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Top PGDM Colleges in Brand Management - India

PGDM in Brand Management

Postgraduate Diploma Management (PGDM) in Brand Management is a one or two-year, full-time Diploma programme designed for entrepreneurship, business innovation, critical thinking, money management, advertising, planning, and economics. The course is offered in core areas which deal with real business issues through case studies and projects that cover different company sizes, stages, and international contexts.

Highlights: -

Diploma Name

Post Graduate Diploma in Brand Management

Diploma Type


Diploma Duration

1- 2 years

Education mode

Full time, Distance

Entrance Exams


Eligibility Criteria

Graduation in any discipline

Admission process

Entrance Exam + Scores in Bachelors’ degree

Fees for the entire duration

Rs. 20,400 to Rs. 20.80 Lakhs

Average Salary

Rs. 3.6 LPA Starting Average Salary

Job profiles

Brand Manager, Advertising Account Executive, Marketing Coordinator, Media Planner, Creative Director, Account Manager, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Market Research Analyst, Public Relations Specialist


Eligibility Criteria: -

  • Candidates must complete graduation in any stream.
  • They must have scored at least 50% marks. However, some colleges may not ask for any minimum percentage.
  • Final-year candidates may also apply for admission on a provisional basis.
  • Some colleges may also ask for work experience of 1-2 years in human resources or any related area. 


PGDM in Brand Management Syllabus: -

The PGDM in Brand Management syllabus will vary from college to college, but the course aims and subjects shall remain the same; the subject distribution over the syllabus may differ; but the study matter remains consistent. Nevertheless, candidates should check the official website to know the complete syllabus. Here is a general guide to PGDM in Brand Management Syllabus design, as commonly followed by Indian colleges: 

Semester 1

Semester 2 

Brand Management Principles and Practices

Advertising and Promotion Management

Market Research and Analysis

Brand Analytics and Measurement

Consumer Behavior and Brand Perception

Sales and Distribution Management

Brand Equity Management

Retail Management

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Luxury Brand Management

Brand Innovation and Design Thinking

Brand Licensing and Merchandising

Services Marketing

Corporate Branding and Reputation Management

International Marketing


Next step after PGDM: - 

If a person wants to do further studies in management to improve their knowledge and skills, then they can go for the following courses: - 

  • Digital Marketing Certification: Given the growing importance of digital channels in brand management, a digital marketing certification can be quite valuable. It discusses social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics.
  • Advanced Brand Management Courses: Look for specialist courses or workshops that focus on certain aspects of brand management, such as brand strategy, brand architecture, brand equity management, and brand innovation.
  • Market Research and customer Behaviour: Understanding customer behaviour and market research techniques is essential for successful brand management. Consider taking classes that focus on these topics to acquire insight into consumer preferences, trends, and purchasing habits.
  • Data Analytics and Insights: Data analytics is an important part of modern brand management. Data analysis, predictive analytics, and marketing analytics courses will help you extract important insights from data and make more informed branding decisions.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): IMC courses teach students how to coordinate numerous marketing communication channels in order to create a consistent brand message. This may involve advertising, public relations, sales promotions, and direct marketing.
  • International Marketing: If you want to expand your brand management abilities to global markets, international marketing courses can help you learn about cultural differences, global branding tactics, and international market penetration.
  • Brand Licensing and Merchandising: For people interested in brand extension tactics, courses in brand licensing and merchandising can be useful. These courses discuss the legal elements of brand licensing, as well as tactics for building brand equity through licensing agreements.
  • Executive Leadership Programs: As you advance in your profession, leadership abilities become more vital. Consider attending executive leadership classes or workshops to improve your leadership skills and strategic thinking.
  • MBA with a Focus on Brand Management: If you want a more thorough and advanced degree, consider earning an MBA with a specialisation or emphasis in brand management. This allows you to gain a broader commercial perspective while remaining focused on your area of interest.


Employment after PGDM in Brand Management: - 
 After completing the PGDM in Brand Management a person can apply for the following job profiles:


Average starting salary 

Brand Manager

4.5 - 8.9 LPA

Advertising Account Executive

3.0- 7.6 LPA

Marketing Coordinator

2.5 - 5.0 LPA

Media Planner

4.0 - 7.5 LPA

Creative Director

2.5 - 4.9 CR PA

Social Media Manager

4.0- 8.6 LPA

Market Research Analyst

3.5 - 7.0 LPA



  1. What eligibility criteria must one fulfil to pursue a PGDM in Brand Management?
    Students who wish to pursue PGDM in Brand Management must have a bachelor's degree in any field from a recognized college or university with a minimum score of 50%.
  2. How much does pursuing a PGDM in a Brand Management Degree program cost?
    The average tuition fee charged by colleges or universities for the course in India ranges between INR 5.10 LPA and 11 LPA. The cost is different for private and government institutes.
  3. Can I pursue a PGDM in Brand Management through distance learning mode?
    Yes, the PGDM in Brand Management program is also offered through distance or correspondence.
  4.  What are the popular entrance exams conducted for admission into the PGDM in Brand Management degree program?
    Some of the major all-India management entrance exams conducted to shortlist students for admission into the course are CAT, XAT, NMAT, MAT, SNAP, CMAT, etc.
  5. What salary can a fresh PGDM in Brand Management graduate expect?
    Fresh graduates of this course can quickly expect compensation of INR 3 to INR 5 Lakhs per year.
  6. What is the demand for PGDM Brand Management?
    The career growth rate for brand managers is shooting up by 10% from 2021 to 2031, so it will be in great demand.


Other specialisations in PGDM: - 

PGDM in H.R. Management, PGDM in Finance Management, PGDM in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, PGDM in Marketing Management, PGDM in Hospitality Management, PGDM in Operation Management, PGDM in Entrepreneurship Management

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