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Competition Rules

  1. 1. Online Photography Competition : Start Date - 7th May 2024 & End Date - 13th May 2024

  2. 2. Once your images are ready to be shared, please fill out the participation form with all the necessary information. Please note that we only accept one entry per participant.

  3. 3. Please note that only individuals aged 15 years and above are eligible to participate in the competition.

  4. 4. The Photography contest is based on “Freestyle Photography”.

  5. 5. To qualify for prize selection, all contestants must follow our official social media handles. Please ensure that you have followed us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter before the competition deadline. Click to Follow - | |

  6. 6. The winners of the contest will be announced on the Education Exclusive website and Instagram.

  7. 7. Both participants and winners will receive E-Certificates.

  8. 8. We're thrilled to announce that cash prizes for our upcoming competition will be awarded in the form of vouchers for the winners.

Competition Guidelines

  • ● The image must be original, and participants must have full ownership rights to it. Any misconduct or forgery will result in disqualification from current and future competitions organized by the organization.

  • ● Participants must strictly avoid inappropriate and offensive content, such as provocative nudity, violence, human rights violations, environmental violations, or any other content that violates Indian laws or religious, cultural, or moral values. Such content will be promptly discarded, and participants will face disqualification from current and future competitions organized by the organization.

  • ● The usage of filters, motion pictures, image manipulation, addition or removal of elements or colour contrast is strictly prohibited.

  • ● You can use any device, like a mobile phone or a camera, to take your photos for this competition.

  • ● Photos must be submitted through the website; submissions via direct messages on social media or email will not be accepted.

  • ● Photographers still own the rights to their photos, but they agree to let Education Exclusive use their photos in many ways. This includes showing them online, in print, or in any other form, to promote the contest, the images, or the photographers.

Please note: The Education Exclusive team will manage the judging process, and the individuals responsible for selecting the winners will remain anonymous and confidential.