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Influence Of Technology On Relationships And Social Lives

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Technological enhancement has widened our thoughts and scope of a bright future. Its advancement has enabled humans to think and act differently, giving us the newest options to chat, email, message, call, video call, surf and much more. The world is now connected through the endless and wireless web of the internet, which has also helped build relationships quickly and efficiently.

The world is now just a click away. Social media platforms have enabled bonding with people with whom we might have lost contact otherwise. However, excessive technology use has reduced real or face-to-face communication. Due to this, social interaction has been widely affected, and people are losing the sparks in their relations and feel disconnected from society. While it has facilitated our ability to interact with others, it has also contributed to an increase in online harassment and cyberbullying. Online hatred and negativity are now more easily transmitted, which is bad for our relationships and mental health.

Let's check some positive and Negative Effects of Technology On Relationships and Our Social Lives

Positive Effects of Technology
Enabling Stronger Relationships
Technology frequently receives a bad rap for degrading interpersonal relationships and interactions. However, technology frequently deepens relationships by bringing individuals closer together. This occurs when two people meet online and later go out in person for coffee, dinner, or drinks. 

More opportunities to meet people
Some of the fundamental requirements of humans include dialogue, communication, engagement, and information sharing. Technological developments have brought about new forms of communication among individuals all over the world. People can get to know one another online without having to worry about making a first impression or feeling uncomfortable.

Creating Business Relationships
Due to the influence of technology, the gig economy and freelancing have gained traction and media attention in recent years. Direct results of technology include freelance jobs and those who can create entire careers by working online. Advertisements for specific services can be placed on job boards or freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. 

Overcoming Obstacles Caused by Distance
When people sought to keep their relationships going despite being apart in the past, they had few options. Writing letters was one of the few options available; today, people who genuinely desire to communicate with one another do not have to live thousands of miles apart. People may stay in touch in real time thanks to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, FaceTime, and countless more, which improve relationships through technology.

Gathering information
Information is exchanged via communication, which is a crucial part of existence. Everyone who is a part of society engages in ongoing social interaction. This communication's calibre can and ought to be raised. Numerous online sources offer helpful advice on developing and keeping new connections and relationships. 

An antidote to loneliness
Despite the population steadily increasing, some of us do not have close friends or committed partnerships, which may seem strange. Technologies like social networks and cell phones have given those who experience loneliness many opportunities to meet new people, participate in online groups, and interact with individuals worldwide.

Negative Effects of Technology
Not Being Focused
It could be argued that one of the ways technology has made us more productive is by making multitasking easier and more enjoyable. This may be advantageous in some cases, but there are other occasions when focusing on several things at once might cause gaps and forgotten details. It's simple for people to open their laptops and have several tabs open, including ones for Facebook, YouTube, and humorous videos for work. 

Distracting from the real world
Nearly everyone has a pet peeve about individuals using their phones or tablets when it's inappropriate, including during dinner, meetings, or other social occasions. People can occasionally become so engrossed in reading their Google alerts or checking the news that they overlook their connections and the people around them. If the behaviour becomes chronic, it is fundamentally harmful and can undoubtedly cause relationships to break down.

Using technology, we may display our possessions to others, including our money, food preferences, romantic relationships, and family. As a result, FOMO was created. When you feel you must have what other people are "flexing" or you will miss out on it, you are experiencing FOMO or fear of missing out.

Privacy Issue
As we all know, there is a lack of privacy and security available on the internet nowadays. Many people's perceptions of privacy have been considerably changed by social networks, where users frequently divulge all the specifics of their personal lives, including their whereabouts. 

Once more, everyone who accesses your social media accounts, email, or text messages has the opportunity to read everything, including your spouse (boyfriend or girlfriend). This information often leads to disagreements, which seriously affects the relationship.

Numerous couples report that spending excessive amounts of time online or around smartphones and tablets damages their relationship and results in a lack of understanding. Many would contend that it promotes relaxation, which is also accurate. Unquestionably, a fun computer game or a great movie assists in preventing depression.

Effective Measures for hassle-free Personal Life with Technology
Be discrete and respect others' privacy
Do not share your personal information with everyone if you do not want it to be made public. Even if you think you've removed anything from the Internet, it remains there indefinitely. You should exercise extra caution while interacting with somebody you've just met. Don't provide any of your private information to them. Find out the person's intentions first by testing the waters.

Don't respond to shady demands
Watch out for emails and links that your new acquaintance gives you. Disregarding your coworkers' or clients' letters is just unprofitable if you communicate with them. Choose to communicate safely without downloading potentially harmful software or clicking on unfamiliar links if your communication objective is to develop friendships or romantic relationships.

Be considerate and careful
Avoid publishing offensive or combative comments, and don't release any information that could be misconstrued.  Anything you wouldn't say out loud in front of others, keep to yourself. If information ends up in the wrong hands, it might be used against you.

Final Take-Away
It is necessary to think about and examine the issues connected to new forms of communication, particularly in the virtual world. In this sense, it is vital to maximise the beneficial effects of technology's quick growth while minimising its negative effects on our behaviour and interpersonal relationships.

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