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Technology - A Boon Or Bane

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In Today’s world, technology is part and parcel of our life. Technology is the best example, defining what a Human brain at its highest potential can do. How can technology, which has brought humanity to unprecedented heights of discovery, be a curse for anyone? It has increased access to information, opportunities, and human talents around the world, still, it is discussed as a curse. But as we know, Humans are the supreme creator of these technologies; it depends on how we use and see technology, as a Designer or Demolisher, A leader or a mere Slave.

Let's discuss this more and try to find out why it's a boon or a Curse

Why Technology is a boon?

Reduces the Workload
Because of the creation of effective tools and machinery, technology has significantly contributed to lowering the time, effort, and energy required to perform any task.  Technology advancements have made living more pleasant and relaxing. Without wasting any energy, we may simply do various jobs in little time. Can you Imagine your life without refrigerators, fans, washing machines, gas stoves, air conditioners, etc?

Quick information access
One of technology's most significant benefits is unquestionably the democratisation of information access. An astounding 6.3 million searches are made on Google every minute right now, a statistic that highlights the world's enormous appetite for knowledge and can be quenched by smartphones with an internet connection anywhere. Getting information from anywhere around the world is at your fingertips now.

Facilitated education 
Anyone can get trained and learn anything they choose without leaving their home, thanks to the accessibility of online learning. In addition, an Economist Intelligence Unit research found that 90% of CEOs in the education sector believe that technology has made pupils more inventive and creative as well as 80% more productive.

Task simplification
Technology transforms boring or difficult chores into fun and easy ones. Additionally, in recent years, automation and artificial intelligence have significantly simplified activities, improving the quality of our daily lives. Robotic Hoover cleaners are a straightforward example because they can autonomously clean our homes. 

A fresh perspective on medicine
The field of medical science now has renewed optimism thanks to technology. As there were no such tools for diagnosing sickness and no remedy for dangerous diseases, the mortality rate from diseases was higher in the past. The creation of numerous tools that can quickly diagnose the condition has altered this status. This owes to science and technology. Imagine medical science without Technological Euipements like pacemakers, defibrillators, cochlear implants, sensors and so on..

Providing amusement
The simplicity with which we may access a wide range of multimedia content created for entertainment is another benefit provided by technology. 70% of internet traffic today is made up of video and audio streaming, demonstrating the importance of the internet as a source of entertainment in the twenty-first century.  

Increased effectiveness and productivity
The efficiency of human actions is increased by modern technology since it allows us to complete work faster. Meanwhile, smarter decisions may be made and human error can be minimised because of the abundance of information available.

How Technology is a Bane?

Increased Dependency
Kids have got a different brain for themselves who thinks for them without thinking with their real brains and they are becoming its slave rather than using it for their benefit. Because they can "Google it" on smartphones, children don't bother learning or memorising anything. Why do only kids, even elders, do the same thing?

Many people have experienced issues with technology addiction in recent years. According to the Spanish NGO named Protect Them, 21 per cent of young people are at risk of "getting hooked" on their mobile devices, while 1.5% of Spanish citizens are already addicted to new technologies. To fully benefit from all of technology's advantages, it is crucial to use it correctly. 

Ethical problems 
The future of humanity appears to be moving towards the society that many films have predicted: one in which robots and artificial intelligence (AI) play a significant role. Which direction will these new technologies take us? Will they be capable of thought or emotion? Will they take the place of people? These are some of the moral conundrums that will arise in the ensuing decades. 

Technology also has the drawback that, when misused, it can promote social isolation and dehumanisation. Overusing mobile devices leads to social conflict, psychological maladaptation, and increased social isolation.

Increase in Screentime
Some people are dependent on their daily use of dating websites, online games, and movies. Online slot machine addiction can have a number of detrimental effects which can adversely affect the eyes and brain. Technology is evil, but everything is awful.

Effect on social life
Social interactions are significantly impacted by technology. It has both beneficial and negative effects on our social lives. Social media has virtually brought together people who reside in various locations while isolating them from their relatives and neighbours.

Technology is Costly
Everything has its cost. Cost is not only in terms of money. Some might cost your time, your energy, your health or even your creativity. The same goes for Technology. It costs you everything if you are unable to control it properly. 

Not every technology is safe
Technology's incapacity to provide total safety is one of its drawbacks in modern civilization. The files and filing cabinets were reduced to a few 1s and 0s inside the chip, yet they were still remarkably easy to manage and transfer. At the same time, it also became a little bit easier to steal them. Spammers and hackers constantly try to steal  personal information from both big businesses and everyone's gadgets.

Both arguments in favour of and against technology are valid. Technology is a blessing with worries. As a result of its use, we have transitioned from being nomadic people to modern civilised beings. It won't be long before artificial intelligence triumphs and human beings become nothing more than technological slaves. Whatever we choose to do with it is entirely up to us. To prevent addiction, we must limit online gaming and surfing to specific times of the day. We need to maintain a balanced lifestyle that includes equal amount of time for playing, studying, and browsing. 


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