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Blogs And Books - A Comparative Analysis

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Believe it or not, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Just like every coin has two sides. If you are accepting something or buying something, you have to accept both. You cannot omit any. Likewise, Blogs and Books both have awesomeness and limitations too. Let's dive in deep and find out which you will love more.

Do you think Books are Overvalued?
They will be impressed by your knowledge if you mention that you have read a dozen books on economics. When you tell someone you follow a dozen blogs, they might assume you should take more breaks from your computer. Does this happen to you? Might be. But it's so true. Those who read books and those who read blogs can be equally talented. So let's see some arguments in favour of books.

Here are some hypothetical areas where we can see books could outperform blogs :
Ideas that cannot be succinctly explained in a single post
Some concepts can be presented in tidbits. Others need so much background information to understand an argument in its entirety that even a lengthy blog post is inadequate. 

Higher criteria for content
Editors and publishers still exist for books as of now. Even if you can self-publish books and omit this phase, it's typically simple to tell amateurs from professionals when it comes to book publishing. Blogs are normally not edited; when they are, it usually takes the form of retractions after the fact. This implies that people can tell the truth more quickly and loosely. Additionally, it means that bad ideas reach the public when a skilled editor would have squashed them. Better thought-out and researched books are available.

Detailed Research
A blog may organise such material in a more dispersed manner, but books can draw from hundreds of diverse research points to consolidate around a concept. Writing a book requires a different style of thinking than blogging, which may prove to be more advantageous in the long run.

You cannot have connectivity with online Bots/sites. Books make you feel more connected and secure. Books reader finds their best friends and partner in books. This is the best advantage of reading a book. At one time, you can hear books talking to you, guiding you and drawing you towards your passion.

Have you ever sniffed an old book's pages? An ancient book is said to pick up the smell of the home it once called home. You would remember the moment you initially purchased it when you smelled the dusty cellulose. How about the aroma of freshly-opened books at the beginning of the school year? Did you think it was enjoyable? Try sniffing the Kindle screen right now. Glassy, huh?

It excludes Screentime
A screen is a place where you will always have some feelingless robot in front of you, which you will definitely grudge staring at. When you hold books in your hands, you will exclude eye irritation, tired eyes, head heaviness and all. All you are doing is holding the book and letting all the emotions enter your heart and live all those words. 

Books are Timeless
The fact that books are timeless and not influenced by the news of the day is another benefit that increases the significance of reading books. A book's contents can remain relevant for generations without fading away. In other words, a book's arguments and reflections should be able to withstand the test of time.

With so much praise received for the book, we have, on the other hand - Blogs. Let's see does it force you to do more blogging?

Drip-feeds ideas
One is just an empty space. Numerous studies in psychology demonstrate that spaced-out study sessions are more productive than studying all at once. The latter approach is naturally embodied by blogs, which drip-feed ideas over several weeks or months rather than all at once.

Interactivity is additional. More interactive than any book I've read, many of the blogs I follow. As bloggers comment on one another's posts, this normally occurs in the author-to-author channel rather than the reader-to-author channel. An author who carefully hides a counterargument in his endnotes will not be able to extend his perspective as much as a good blogger who links to competing viewpoints in their discussions.

Blog is a quick reading
One underappreciated benefit of blogs is that they are frequently simpler to follow. Books frequently demand more focus and effort to obtain the same information. Our limited attention spans can be accommodated by a blog that drip-feeds such information.

Latest Technology
The richness many books (including ebooks) currently lack is given to blogging by technology. Even though we no longer live in a paper-based world, the format of books is still trapped in that era.

Instant research Feature and Its Absolutely Free
A reader's ability to respond immediately to online information is made possible through blogs. The author of the blog article is welcome to receive reader comments and recommendations, which will allow them to write better material. The best thing is that, in most situations, reading blogs is free, unlike reading books, which costs money.

It's not an either-or Choice

Books and blogs are distinct media forms intended for distinct audiences, and each claims a distinct readership. For readers who are looking for a certain kind of reading material, blogs offer more personal texts compared to books, which engage you with a rich tale and well-written text.

  • Blogs And Books - A Comparative Analysis
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