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Top MBA Colleges - Kolkata

One of India's top MBA destinations is Kolkata, once known as Calcutta, the fabled Capital of West Bengal. Kolkata, well-known for its history, its role in the Indian freedom movement, its candies, its jute mills, and its creative ideas for development, was the first city in India to offer International Standard MBA education. Kolkata's MBA schools provide top-notch instruction and a good placement rate. The Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM), formerly known as Calcutta, was founded in Kolkata in 1953 and was the first institution in India to provide an MBA degree. With the founding of the first Indian Institute of Management in Kolkata in 1961, MBA became more popular in the city.

An MBA in Kolkata is a wise decision because there are many possibilities for studying an MBA there at affordable costs with excellent returns on investment. Greater corporate interface is also possible because of its special status as the industrial hub and state capital. 

Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata: NIRF Ranking 2023

The top-ranked organisation that establishes college requirements using rankings and scores is NIRF. There are nine academic subjects covered. The most recent additions are in the fields of management, law, engineering, and dentistry. The NIRF does not publish the ranks at random without first carrying out a careful analysis and study. The determining members employ five rules or variables, such as the availability of learning resources, facilities needed for research-related orientation, and public/peer perception, to determine which rank is intended for which participating university or college. 


Institute Name

NIRF Ranking 2023


Indian Institute of Management Calcutta



International Management Institute


Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata: TIMES Ranking 2023

The shortlisting of top colleges in the business-related sector by TIMES is based on characteristics such as the quality of faculty members and students enrolled, the college's experience in the associated field of study, and, finally, the college's accreditation.  

Best MBA Colleges in Kolkata: BUSINESS TODAY Ranking 2023

The BUSINESS TODAY Rankings 2023 are performance tables that assess research-intensive institutions on all their key purposes, including teaching, research environment and research quality.

MBA Entrance Exam in Kolkata

In Kolkata, there are ninety-five top MBA colleges. Nine of these universities are owned by public or government entities, while the remaining 70 are privately held. The entrance examinations that top MBA schools in Kolkata accept the most are CAT and MAT, JEMAT, CMAT, XAT, ATMA, NMAT, AUAT, GMAT, PGCET, etc. 

Placements in Tops MBA Colleges in Kolkata 2023

Every top MBA school has a strong placement history. These MBA schools' placement seasons offer competitive final placement salaries, ranging from Rs. 5 to 30 LPA. Large Indian firms run numerous industrial plants in Kolkata that produce anything from electronics to jute. In Kolkata, the IT sector has also seen a sharp rise in MBA placements. Kolkata is home to the largest MBA recruiters in the consulting industry, including Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Frost & Sullivan, Hewitt Associates, SAP, TCS, and Wipro. There have been many MBA placements in Kolkata, and the MBA schools there provide career-focused MBA courses.The number of colleges is growing annually.

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