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Top MBA Colleges in Operations Management - India

With the e-commerce development soaring high, the processes and technology in production have also modified. An MBA in operations management endows the aspirant with a global outlook on different industry trends for satisfying consumer demands. For instance, the on-time delivery of products by Amazon represents the standard of operations management. It is a post-graduate programme of 2-year duration that imparts theoretical and practical knowledge in terms of organizing, ideating and supervising the execution of manufacturing procedures. An MBA in operations management guides the student to optimize an organization's resources for an end product or service.

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in Operations Management

Employment Assurance 

  • An MBA in operations management is one such professional discipline that pays you with a promising career. No industry can run without effective operations management since every business or organization is involved in the selling of a tangible commodity or a service. With the necessary knowledge and skill, you get an entry into one of the core areas of industry.  

Need of Operations Management

  • In the manufacturing industry, the significance of operations management lies in determining the business's profit. Service industries too rely on this field to compete with each other and stand out in terms of customer satisfaction. The operations management also influences the value propositions offered to customers in logistics companies and banks. Therefore, your MBA in operations management can fetch a pivotal job role in an organization from any of these industries. 

Qualify for the Executive Post

  • According to a seasoned professor of a reputed business school, students prefer an MBA in operations management to bag a front-row executive role in an organization. A deep understanding of business includes knowledge of operations, and those who own it have employers looking for them to hire. Globalization has extended the importance of operations management jobs that are of high demand these days. This postgraduate programme is a comprehensive guide to the money-making of a business. 

Ability to Manage 

  • An MBA in operations management teaches the interconnection between a business's different functional aspects and operations management. A candidate who possesses such knowledge is fit to be appointed the general manager in a company. Besides, this knowledge helps an employee grow in a particular field without having specialization in it. The skills acquired through the study of this degree course come in handy to work towards the improvement of an organization through effective management. 

Efficiency in Various Job Roles

  • An MBA in operations management equips you with the specialization that is applicable to jobs in varying sectors. It is required for employees in the banking sector, in the preparation of financial deals and money transfer in large sums. The same operations management helps one to improve one's performance and minimize death rates in the healthcare segment. Innovative functions based on operations management have also greatly benefited the air travel industry though it has no direct connection with this domain. 

Exposure to Innovative Technology

  • An MBA graduate in operations management gets the opportunity to explore the updated technologies, which an ordinary graduate operations manager would be deprived of. Driverless vehicles, drones and many other such tools are being utilized by operations managers for solving problems. This takes the organization to the next level and attracts the consumers by providing them with a better experience. As an operations manager continuously dealing with technology, you can switch to the technology industry and get acknowledged for introducing top tech brands or products into the domestic market. 

Preserve the Natural Environment

  • This degree course is apt for those who are conscious of both their career and the natural environment. An objective of operations management is to meet consumer demands in a manner that results in the negligible release of waste products. An MBA in operations management is the most suitable candidate to be hired in an environment-friendly organization or business. Waste reduction is included in operations management, and aspirants are made to learn it during their 2-year programme. 

Knowledge of Diverse Streams

  • The job role of an operations manager involves interaction with people from different occupations or lifestyles. It is not a desk job and mostly involves fieldwork that is to supervise matters through interacting with those related to the concerned end product or service. Say, an operations manager in the shoe manufacturing company has to meet the material scientist, the seamstress and so on. The more you interact, the more you gain knowledge that might prove useful to you at any point in life. 

Be the Creator

  • The multifarious functions that an operations manager of a company performs to the core, ultimately make him or her directly responsible for creating the new service or product. Only an MBA in operations management can fetch you this recognition while that in finance or other areas, shadows the professionals. 

Become Business-Ready 

  • An MBA in operations management teaches you to put your best foot forward. You get enriched with effective supervising, organizing and planning skills to come up with a venture and keep it stable. Witty strategies to provide the best customer experience are the reasons behind a thriving business. 

Job Opportunities

An operations manager is recruited by e-commerce, warehousing, information technology, retail, manufacturing, financial institutions, construction, consulting, hospitality sectors. HSBC, HDFC, Wipro, TCS, Amazon India, Novartis, Adecco, Accenture, Larsen &Toubro, Genpact, KPMG are some of the reputed names that demand operations managers. The entry-level salary of an operations manager is 3 to 6 lakh rupees a year. 

Operations management is the backbone of any company that ensures the quantity and quality of the service or product it deals in. The popularity of MBA degree course in operations management is gradually soaring high and would be of high demand in the coming years. The study programme covers subjects like managerial economics, organization management, manager's accounting, business skills, planning of business policies, international business management and legal environment. Favourable career options are ready at hand for one who earns an MBA in operations management. 


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