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Students at MICA receive Non-Fungible Tokens as a Certificate of Course Completion

Education Exclusive

Upon earning a certificate of completion for a specialised course, 53 students studying Immersive Technology, Content, and Consumers from Media and Entertainment Management (MEM) at MICA Ahmedabad were awarded Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This is the institute's first attempt to combine blockchain technology with education.

The goal of course completion certificates, or NFTs, is to combine cutting-edge technology with academic acknowledgement by connecting them to attendance and performance. A non-fungible token, according to MICA officials, is a distinct digital identity that is stored on a blockchain and is used to verify authenticity and ownership.

“It cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided. These digital credentials are secured on a blockchain, ensuring their authenticity and making them resistant to fraud or tampering,” said a MICA official.

MICA Dean Githa Heggde said, “This course puts MICA’s students at the forefront of the rapidly changing digital landscape and further solidifies the institution’s dedication to cutting-edge education. As technology becomes more pervasive and accessible, this is an attempt to improve the digital learning experience and train our students for the world of the internet. Employers in the area of immersive technology are looking for specific skill sets. A course completion NFT will help our students construct digital portfolios representing particular abilities, exhibiting their understanding of a specific subject simpler.”

  • Students MICA receive Non-Fungible Tokens as a Certificate of Course Completion
  • Consumers from Media and Entertainment Management (MEM)
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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