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Lucknow University Develops Innovative 4-Year UG course with Research Focus

Lucknow University

Lucknow University (LU) will shortly make a comprehensive procedure available for students pursuing four years of undergraduate studies under the National Education Policy (NEP). Students who wish to study UG (four years with a research degree) but whose individual colleges do not provide research-level instruction are likely to be transferred to LU or another college of comparable standing.

The first class of four-year UG students to get the UG honours with a research degree will be conferred in the academic session 2024–2025. LU approved NEP in 2020. Only students with a cumulative grade point average of 7.5 or above by the sixth semester can complete undergraduate studies for four years. 

“Not all undergraduate students will get an opportunity to pursue a four-year UG. Only meritorious ones, who score above 7.5 CGPA are allowed for the four-year course. In the fourth year, the syllabus is completely focused on research and a student will be specialising in a subject just like in post-graduation,” said the dean, of academics, Prof Geetanjali Mishra.

She stated that the university has previously issued directions allowing only LU-affiliated colleges that provide postgraduate programs in a certain field to enrol students in their fourth year of undergraduate studies in that subject. Colleges that offer a postgraduate degree in a particular field can pursue four years of undergraduate studies in that area. Students can complete their fourth year solely in their primary major, Major 1. Students from institutions that do not provide PG but have a CGPA of 7.5 or higher and desire to study fourth-year UG can likely seek admission to LU or another connected college that offers the curriculum.

“The University of Lucknow will become the first university to issue the degree ‘UG Honours with research’ in the country,” said LU vice chancellor, Prof Alok Kumar Rai

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