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NEP Will Make Students Globally Competitive in Education


The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) chairman, T.G. Sitharam, declared that when Indian students complete the NEP's four-year degree program and integrate fields, they will be just as competent and globally competitive as international university students. On Tuesday, he was speaking at a round table organised by the Education Promotion Society for India (EPSI) at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

"On NEP's emphasis on disclosure of higher education institutions, we have asked the universities to disclose their financials, infrastructure, courses, faculties and other information to the public," he said.

EPSI president MR Jayaram said, "For the first time, a new education policy has emerged after 75 years. So, it is the right time for us—institutions, industries, state and union governments—to become partners and ponder this."

Noting that Tamil Nadu has been a frontrunner in higher education, EPSI alternative president H Chaturvedi said: "Some best practices such as the concept of autonomous colleges came in Tamil Nadu, 30 years ago. But this has not taken root in other parts of the country," said.

In his speech, S P Thyagarajan, advisor to the chancellor of Vellore Institute of Technology, said NEP was in a logarithmic phase now. "As microbiologists, we look at bacterial growth in a culture, where they must adapt. Bacteria multiply fast, increasing their activities before they enter a stationary phase. "Similarly, many higher education institutions are also in this logarithmic phase of NEP, where universities are slowly adapting to it," he said.


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