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Top MBA Colleges in Information Technology - India

We, in the present 21st century, are always surrounded by Technology. Like the skeleton that supports the human body and its movements, the IT sector is one unit in every big company that secures data, information and manages them with utmost efficiency. They are basically the backbone of the company. Businesses and firms are very dependent on the IT sector for smooth running. With the increase of technological modernity, cyber crimes have risen with equal enthusiasm. IT management employees are highly trained to protect and secure sensitive and confidential information of these companies. It is the discipline in which all information technology resources of a firm are managed as per requirement. The resources for it includes technologies like computer hardware, software, data, networks and data centre facilities and also the people working in this sector, to maintain them. 

What exactly is an IT job?

Like a mother ensures that the house keeps running smoothly, under her watchful eye, the work of an IT would be to maintain the computers and to keep a check on its effortless running. They help to identify the methods in which they can improve and update software systems and implement them. An MBA in IT Management helps inculcate strong personality traits in advanced technical and analytical skills, leadership, project management and team management. IT jobs teach you to solve complex business issues with advanced technology solutions and risk management techniques.

Reasons to choose IT management Jobs

High wages

  • Usually, in the IT sector, people are paid really well for their services. Yes, it is not possible to start off with a huge sum, but gradually it will keep increasing along with experience. Highly trained professionals in this field can earn up to 6 digits. 

Advancement and demand

  •  Technologies are becoming more and more advanced on a daily basis, and businesses are also becoming completely dependent on them. IT managers become an absolute asset in companies like these. They take care of all issues and matters related to the technologies and help plan the business strategies to allow the company to meet certain goals. 

Work Environment

  • Several high paying jobs do not provide suitable working environments. They are either very ill-kept or unsafe. Working as in IT management will ensure the fact that you are provided with a desirable work environment. Most of the IT work Places are air-conditioned because the computers require proper ventilation and proper facilities that promote reduced accidents in the office. Some IT jobs also allow remote working or work from home. This might be a boon in situations where the employee is unwell or physically unfit to work in the office.

More scope for Employment

  • There are a lot of employment opportunities in this particular field. Even when there is a shortage of jobs in one particular field, IT employees can seek jobs in various other sectors as they are trained in that way. Usually, due to the urge to be independent and more competitive, companies require a strong IT base. Inconstant and ever-changing technologies need to be updated regularly. This is the reason that there is never a shortage of jobs.


  • IT jobs resonate flexibility. There are both part-time and full-time jobs available, remote and office work, and unlimited scope to grow. IT trains you to work in various sectors and fields. If there is ever a shortage of work, one can opt for employment in any field. IT management employees have a keen knowledge and understanding of computers and technologies. In every work sphere technology has become an essential counterpart, and hence, there is a vast horizon of employment opportunities to choose from.


  • Working as an Information Technology management employee is fairly International. If you are extremely competent and experienced, you can apply abroad in various high paying firms. The basic advantage is that one can earn in dollars. 

Information Technology Management careers 

Software Applications Developer

  • The computer programs that we use on a daily basis are developed by these software application developers. They not only develop but also customize and design these applications to make it suitable for use. Important programming languages are used in this field of work like Java, Python and JavaScript. 

Information Security Analyst 

  •  With the increased risk of cyberattacks and crimes, the information security analysts are in very high demand for data security functions. They monitor the technologies, and if there is any suspicious activity spotted, they instantly investigate to solve the problem and update the security further. They install and maintain various programs to protect confidential and sensitive data and information.

Computer Systems Analyst

  •  They study and examine data processing problems to help improve and enhance the computer systems and programs so that the information can be shared without any hindrance. Computer systems analysts require a strong sense of business processes and information systems. They also recommend suitable software after consulting management.

Database administrator

  •  A Database administrator uses specialized software to store and organize data like financial data. They also ensure that the databases are all running efficiently. They protect important data from unauthorized access and make it available to the users.

Management Analyst

  • Management analysts are oftentimes called management consultants are assets to a company as they provide methods and ways to improve the organization’s efficiency and worth. They advise the company’s heads in various ways in which the company can gain profit through reduced costs. They create reports and representations to compare their profit-loss margins.

Computer Network Architect

  • From the very name, one can figure out that the job of a computer network architect is to design and implement computer and information networks, modifying and changing it as per the requirements of the company. A computer network architect has to be proficient in network engineering and system configuration. They help to build data communication networks like LAN and WAN.

Salary and demand

  • The demand for IT employees is very high. There is a great scope for work in cities like Bangalore (which is an IT hub) and Chennai. As an IT management employee who has just begun to work, salary could be anything between 10,000- 50,000. Gradually with experience and higher qualification, the salary can increase up to six-digit sum, an average per annum being 5 lacs.

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445 search results