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B.Tech in Hindi Language by IIT Jodhpur

IIT Jodhpur

IIT-Jodhpur has adopted the notion starting with its forthcoming session, more than three years after the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) initially voiced their concerns over the Center's intention to teach engineering in regional languages. Its new undergraduate students, who start this month, will choose to be taught in Hindi or English.

All programs will offer a choice of language. At the beginning of the academic year, first-year students will be asked to indicate their preferred language of instruction, Hindi or English. If they do not express a preference, the admissions process will remain unchanged.

The class will then be divided into two divisions based on whether they want Hindi or English as the teaching language. The same professor will teach both sessions "to maintain consistency and rigour in education," he explained. However, pupils will be offered the option of moving between sections. 

Remedial "English classes" will also be given to students to help them become more proficient in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. These classes aim to ensure that students are comfortable with the English language by the end of the First Year, and they can then shift to the English medium if they wish.

IIT-Jodhpur's decision is consistent with the new National Instruction Policy, 2020, which promotes instruction in Indian languages for greater comprehension and teaching-learning outcomes. The action is noteworthy because the IITs had previously opposed the concept. 

IIT-Jodhpur is only presenting the option to new students starting this year. Whether or not this initiative will be extended to second-year students has yet to be decided, and the institute intends to make that choice based on comments received.

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