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Top B.Tech Colleges in Chemical Engineering - India

The increasing trend of utilizing Nature's renewable resources such as solar power and hydroelectricity has boosted the significance of chemical engineering. Energy production isn't the sole motive behind chemical engineering but also the use of chemicals on a large scale, starting from food to toiletries as well as in other sectors related to human development. 

What Do You Learn through Chemical Engineering?

This degree course not only educates you on the properties of chemicals or synthesis of different chemical reactions. It also endows you with the skill set required to ideate, design, and implement equipment for carrying out those reactions in the manufacturing industries. Besides, these professionals are responsible for innovating chemical operations to tap the natural renewable resources for achieving the increasing demand and requirement of energy. 

This engineering degree introduces you to the concepts underlying the machinery construction and operation system resulting in effective chemical reactions to be used in the manufacturing of products. The methodologies pertaining to the improvement, testing, and maintenance of these chemicals are also taught to this degree course's aspirants. 

Contribute to the Society

  • A Chemical engineering course is the gateway to your contribution to society's development through a prestigious job that you are passionate about. You would play the role of a conjurer to bring in remarkable switch-over in drugs, pharmaceuticals, and other such industries through the discovery of less harmful chemicals for the betterment of mankind. 

Feel like a Creator 

  • A chemical engineer isn't entitled to a job with regular working hours. It is flexible, depending on the duration of an experiment towards reaching a successful conclusion. Therefore, every work assignment is considered as a journey of the researcher or engineer's inquisitive mind. 

Expand Your Knowledge Base

  • The study curriculum of engineering chemical includes several disciplines apart from applied chemistry. These are, namely, information technology, material science, biochemistry, chemistry, and economics. This engineering course makes you industry-ready by imparting theoretical and practical knowledge of scientific experiments. It keeps you updated with the recent advancements in computing to make you the ablest in the field. 

Best-Paid Profession

  • If working with chemicals is your passion, then why not make it pay? Research shows a 30% hike in the salary of chemical engineers in the UK in the past ten years. It goes without saying that the professionals trained in this course are entitled to health privileges and retirement benefits alongside the lucrative remuneration.Surveys have proved the higher ranking of jobs related to chemical engineering in terms of salary when compared to that of pure scientists and engineers from other disciplines. Besides, this degree course assures you with employment in a multitude of industries or businesses operating on all scales. 

Have Your Way 

  • There are millions who dream of living in a less endangered world, especially after the pandemic struck. With a degree in chemical engineering, you could really play a pivotal role by devising innovative chemical operations that are of utmost need to the sectors related to environment conservation, health, hygiene, nutrition, health care, natural power generation, etc. A profession that contributes to the better lifestyle of human beings is certainly noble. 

Financial Stability 

  • The impressive remuneration received by chemical engineers and professionals in relevant fields provides you with a buoyant lifestyle without the worries of financial security for your upcoming generations. This is a proven fact that chemical engineering is counted among those educational disciplines that promise alluring compensations all the way, especially with the increase in experience.

Live the Fancied Life 

  • The growing number of multinational corporations functioning in the chemical and other manufacturing industries associated with it. This has resulted in the increasing demand for skilled professionals in countries overseas. A career in chemical engineering paves your way for functioning in different corners of the globe. Therefore, you can grasp the fortune of a world tour at the company's expense or that of your own since the pay package received in those countries is manifold. 

Get Associated with Noble Deeds

  • The ongoing research followed by developments in chemical engineering is aimed at eradicating poverty, disease, and starvation on a broad dimension. Innovations in implementing the results obtained through approved chemical processes are being directed towards the mitigation of acid rain, greenhouse effect, lead pollution, and other serious threats to human life. 

Which of the Industrial Sectors are in Dire Need of Chemical Engineering Skills?

No manufacturing industry that is based on the transformation of procured materials into finished commodities can function without chemical and related engineers. Therefore, opting for this degree course is worth the employment security it guarantees you. You get an opportunity to select your job role from an array of manufacturing sectors such as power generation, natural oil and gas, heavy chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil refineries, polymer and fibre, agrochemical, and beverage. You might as well engage in the arduous task of attracting students into chemical engineering education through your skilful presentation of the subject as a faculty member of the country's front-row engineering colleges. 

Become a Proud Employee of the Nation’s Eminent Brands

Some of the industries providing immense room for chemical engineering skills include Godavari Fertilizers and Chemicals, Gujarat Gas Company, Gujarat Alkalis & Chemicals, Reliance Petroleum, Arofine Polymers, Colour-Chem Ltd, Essar Oil, Reliance Industries, L&T, Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals, etc. 

Job Profiles Based on Your Inclination to Diverse Facets of Chemical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineer 

  • The job responsibility includes the assessment of the concerned organization's manufacturing processes through the conduction of effective research programmes. The entry-level annual salary is 2 lakh rupees and extends up to 6 lakhs, with the increasing number of services in the field. 

Analytical Chemist 

  • The annual remuneration for this job designation ranges between 2 and 4 lakh rupees. This job profile is related to the experimentation and testing of substance characteristics and their chemical compositions. 

Materials Engineer 

  • The senior level's compensation is 5 lakh rupees a year, while the fresher is remunerated with an annual income of 2 lakhs. The tasks include studying the atomic structure of plastics, metals or ceramics and developing composite materials accordingly. 

Energy Manager, Mining Engineer, Production Manager, Environmental Engineer are the other roles to vie for.


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