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Top M.Design Colleges in UI / UX - India

M.Des in UI/UX Design

M.Des (Master of Design) in UX/UI Design is a specialised postgraduate degree that prepares students for professions in creating intuitive and user-friendly digital interfaces. Covers fundamental design ideas such as colour theory, typography, and composition. An overview of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design ideas and how they are integrated into digital goods.

Highlights: - 

Degree Name

Master of Design



Duration of the course

2 years


B.Des, B.Sc, B.F. Tech

Education mode

Full-time, Distance.

Admission Process

Merit as well as Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams


Fees of the course

Rs 10,000 - Rs 8.00 Lakhs


Eligibility Criteria: - 

  • Candidates must complete graduation in designing from a recognised Institute.
  • Candidates must have secured an aggregate score of 45%- 55% in the qualifying exam.
  • Candidates may have to clear the Entrance Exam.

Syllabus for M.Des in UI/UX Design: 

The M.Des in UI/UX Design syllabus will vary from college to college, but the course aims and subjects shall remain the same; the subject distribution over the syllabus may differ, but the study matter remains consistent. Nevertheless, candidates should check the official website to know the complete syllabus. Here is a general guide to M.Des in UI/UX Design syllabus design, as commonly followed by Indian colleges: 

Semester 1

Semester 2

Fundamentals of Design

Advanced UX Design

Introduction to UX/UI Design

UI Design and Interaction Design

User Research Methods

Designing for Mobile Platforms

Wireframing and Prototyping

Design Systems

Visual Design for UI

Evaluating User Interfaces

Semester 3

Semester 4

Specialisation Elective 1

Thesis Project

Emerging Technologies in UX/UI

Portfolio Development

Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice

Viva Voce Examination

Industry Project or Internship


Thesis Proposal



Next step after M.Des in UI/UX Design: - 

If a person wants to do further studies in Designing to improve their knowledge and skills, then they can go for the following courses: - 

  • Certificate Course in Advanced UX Design: Covers advanced methodologies in user research, information architecture, usability testing, and UX strategy.
  • Certificate Course in Interaction Design: Stay ahead of the curve with this course that covers advanced interaction design ideas such as motion design, micro-interactions, and designing for various platforms.
  • Certificate Course in Mobile UX/UI Design: focuses on creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for mobile apps while considering mobile-specific problems and possibilities.
  • Certificate Course in Web UX/UI Design: This course focuses on creating responsive and engaging website interfaces, including navigation design, content strategy, and user-centric design concepts.
  • Certificate Course in UX Research methodologies: Provides in-depth training in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, usability testing, and data analysis approaches for UX design.
  • Certificate Course in UX/UI Prototyping: Covers advanced prototyping tools and techniques for generating interactive prototypes and simulations of digital goods.
  • Certificate Course in Design Thinking for UX/UI: Learn about design thinking concepts and how to apply them to create and solve complicated UX/UI design issues.
  • Certificate Course in Usability & User Testing: Gain hands-on experience with techniques and tools for assessing and optimising user interfaces, including usability testing, heuristic assessment, and user feedback analysis, preparing you for real-world UX/UI challenges.
  • Certificate Course in AR/VR UX/UI Design: Learn the fundamentals and strategies for creating immersive and interactive experiences for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platforms.
  • Certificate Program in UX/UI for E-Commerce: specialises in building interfaces and experiences customised for e-commerce platforms, concentrating on user journey mapping, conversion optimisation, and e-commerce UX best practices.

Employment after M.Des in UI/UX Design:- 

Job Profiles

Average Salary (Lakhs Per Annum)

UI Designer

Rs 4.00 - Rs 9.00 LPA

UX Designer

Rs 2.00 - Rs 5.00 LPA

Interaction Designer

Rs 3.00 - Rs 7.00 LPA

Product Designer

Rs 2.50 - Rs 6.50 LPA

Usability Analyst

Rs 3.00 - Rs 5.00 LPA

Information Architect

Rs 2.70 - Rs 8.00 LPA

User Researcher

Rs 3.00 - Rs 5.00 LPA



  1. What does M.Des stand for in UI/UX design?
    M.Des in UI/UX Design is a postgraduate degree that focuses on creating user interfaces and experiences for digital goods while stressing usability, accessibility, and user-centred design concepts.
  2. What skills will I learn throughout the course?
    You will learn about user research, information architecture, wireframing and prototyping, interaction design, graphic design, usability testing, and design thinking.
  3. What are the professional options after obtaining an M.Des in UI/UX Design?
    Graduates can work as UX/UI Designers, Interaction Designers, UX Researchers, Usability Analysts, Product Designers, and UX Consultants in various sectors, including technology firms, design agencies, and startups.
  4. What is the area of research and specialisation for M.Des in UI/UX Design?
    Students can pursue specialisations in mobile UX/UI design, online UX/UI design, AR/VR design, usability testing, accessibility design, and other fields. Exploring upcoming technologies and conducting user behaviour studies are examples of research opportunities. 

Other specialisation in M.Des: -

M.Des in Interior Design, M.Des in Fashion Design, M.Des in Industrial / Product Design, M.Des in Textile Design.

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