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The University of San Diego and IIT Gandhinagar work together to offer joint, Dual Degree programmes

Education Exclusive

An agreement has been signed by the University of San Diego, USA, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar, USA, to cooperate in a range of academic, research, faculty/staff development, training, and capacity-building initiatives.

The institutes will provide collaborative executive education programs, dual degree programs at the BTech and master's levels, including master's in engineering management and leadership, as well as joint double master's programs, thanks to this new relationship.

In the presence of professors G B Singh, academic director of the University of San Diego, and Rajat Moona, director of the IITGN, the agreement was signed and exchanged today at the IITGN by professors Chell Roberts, dean of the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering (SMSE), University of San Diego, and S P Mehrotra, professor-in-charge, external relations, IIT Gandhinagar.

Sharing his thoughts on this occasion, professor Rajat Moona, director of IITGN, said, “It is our pleasure to team up with the University of San Diego to serve our shared goals of providing the best of global education, training, and exposure to our students, faculty, researchers, and staff to excel in their fields. I see a lot of positive outcomes from this partnership for a greater societal impact.”

  • The University of San Diego and IIT Gandhinagar work together
  • Dual Degree programmes
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