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Top MBA Colleges in Human Resource Management - India

The smooth sailing of an organisation is totally dependent on the quality of employees or the standard of performance it supports. Managers are required for the recruitment, coaching and monitoring of these employees. This MBA programme infuses the leaders with the expertise of handling people and the adaptation ability to various types of working setups. This programme is of a 2-year duration that shapes your communication skills to deal with people from multiple social and educational backgrounds. You gain the wisdom to foresee an organisation's future through the recruitment of appropriate candidates. Every enterprise in the public or private sector has the requirement of an HR or a team of such professionals.

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in Human Resource Management

Choose Work Environment 

  • With the demand of specialised HR professionals in every field, an MBA course will enable you with the skills necessary for working in an NGO, MNC or a mere start-up. The knowledge garnered through this programme makes you adept for handling a range of responsibilities. Thus, you may choose a job according to your preferences of the tasks that interest you. 

Remove Employment Boundaries

  • The cluster of skills attained by a human resource manager removes his or her employment restrictions. These competencies are required in the proper functioning of a work ambience irrespective of the sector or industry to which it belongs. Therefore, with an MBA degree in your kitty, you are bound to get a place in one organisation or the other without the need to look back. 

Conflict Management

  • Managing disputes between teams or different staff levels is crucial to the benefit of an organisation. So, whether or not you opt for an HR job, being enriched with this quality would earn you success as well as promotion to higher ranks in whichever department you are employed in. After all, harmonious coordination between employees is the key to an organisation's efficiency and reputation in the industry. 

Expertise in Leadership

  • The human resource management programme trains you in analytical thinking. The essential characteristic of a leader is to detect the problem and implement an immediate solution. Proper decision-making is also a necessity that is learned through the MBA curriculum of HR management. 

Stimulate the Workplace

  • An efficient HR is responsible for making the employees enthusiastic at their work. His objective is to ensure an inspiring and creative atmosphere in the organisation that drives its employees to perform better. The leadership quality facilitates the HR manager to bring out the leaders from individual employees, thereby, instilling in them the sense of responsibility. 

Combat Challenges

  • A qualified HR manager has the capacity to think in alignment with the organisation's function system when dealing with challenges. The ever-evolving business realm has its complications that require tactful handling by making the right adjustment at the right time. An MBA programme will enrich you with the wisdom to serve the purpose and increase your demand in the job market. 

Find Suitable Talent

  • HR's main duty is to leverage the accessible talent pool or polish the significant qualities of employees to utilise those in its welfare. Recognising the possibility of a particular skill in an individual and to groom it is the efficiency of an HR professional. To train an individual lacking in certain expertise and make him the best fit for a solution is the job of human resource management. 

Bridge the Gap

  • The MBA degree course allows you to imbibe interpersonal skills for connecting the employees to an organisation's authorities. Your task is to mediate between the company's demands and employees' readiness to fulfil them. Your functions as an HR also include retention of employees in stressful times. You are required to make them actively involved in planning and implementation instead of merely carrying out errands. 

Administer Well

  • HR professionals have to balance business model functions with the job satisfaction of employees. They must ensure that the employees get properly compensated for their extra efforts while the business operations should be such that they are capable of executing it. The MBA curriculum includes payroll administration to equip the aspirants with essential competencies. 

Become an Asset

  • Organisations treasure qualified individuals with an MBA in human resource management. You would be engaged in a company's core areas, such as making improvements and changes in the existent business decisions and identifying industry trends. 

Job Opportunities

An MBA in human resource management gives you the liberty to choose from specialisations that you are inclined to deal with. A salary increment is inevitable in this profession, especially in industries like Real Estate, FMCG, E-commerce, heavy engineering, manufacturing and media. 

The job roles available to MBA qualifiers include compensation analyst, staffing director, manager of labour relations, training manager, information systems manager, employee relations manager. 

An MBA in human resource management assures you with employment in eminent organisations like Mantech Management, Randstad India, Adecco, ABC Consultants, Manpower Inc., Ernst & Young Pvt Ltd. This degree can also fetch you the HR or the Assistant Manager designation in prestigious banks like HDFC, Syndicate, Axis, and ICICI. Even the public sector organisations are hiring administrative specialities in the form of HR managers. Food Corporation of India, SAIL, BHEL, and NTPC are to name a few of the government sector recruiters. 

The job role encompasses business partnering, talent search, training and compensation, administration, and managing employee relations with the authority and clients. The significance and need of adept HR professionals have increased in recent times, especially in the post-pandemic times. The HR is pivotal in satisfying the employees and the customers in turn, through improved performance of the organisation. 

The companies in India offer an alluring pay scale to the HR managers. The mid-level salary is 7, 29, 802 rupees in a year other than promising increments with the expansion of tasks and experience. The annual compensation reaches the limit of 10 lakh rupees and above, in Indian organisations then what to speak of getting employed in firms abroad.

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