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Top Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd) Colleges - India

                 A Career in Physical Education?

The two-year ‘Bachelor of Physical Education’ (B.P.Ed.) programme in India gives students the knowledge and abilities they need to work as fitness instructors, sports coaches, physical education teachers, and other related professions. Physical education promotes the value of exercise and diet, which helps you maintain your physical fitness.

Students can choose the ‘Bachelor of Physical Education’ course if they have a strong enthusiasm for sports and related activities. Becoming a physical fitness trainer or participating in the selected sport are just two of the many employment paths that can be opened up by earning a degree in B.P.Ed. The skills covered in the B.P.Ed. course are helpful in maintaining the physical fitness of the human body. Usually, the course lasts between three and four years. Nonetheless, a few colleges also provide B.P.Ed. programs lasting one or two years. B.P.Ed. is a course that can be taken either full- or part-time.

Candidates normally need to get at least a 50% aggregate in their 10+2 education from an accredited board in order to be eligible for the B.P.Ed. course.



B.P.Ed. Course Highlights:


The table below highlights the course details, duration, and fee structure for pursuing B.P.Ed. It also gives an insight into the average salary and top job profiles offered after completing B.P.Ed.


Course name

Bachelor in Physical Education

 Type of Degree



3-4 years

 Mode of Education


Eligibility Criteria

Completed Class 12th with 50% marks from a recognised organisation.

Admission Process

MAH, B.P.Ed., CET, AP PECET, TS PECETBHU, B.P.Ed. Entrance Exams

Course Fee

INR 50,000- 2 lakh per annum. 

(might differ)


Eligibility Check for B.P.Ed Enrollment.

B.P.Ed. Eligibility Requirements for courses lasting 1 to 2 years


  • Candidates must graduate with a minimum percentage between 50% and 60% from a recognised institution.
  • Candidates who are active in college sports or studied physical education during their graduation are given preference for admission.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 19 and 25.
  • For this course, men and women are both eligible. Married women, however, may not be able to enroll in the course at some institutions.


B.P.Ed. Eligibility Requirements for courses lasting 3 to 4 years


  • The student must clear the Class 12th examination in any stream with a minimum percentage between 45 and 60 percent, as required by the institution or college where they are applying for admission.
  • When it comes to admissions, those who have participated in school athletics or taken physical education in class 12 are given preference.
  • The minimum age requirement for candidates is 17 years.


Courses and Curriculum of B.P.Ed.

The curriculum for B.P.Ed. courses consist of a combination of teacher training sessions, in-class lectures, and extensive practical training. There are two primary components to the syllabus:

  • Theoretical topics
  • Practical topics


A sample for B.P.Ed. course is provided below:


Semester 1

History, Principles, and  Foundation of Physical Education

Anatomy and Physiology

Officiating and Coaching 

Track and Field  (Running events) 

Semester 2

Yoga Education 

Education Technology  and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education

Contemporary Issues in  Physical Education and  Sports

Sports Nutrition and  Weight Management

Semester 3

Sports Training 

Organisation and  Administration 

Sport Psychology and  Sociology 

Track and Field 

Semester 4

Measurement and  Evaluation in Physical  Education

Kinesiology and  Biomechanics

Research and Statistics in  Physical Education

Theory of Sports and  Games



Distance course of B.P.Ed.

Distance learning is helpful when a person is unable to continue their intended course through traditional classroom instruction for a variety of reasons. Students can use distance education to complete a B.P.Ed. Students are required to verify the legitimacy of both the college and the course via correspondence or remote learning.

To be qualified for B P Ed via correspondence, students must receive a passing grade on their 10+2 exams from an accredited board. The eligibility requirements for students holding a bachelor's degree are that they must have earned at least a 50% aggregate in their degree examinations.

  • The B. P. Ed. course can be completed remotely in two years, while the maximum time requirement is up to five years.
  • Based on the results of the qualifying exams, admission to the B.P.Ed. program is granted.
  • The course costs, on average, between INR 10,000 and INR 50,000 a year.


    B.P.Ed.: Employment & Career Opportunities

          Physical Education Teacher

2.5 - 4 Lakhs (fresher), 4 - 6 Lakhs (experienced)

  Sports trainer

3 - 5 Lakhs (fresher), 5 - 8 Lakhs (experienced)

 Gym trainer

3 - 5 Lakhs (fresher), 5 - 10 Lakhs (experienced)

 Fitness in-charge

2.5 - 3.5 Lakhs (fresher), 3.5 - 5 Lakhs (experienced)


3 - 5 Lakhs (fresher), 5 - 8 Lakhs (experienced)

 Yoga trainer

2 - 3 Lakhs (fresher), 3 - 5 Lakhs (experienced)



Scope of B.P.Ed.

A growing number of people in India are becoming interested in physical education as a result of sports' increasing popularity. For B.P.Ed. students, a future in physical education is, therefore, potential. B.P.Ed. graduates can find employment in a range of establishments, including health clubs, fitness centres, sports academies, schools, colleges, and spas.



  1. Can I start B.P.Ed. after 12th?

After finishing Class 12, you can enroll in the B.P.Ed. course. Candidates who completed physical education in their 12th grade should absolutely enroll in this course, as it will give them an advantage over other applicants.


  1. After a BA, can I start a B.P.Ed.?

After a BA, you can most definitely perform a B.P.Ed. The majority of B.P.Ed. programs include as their minimal qualifying requirement a completed bachelor's degree in any discipline. Certain universities might have further criteria; such as entrance examinations or minimum grades.


  1.  Can I finish B.P.Ed. in two years?

If you have already finished your graduation, you can enroll in B.P.Ed. courses that last one to two years.


  1. Can I work after receiving my B.P.Ed. degree?

If you meet the requirements, you can definitely acquire employment after earning a B.P.Ed. degree. various organizations have various requirements for hiring B.P.Ed. graduates as professionals.


  1. Can someone who isn't athletic apply for a B.P.Ed.?

Yes, although most universities do not demand it, some may give favour to applicants with athletic accomplishments.



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