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IIM Kozhikode hikes fellowship for PhD Scholars by 20–25%

Education Exclusive

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode has declared a substantial increase in the monthly stipends for its Ph.D. students, signalling a paradigm shift in how universities like IIMs encourage research.

According to the most recent proposal approved by the IIM Kozhikode Board of Governors, scholars enrolling in the esteemed Doctoral Programme in Management (DPM), which leads to the award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), will see a 20–25% boost in their stipends.

The Doctoral Program at IIMK is a full-time, residential, fully funded program offered by the institute. The most recent change to the IIMK fellowship was made in the 2018–19 Financial Year (FY). The most recent update, which will go into effect in the upcoming FY 2024–2025, is going to be as follows:




IIMK Current Fellowship (₹)

IIMK Revised Fellowship (₹)


Increase (Hike)

First two years




On completion of Qualifying Exam




On completion of the Thesis Proposal





Announcing this significant decision, the Director of IIM Kozhikode, Prof Debashis Chatterjee, added, “IIM Kozhikode remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the value, quality, and experience of doctoral research in India. Our DPM graduates are a crucial source of talent for management researchers and faculty in leading national and international academic institutions, industry, business, government, and society. This initiative will further motivate talented scholars to dedicate themselves to learning and inspire them to pursue research as a viable and rewarding career option.”


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