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JEE Advance Exam Top Scorers Share Expert Tips

JEE Advance Exam

Aditya, 17 years old, secured the second spot on the Common Rank List (CRL) in the newly released Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced 2024 results. He scored 346/360. He emerged from the IIT Delhi zone.

His expert tip for cracking the JEE Advance exam is, "Covering the complete syllabus well on time was a big challenge. I wanted time for proper revision and practice,". He said."Teachers gave selective materials on the JEE syllabus which helped me perform better and achieve this feat," adding that regular exercise, meditation and short breaks during study helped him stay calm and focused. His sister, an engineering student, helped him at each step of his JEE preparation."Appearing in the actual JEE Advanced exam itself was a memorable experience. I appeared in a large number of mock tests which helped me learn how to maintain composure during the exam which indeed helped on the final day," he said.


Dwija Patel of Gujarat's Rajkot has emerged as the country's female topper. She earned 332/360 and was ranked seventh overall in India. She participated in the JEE Advanced from the IIT Bombay zone.'Being consistent is the key to success,' says Dwija Patel AIR 7, on clearing the exam with excellent scores.


Mumbai boy Dhruvin Doshi, who scored 329/360, features in the All-India rank 9 in the JEE-Advanced merit list.According to Dhruvin, putting your best effort into anything is essential. "But once you have given your 100 percent, relax and accept whatever the outcome is. Stressing over the outcome is not going to be helpful," said Dhruvin, who did have a smartphone but consciously decided not to download any social media app, which could result in distraction from studies.To destress, Dhruvin would talk to friends and play cricket with them. He used a mobile phone only for calling or texting. He would dedicate 10-11 hours a day to studies. He is happy now that the result has paid off, as he feels his hard work has paid off, and he can get admission to the CSE branch at IIT Bombay.


Aryan Prakash, a 17-year-old Mumbai lad, received All India rank 17 in the JEE-Advanced 2024 and is among the top five students from the IIT Bombay zone. Aryan expected a high score based on his rigorous preparation. "It is important to keep working till the last day without any hesitation for hard work," Aryan stated. Apart from studying for 12-13 hours a day, the mantra for success, according to him, is to have a controlled mind. He said, "It is important to keep calm during the exam. If everything is easy, you have to ensure that there is no scope for mistakes in excitement. If everything is difficult, it is important not to panic, or else you will lose focus."His mother has an M.Sc in mathematics, and his father studied physics. "Their knowledge in mathematics helped me understand the subject so well," said Aryan, adding that their support has been vital to him.


Education Exclusive congratulates Aditya, Dwija Patel, Dhruvin Doshi, and Aryan Prakash on their hard work, dedication, and excellent performance and wishes them all the best for their future endeavours.


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