degree only after graduation. But you can pursue the five year BLS LLB programme right after passing your 12th standard board exam.
  2. How is BLS LLB different from BA LLB?
    You can become a lawyer in five years with either degree. The only difference is that in the BLS LLB programme, there is more emphasis on the law aspect. Even the non-legal subjects are taught from a legal point of view.
  3. What is the average salary after a BLS LLB course?
    The salary depends on the expertise of individuals and specialisation. Candidates can expect up to Rs. 5 LPA if they join a reputable legal firm.
  4.  What is the course structure of BLS LLB?
    BLS LLB is a 5-year course. Basically, in the first 2 years, candidates learn about the 'Pre-Law' course. After completion of the 3 years of the course the candidates get the degree of BLS. On completion of the entire 5 year candidates get BLS and LLB degrees both.
  5. What are the skills required for pursuing BLS LLB?
    Fluency, Clarity of speech, Confidence, Hard-working, Ability to assimilate and analyse facts, Interest in Research, Ability to work long hours, Objectivity,Good judgement of situation/people, Persuasiveness, Integrity, Intellect, Convincing power, Good presentation skills

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