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Top B.Tech Colleges in Computer Science - India

This, being a common engineering branch of study, must not be pursued merely by following others. Computer Science Engineering is rather a vast ocean of knowledge encapsulating the design, implementation, and management of both the software and hardware in the information system. 

What Do You Learn in Computer Science Engineering?

This degree course focuses on the design, planning, and execution of computational systems. Aspirants are trained in the development of both software and hardware computer systems and learn similar devices related to communication systems. Graduation in this engineering domain is the gateway to robotics research for those who desire to pursue it. 

Computer Science Engineering Acquaints You with an Array of Disciplines:

Computer Organisation & Architecture

  • This subject deals with the internal mechanisms and implementation methodologies of a computer system. In other words, it imparts knowledge of constructing and assembling a computer’s inner components. 

Database Management 

  • It is a study discipline that concentrates on the database software devised for recovering or storing data in a computer. This software involves data updating on a daily basis to be utilized by customers or users. 

Evaluation & Designing of Algorithms

  • The domains of information technology and computer science feature problem-solving techniques, which involve algorithms that need to be designed for this purpose. The subject imparts knowledge of the procedures involved in the planning and formulation of such algorithm designs. 

Cloud Computing

  • This is the most widely used technology in the contemporary age of wireless communication systems as well as android operations. It is the most popular topic providing know-how on the usage of remote internet servers disconnected from each other but still bound together to process, store, or manage data.

UNIX Programming

  • You learn about the history of computer operating systems dating back to 1960, named UNIX. The subject also teaches you theories related to the constant improvement of operating systems since then. You also garner a solid foundation in multitasking. 

Algorithms & Data Structure

  • This domain is related to data storage and organization patterns and refers to the study of computer structures. The aspirants learn the techniques of designing and shaping data to solve any problem in particular. 

Compiler Design 

  • Aspirants gain knowledge on the functioning of a compiler in identifying errors and correcting those within the computer system. They are also taught the underlying concepts of its design so that they, too, can perform the same. 

Computer Networking

  • It is a pivotal subject covered by the engineering course, which comprises theoretical knowledge and practical data storage applications. The discipline is centred on the operation of the worldwide networking system. 

Distribution of Computing Systems

  • Another major topic of computer science engineering is studying how multiple computer systems can operate in sync via networking to operate from the same platform. 

Software Testing

  • This subject is the technical know-how of assessing software functionality, detecting flaws, if any, and amending those accordingly to make the software best suited for the concerned problem-solving task. 

Advantages of Studying Computer Science Engineering 

Unceasing Demand of Manpower

  • The ever-evolving and indispensable domain of computer science is attracted to every existing and upcoming industrial sector, resulting in an unending requirement for skilled professionals in this field. 

Expertise for Increasing IT Hubs

  • With IT hubs and software companies sprouting periodically, this sector is constantly in need of computer science engineers and relevant job designations. 

Cloud Computing Requirement

  • The concept of cloud computing has emerged recently but still requires specialized handling due to the scarcity of experts compared to its rapid expansion. Professionals trained in computer science engineering can help devise this technology to improve business organizations' performance. 

Telecommunication Systems 

  • Computer science engineering being the basis of the digitized telecommunications industry, has takers of aspirants pursuing this degree program. 

Transportation Industry

  • The involvement of the GPS system in present-day transportation services also provides an immense scope of employment for degree holders in computer science engineering. 

Computer Manufacturing Units

  • Computer manufacturing departments can't function without engineers, and incessant global digitization can never stop the construction of these systems, thereby providing an ever-lasting scope of employment. 

Job Opportunities

Software Engineer 

  • This is one of the most celebrated and prestigious job designations across the globe. It involves a vital job responsibility that requires you to plan, design, implement, and manage software to sustain computer science as the governing force behind ongoing technological advancement. The annual compensation is highly impressive, with an entry-level salary of 4-5 lakhs per annum. 

Software Tester 

  • The job designation demands regular monitoring of the software's quality while it is being created and recommends the necessary alterations for an effective end product. A fresher in this role is compensated with an annual income of 2 to 3 lakhs.

IT Administrator 

  • It is one of the centrifugal roles in the world of digitization that involves the configuration of multi-user computers for keeping up-to-date. This task is rewarded with an annual salary of 2 to 2.5 lakhs at the entry level, then what to speak of the remuneration received by the senior professionals. 

Mobile App Developer 

  • This challenging job profile fetches a remuneration of 3.5 to 4.5 lakhs a year at the entry level. Immense creativity is involved in bringing about innovations in smartphone-compatible software from time to time. 

Some of the brand names to which you could contribute your expertise are namely IBM, Toshiba, Sun Microsystems, Verizon, UPS, Boeing, Yahoo, Honeywell, Apple, Dell, Texas Instruments, Merrill Lynch & Co. 

The survey report shows that computer science engineers account for 5.3% of the 1.5 million engineering jobs in the US, which suggests that there are definite possibilities for you to work and live in a foreign nation or city. 

Computer science being the backbone of the world's development with respect to every possible industry or aspect, can never create a void or uncertainty in the recruitment of engineers and professionals with this background. 


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1847 search results