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Top B.Design Colleges in UI / UX - India

The world has become a global village, and technology has become the backbone of every industry, including business and market. As technology has been booming and growing faster, it has also opened its doors and employment to various jobs like UI/UX designers. UI/UX designers are responsible for creating and developing creative and eye-pleasing user experiences. UI/UX designers use the dynamics of psychology, design, and technology to bring out their designs. The work of a UI/UX designer is co-independent. Usually, a UX designer helps point out the user's concern points or requirements then builds a prototype through user testing. After that, the UI designer handles the UX designer's prototype and adds visual and other effects to make it look attractive. 

Top 10 reasons to do Bachelors in UI/UX 

Develops your Analytical Skills 

  • Being a UI and UX designer involves managing a lot of data at your disposal. Hence, dealing and analyzing such data requires analytical skills. Analytical skills will help you to critically analyze your designs and help recognize the engagement between the users. Moreover, it will help you understand the relationship between a product and its consumer, giving you the advantage to churn out more appropriate designs. Hence, leading to the development of analytical skills. 

Helps you build user connections 

  • The role of a "user" is indispensable in today's world of information and technology. UI/UX designer's responsibility is to design and curate experiences that match the user's requirement. To build such best experiences, it is vital to address their problems by understanding and to build a rapport with them. User empathy will help you fetch greater designs and understand their challenges. 

Inculcates working in a team 

  • Individual exposure does not work in jobs like UI/UX designers. Being collaborative and working with a team is crucial for better designs and outputs. UI / UX designers would collaborate ideas from their clients, developers, etc., into their work to meet their users' satisfaction. Collaboration helps in brainstorming innovative ideas, more flexible, and saves time. 

High Demand for UI/UX designers 

  • As the world is going through a technological revolution, the technology industry's growth and scope are increasing every day at a fast pace. With the growth of the digital creative industry, the demand for UI/UX designers is high. As companies flourish and grow on the digital ground, the demand will be high. In contrast, the churn out of qualified UI/UX designers is less, therefore, opening doors to more job vacancies and opportunities.

A constantly evolving field

  • The UI/UX field is a constantly evolving field with limitless opportunities and scope to develop and refine one's skill. As a UI/UX designer, you will always have the chance to learn something new and have no stop to enhancing and improving your skills.One can find opportunities in well-established, reputed companies, start-ups, agencies, and even have an option to freelance or work for themselves. Moreover, they are the catalyst for the future of technology. 

Teaches you more than applying knowledge

  • Working as a UI/UX designer teaches you more than building intricate user-friendly designs. It helps maintain discipline, increases your curiosity to understand, and makes people's lives easier and better. "Customer first" is their policy; hence they are united under the motto of serving users, making it advantageous for both parties. 

Help in adding value to the company 

  • A good UI/UX designer is an added value or asset to a company. The excellent projection and work of a UI/UX designer will help you attract a chunk of customers who will be satisfied, happy. Hence there will be an increase in sales, lower complaints hence paving the path to being a multi-million dollar company. UI/UX designers paint a positive picture of the company as they are responsible and help build a good impression of the brand.

Possessing vast skill sets 

  • UI/UX designers are constantly in the run to deliver the best quality and user-friendly designs. A UI/UX designer possesses a deep understanding and knowledge of different things about how things work. A UI/UX designer is usually well-versed in visual communication, design, product management, programming, testing, research, etc. They are a pandora's box of talents. 

Boosts Creativity 

  • Learning to be UI/UX designer helps enhance and let your creativity flow into your work. One can show their creativity in different things like the color scheme, building a system for a brand, product research, testing, etc. It is a job that binds your technical and creative skills to build something beneficial. 

Attractive wages

  • A UI/UX designer's job is highly paid, irrespective of being a freelancer or working with a company or agency. The work is flexible and can provide services to clients from all over the world. It allows you to work from any corner of the world with big money in your pocket.

Job Opportunities 

The technological revolution slowly sweeps India. Along with this revolution, the market and business dynamic have shifted online. As such shifts are happening, the demand and need for UI/UX designers have become high. Known as "reputation builders," a UI/UX designer annually earns around 69586 (INR). Many big companies hold recruitment drives or call in for applicants who are well-acquainted with UI/UX designing. Some major companies like Microsoft, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy hire yearly with attractive packages. Moreover, the option of freelancing has made it easier to get clients even when not enrolled in any agency. An average freelancer earns around 316,510 (INR) to 339,195 (INR) annually.

In conclusion, the job of a UI/UX designer is rewarding. Along with all the perks of a good salary and the advantages of being flexible with work, catering to your client's expectations, passion, and living up to providing a good user experience is crucial. If you consider making a career in UI/UX designing, enroll yourself in a university or course that officially recognizes you as a UI/UX designer. 

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14 search results