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Video Gaming As A Solution To World Problems

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Seriously!! I know you cannot believe this line, but just hold your breath. This revelation will take you further in the realm than you would have ever thought. You might have heard parents scolding their children to stop playing the game and do something fruitful. Even you would have been part of this scolding multiple times. But what if you give them proof that video games can practically solve many world problems? 

Everyone is with a different opinion about video games. Some says that video games are not suitable for kids' mind, while other says video games open up their minds making them aware of the problems going on in the world and also granting a kid the freedom to bring a solution to these problems. Players from all over the world are grouped in the virtual simulation to tackle challenges by working together. This cooperation and togetherness could perhaps help find solutions to pressing global issues when applied to the virtual world.

Video games aren't for all
Some people don't like playing video games or think of it as a time pass, or some simply might not have time to play them. What so ever be the reason, that is OK. But especially for those who play video games and love them, We’d suggest they look at them from the perspective of learning new skills, making money and advancing careers. Every time playing video games is not just distracting us from the real world or passing the time, or just an Entertainment thing. It can really improve your brain power, release your stress, make you think out of the box, might improve your confidence or can bring the solution to the world's biggest and most triggering problems. Just be aware while selecting your games. 

So here are some internal changes gamers have observed in themselves

Video games can boost your creativity as gamers come up with their own innovative ideas to tackle the issues posed in the game. This not only improves Gamers' creativity but also enhances their concentration and makes their mind more active in finding solutions to overcome obstacles. Additionally, when given difficulties from the outside world in games, players are able to come up with some previously unheard-of inventive solutions.

Increase in decision-making speed
Playing video games enables one to make decisions more quickly. Play some video games if you've ever struggled with making the best choice for yourself. Video games help one develop better decision-making skills, which in turn helps one make better decisions in real life and live a better life.

Encourage collaboration
The majority of video games are made with the intention that playing them would improve teamwork skills. While this is such an unexpected benefit of teamwork that one never even realizes. Yet numerous investigations have established this.

Improves Vision
Instead of feeling stressed out by life's obstacles, gamers are able to handle them all better. One can overcome obstacles in life more easily if they play video games. One is able to make pragmatic judgments, which will lead to a better existence in the actual world.

No worries! 
Gamers can lower their stress by playing video games. Because of this, gamers approach issues with a stress-free mindset, allowing them to focus on the end goal in an innovative way. Thus, video gamers have the capacity to find solutions to global issues in a matter of days.

Which type of Global Problems can have a solution through Video Games? 
Gaming has proven effective in promoting physical activities. Getting up and moving can be a powerful strategy to encourage physical exercise, which is essential for avoiding a number of health problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Wii Fit and Just Dance, for instance, offer an alternative to conventional workout regimens by encouraging gamers to get up and move. Additionally, those who have disabilities or mental health problems might use gaming as therapy. Virtual reality therapy has been utilized to treat PTSD in veterans and even assist patients in overcoming phobias. 

Science, math, and history may all be taught to children in a pleasant and exciting way through the use of video games. Examples include using Minecraft in the classroom to teach pupils about environmental awareness and sustainable development. Players can learn about time management, financial planning, and forming social connections by playing The Sims and Stardew Valley. Additionally, players can learn about many cultures through video games, thereby fostering variety and understanding.

Social Justice
A fair and equal society must prioritize social justice, but this requires universal understanding and action. By bringing attention to social concerns and motivating players to take action, video games can support social justice. Games like Papers and This War of Mine, Explore marginalized people's perspectives and ask players to think about the moral implications of their choices. These video games have the power to incite vital discussions on social justice and motivate players to take positive action to advance equality and fairness.

Environmental Issues
Players can create and govern their eco-friendly villages with games like Eco and Planet Coaster, which promote sustainable behaviours like waste minimization and renewable energy. Video games can also encourage gamers to take action in the real world by bringing attention to environmental issues. Ocean conservation is essential, as shown by the ability to explore and learn about various aquatic ecosystems in games like Sea of Thieves and Endless Ocean. The use of video games to encourage ecotourism and travel to real-world destinations like coral reefs and glaciers that are threatened by climate change is also possible.

Video games can help solve some of the world's most serious problems by fostering awareness, fostering teamwork, and imparting useful skills. The benefits of video gaming must be weighed against any potential drawbacks, such as addiction and excessive screen time, and it is crucial to keep in mind that this activity is not a panacea. It is up to the users to utilize video games responsibly and for the greater good, just like they would with any other tool.

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