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NCERT Strong Issues Advisory to Publishers Unauthorised Textbook Content

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On April 7th, 2024, the NCERT issued a warning against unauthorised school textbooks, citing the possibility of factual errors. It also cautioned the public against unlawful printing and commercial sale of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) school textbooks.


"A few unscrupulous publishers were found to be printing NCERT school textbooks available on its website under their name, without obtaining permission from the NCERT. It's important to note that anyone found publishing NCERT textbooks, either in whole or in part, for commercial sale or using NCERT textbook content in their publications without obtaining explicit copyright permission, will face serious legal repercussions under the Copyright Act of 1957," a senior council official emphasised.

"The general public is requested to kindly stay away from such textbooks or workbooks as their content may be factually incorrect as well as against the basic philosophy of NCF (National Curriculum Framework for School Education) 2023. We also urge individuals who come across pirated textbooks or workbooks to report it to the council immediately," the official added.

To prevent this, NCERT places great importance on the concerned public's role in reporting any instances of unauthorised textbooks or workbooks containing its content as soon as possible. Individuals who see such violations are not just requested but empowered to report NCERT by email at pd.ncert@nic.in. The NCERT also encourages publishers who want to use NCERT's name in their books to make formal submissions to NCERT's Publication Division, which will facilitate legitimate and authorised use.


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