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From Classroom to Workplace: Embracing Student Internship Opportunities

Student Internship

What is an Internship?

Internships are short-term opportunities to gain entry-level work experience. The interns frequently work alongside a team inside a company, learning from experienced professionals about the background work. The interns get to know the foundation or the whole work implementation, which a person can’t see as an employee.

Internships, often filled by college students, recent graduates, or sometimes 12th-class students, offer a unique chance to gain experience in a new field before stepping into full-time employment. Companies provide a platform to learn from experienced professionals and contribute to real-world projects, which can significantly enhance your professional growth and marketability.

What is the duration of an Internship?

The duration of an Internship may vary from company to company. In most scenarios, an average Internship lasts about six to 12 weeks. In some cases, an Internship can last only a week or two. In an Internship the experience and skills which a person gains is more important than the duration of the internship.

What kind of work is done during internships? 

Student Internship

During the Internship, the Intern will assist the team by doing research, making PowerPoint presentations and drafts, identifying trends, etc. (these are the basics of the job).

While assisting the team, the interns learn about the job. They get answers to questions like: What is this? How is it done? Why is it necessary to do so? Can it be done in some other way? How can the work be made accessible? The intern answers these questions while interning in the company.

Do Interns get paid or not? If so, then how much?

In India, Internships can be paid or unpaid, depending on the work, field, and company. While some Internships offer a monthly stipend ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 rupees, others may not provide any financial compensation. However, regardless of the pay, Internships often come with a certificate acknowledging your participation and outlining the tasks you completed, which can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.


Student Internship


Student Internship

Merits of Internship: - 

  1. Explore a whole new world: -
    When a person does an Internship, he/she gets a chance to explore the whole new world of the field.
  2. Help you choose the right career: -
    An Internship helps people choose the right career because it gives them a gist of the work.
  3.  Explore your career path: -
    Here, an Intern can get a bird' s-eye view of the path they want to take in their career.
  4. Boost your self-assurance: -
    An Internship boosts a person's confidence and self-assurance in a short time and with less work.
  5. Expand your network: -
    During an Internship,  an intern expands his/her network with the work of a particular field.
  6. Gain experience in your field of interest: -
    Internships help people gain a little, but most important experience in that field.
  7. Learn new skills: -
    Internships help a person learn various new skills that he/she cannot learn in school or college.
  8. Strengthen your resume: -
    When you apply for a proper job, an Internship strengthens your resume, making it easier to get a job.

Demerits of the Internship: - 

  1. Unpaid and low positions:-
    Many interns are expected to work for free or for a nominal stipend, which can be financially challenging.
  2. Time commitment:-
    Internships require a time commitment, which is challenging to balance with other responsibilities.
  3. Uncertain job prospects:-
    There’s no guarantee of employment once the internship ends.
  4. Highly competitive:-
    Companies tend to have a limited number of internship positions available.
  5. You’re treated like an assistant:-
    Some employers see interns as assistants, and given jobs such as photocopying, typing minutes, etc.
  6. It may not be fulfilling:-
    If a person discovers partway through that his/her dream industry or company isn’t what it cracked up to be, then the person might be stuck in an unfulfilling internship. 

Student Internship


Student Internship

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