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Amazon India to Start 4th Edition of Machine Learning Summer School, Check Details Now.

Amazon India Machine Learning

In a recent announcement, Amazon announced the commencement of the fourth edition of Machine Learning (ML) Summer School for the current year. 


The course is designed to provide the opportunity to gain key Machine learning skills and technologies from the top experts and scientists in the field. It focuses on deep neural networks, unsupervised learning, sequential models, reinforcement learning, dimensionality reduction, generative AI and LLMs, and Causal Inference.

While announcing the course, Rajeev Rastogi, vice president of International Machine Learning Amazon, added, ‘Machine learning has become pivotal in solving customer problems, driving a surge in demand for ML. However, the demand for the ML workforce is surpassing the available talent pool. With Amazon ML Summer School, we aim to bridge this gap by making students industry-ready for science careers, focusing on cultivating ML expertise and applied science skills. Besides delivering top-tier training across a wide range of machine learning topics, this year, we're also emphasising an application-driven approach crucial to equipping talent with hands-on experience to tackle real-world challenges.’

Who can join the Machine Learning (ML) Summer School?

  • Any student who is currently pursuing a bachelor's, master's, or PhD degree at recognised institutes in India and expects to be certified in the academic year 2025 or 2026.
  • Students will be required to take an assessment session by school, and only the top 3000 performers will be granted admission to the ML Summer School programs. 

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