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Top MBA Colleges in Marketing Management - India

With the competition in both foreign and domestic trade increasing in India, marketing management is essential for brands to get through this rat race. It is used for balancing the assets of a company with consumer satisfaction. In other words, profitable ways are churned out by the marketing manager to promote and deliver products catering to the needs of consumers.  It is a full-time degree course of 2-year duration that includes topics like analytical marketing, advertising management, competitive marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing channel, service marketing, retail management, customer relationship, marketing communications, management of sales force, sales promotion, upscale research methods and a lot more. 

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in Marketing Management

Impressive Pay Scale

  •  A degree course is pursued with a desired job role and salary in mind. An MBA in marketing management would fetch you three times the salary of a postgraduate or graduate from a regular subject. There is a vast difference between the salaries of fresher sales employees and that of candidates with an MBA in marketing management from a reputed business school. The former gets paid at a range of 20 to 25 thousand rupees per month while the monthly salary of an MBA graduate starts from 60 thousand rupees.

Enhance Creativity

  • To come up with unique ideas is essential for you to shine as a marketing manager of an established business enterprise. This post-graduate programme provides you with several opportunities in its course to transform you into a seasoned marketing professional.

Familiarity with Business Doctrines

  • A marketing job isn’t indigenous to any industry in particular. Medicine, garments, retail, petroleum, coal, electricity, food, education, hospitality, banking and every other industry demands talented marketing experts. An MBA in marketing management instils the commandments of business in you to apply those in any field you wish to. For instance, a regular employee starting work in the marketing team of a beverage company can learn more with experience, but he can’t switch to any other industry. But, an MBA marketing professional has the scope for swapping jobs in different industries.

Polish Your Communication Skill

  • Excellent communication is the crux of a successful marketing job profile. It involves a high amount of meaningful interaction with the team members to distribute targets, reward and motivate them, and guide them in coping with their task challenges. The manager learns all these skills through experience, but an MBA in marketing management keeps one prepared initially for effective handling of these tasks.

Become an Asset

  • An MBA in marketing management enriches you with the knowledge of how to promote and understand a company’s services so as to keep it ahead of competitors. By acquiring this degree, you will become a proud possession of the organization you are to join. Therefore, your job role gets secured irrespective of whether or not the organization will reduce its employee size in future.

Get Fully Equipped 

  • The vital characteristics of a well-to-do marketing professional include problem-solving, result orientation, and soft skills. A non-MBA graduate misses out on those that limit his or her growth in the corporate realm. By pursuing this 2-year MBA course in marketing management, you will not only develop these skills but also be in a position to survive the competition.

Combat Challenges in Real Life

  • An MBA in marketing management has assignments designed to train candidates to face daunting tasks that may arise in their careers in any industry. This increases their confidence and ability to solve difficulties without panicking.

Art of Negotiating 

  • Negotiation is an integral part of the sales or marketing manager designation. The individual is required to negotiate with potential clients, vendors, senior management, etc. Apart from budget, the sales or marketing manager has to work out the deal in terms of the venue of product launch, advertisement, promotion mode, etc. A marketing professional’s performance is significantly based on the individual’s power to make negotiations work. In the course of this study, aspirants are put to the test through debates, speaking in public, selling imitation products or asking for capital to start an enterprise.

Exposure to Industries

  • The MBA curriculum in marketing management comprises visits to industrial setups such as assembly lines, manufacturing departments, shop floors, etc. This helps the marketing professional to remain confident of being acquainted with these aspects of business and not get baffled as a fresher.

Learn to Work in Team 

  • Teamwork is typical of the marketing or sales segment of any organization, irrespective of the industry to which it may belong. An MBA in marketing management grooms you with the tactics to resolve conflicts and put in a constructive effort as a group toward the organization’s well-being. Employers search for such a skill when recruiting a team lead in any faculty alongside marketing.

Job Opportunities

Candidates with an MBA in marketing management await a plethora of job roles in varying industries: marketing head, PR manager, promotion manager, advertising manager, product launch manager, content manager, communication manager, research analyst, Rand manager, and the list goes on. 

The average yearly remuneration of marketing professionals with MBA is about 7 lakh 52 thousand rupees. Apart from financial institutions, the IT, FMCG, and advertising industries have huge requirements for this qualification and skill set. Procter & Gamble, Ranbaxy, Pepsico, Nestle, TCS, Sony, Reckitt & Benckiser, Tech Mahindra, and Spencer’s Retail are some of the eminent names from different industries that recruit MBA marketing or sales employees. 

With the gradual transformation of India into a prominent corporate destination, an MBA in marketing management has enough room to grow. Besides, this post graduate course inculcates specific skills in an individual that help him or her to deal better with the difficulties in real, financial and work life. An MBA in marketing management is an avenue of unexplored careers with applicable knowledge in your kitty to make it. The job responsibilities of a marketing manager are expanding with time and this degree course makes you the perfect fit.

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