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Top B.Tech Colleges in Robotics Engineering - India

Robotics Engineering is the interface between robots and humans. It teaches you to design, create, and operate robotic systems as well as robots. This study discipline imparts the knowledge of cost-efficient methodologies for the automation and robotics industry. The subject includes psychology, programming, computer science, mechanical and electrical engineering. You become acquainted with the mechanical and automation concepts involved in the designing and construction of machines.  This degree programme trains aspirants in assessing the automated machines to ensure their safe operation and reasonable pricing. Aspirants learn the specialisations involved in developing and testing robotic systems, primarily CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing), drafting technique.

Why Should You Pursue a Degree in Robotics Engineering?

Work in Nuclear Power Plant

  • If working in a nuclear power plant has always fascinated you, then this engineering degree course is the right option to go for. The study curriculum enables you with the expertise demanded by the research, production, and maintenance departments of the plant. Aspirants garner both theoretical and practical knowledge of programmable logic controllers and designing of the mechanical structure. 

Become Industry-Ready 

  • The computer-aided methodologies taught in robotics engineering makes you fit for working in multiple industries such as automobile, space exploration, petroleum, and power plants. Organization of any size, which deals in the drafting, manufacture, and operation of automated systems, requires trained robotics engineers to execute these functions. 

Expand Your Knowledge Base

  • This branch of engineering can be considered as the foundation of different engineering specializations and related skills. It is an amalgamation of all possible engineering-related subjects like physics, math, chemistry, and biology. The robot-centric skills are add-ons to the huge array of topics from different engineering branches, covered by the study curriculum of this degree programme. The competencies obtained here include feedback control, signal and sensor conditioning, computer interfacing and programming. 

Switch to a Scientist’s Role 

  • This is one such branch of engineering that can even transfer you into the role of a scientist depending on the industry or job designation you opt for. Industries hire robotics engineers to create designs and materialize them into automation or robotic systems. In the process of building a product, you may end up inventing new specifications to prove the inner scientist in you loaded with creativity. 

Never-Ceasing Employment

  • Organizations in both private and government sectors are in constant need of robotics engineering professionals to cater to their automation development and designing requirements. Even multinational companies recruit such individuals for the job designation of technicians in various departments. 

Spread Your Knowledge

  • As a member of the robotics engineering faculty in any of the front-row NITs and IITs, you can offer professional engineers to society and its businesses by educating them in batches. This demand for this expertise would never decline thereby, assuring you or your students with potential employment opportunities following the study of this degree programme.

Job Opportunities 

Robotics Programmer 

  • This job designation requires you to come up with creative ideas for drawing the layout of the automation system. He is responsible for developing the system as well as testing its functionality to ensure that it has no unsafely reasons to be concerned about. The automation system construction is based on the incorporation of robotic technology. When a robot is produced, this individual is in charge of monitoring it. The entry-level remuneration is 60,000 rupees that increase to 90,000 rupees on reaching the mid-level of your work experience. The salary drawn by the senior professional is 2 lakh rupees. 

Robotics System Engineer 

  • The job profile is centred on the full-fledged creation of a robotic system right from its design planning to its transformation into a finished product. They are required to work with CAD and CAM to develop a robotic system that is risk-free and cost-effective for the purchasers. A fresher in this job rank receive a remuneration of 50,000 rupees and 70,000 rupees on reaching midway of the career. On the other hand, a senior employee is compensated with 1, 50,000 rupees. 

Robot Design Engineer 

  • This individual is required to utilize his acquired expertise in handling tools and software meant for planning the design of every facet of the concerned system. This job designation's special responsibility is to develop system specifications in absolute alignment with the requirements of the business that is going to purchase it. This job profile draws a salary of 70,000 rupees at the initial stage of being employed, while the mid-level salary is 90,000 rupees. The final salary limit for one who has reached the peak of experience is 2 lakh rupees. 

Automated Product Design Engineer 

  • The individual discovers and implements cost-effective methods in producing automation systems. He designs and manufactures the automated product as per the purpose for which it is going to be used or bought by industries and organizations. The fresher with this designation is remunerated with 55,000 rupees while the salaries received at the senior and mid-levels are 1, 50, 000 and 80,000 rupees, respectively. 

Robotics Test Engineer 

  • This is one of the centrifugal job profiles in the automation industry that eradicates any anticipated risk in operating robotic or automated systems. The job responsibility involves conducting tests to check if the product does not harm the user and assess its functionality according to the specifications it has been endowed with. This job position draws a fresher salary of 70,000 rupees extending to 90,000 rupees at the mid-level. The senior-level compensation amounts to 2 lakh rupees. 

Project engineer and maintenance engineer are the other designations associated with robotics engineering. Become a proud employee of some of the renowned brands. Lockheed Martin, Anybots, Aldebaran Robotics, Honeywell, Omnipresent Robotics, Gridbots Technologies, Mazor Robotics, ACE Automation, Recon Robotics, Boston Dynamics are, to name a few. 

You also stand the chances of getting placed in national organizations like ISRO, BARC, BHEL, DRDO, Precision Automation & Robotics India Ltd. 

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27 search results