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Top MBA Colleges in Healthcare Management - India

The organizational and financial aspects of the healthcare industry are taken into account by the management programme. This course is for those who wish to be non-medical professionals taking care of the administration of a hospital or multi-speciality clinic. This course comprises practical assignments and theoretical knowledge to get aspirants ready for a combination of tasks.  It is a post-graduation programme of 2-year duration to give you a clear picture of how healthcare organizations function. The curriculum covers specializations like financial accounting, human resource management, and quantitative methods. Aspirants are made familiar with the areas of marketing, operations, and finance during the initial year of the programme. 

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in Healthcare Management

Lead the Department 

  • An MBA in healthcare management enriches you with deeper understanding in each of the specialized areas. This turns you into an ace in whichever department you are placed, and you are able to supervise it. The kindling leadership trait of yours finally lands you to the senior manager post without having to wait for long. 

Broaden Your Knowledge

  • The aforementioned subjects covered by the MBA course make you eligible to plunge in other business-related sectors than just clinging to the healthcare industry. You also have the scope for switching from an insecure organization to a reputed brand name in the healthcare sector. 

Choose Your Employer

  • This programme in healthcare management enables you with the expertise to be applied in various directions, especially in contributing to society. There are charitable and non-profit health organizations that are in need of such qualified management professionals. You can be one of them, too or fetch a job in the government healthcare sector that seems to be in a state of disarray. 

Become a Researcher

  • An MBA in healthcare management is your gateway to particular areas that allow research work other than this domain. You might also opt for being a counsellor for other organizations to research, assess and estimate their business operations. 

Adapt to Networking

  • This degree course trains you in interpersonal skills to communicate and build relationships with the leading authorities in the healthcare industry. This exposure to the industry network proves helpful in terms of a job change or any personal venture you wish to move forward with in the future. 

Become More Prompt

  • Only a trained MBA professional can be precise while communicating with investors, clients or employees. Potential clients can be persuaded by furnishing the required information in a presentable manner. Accurate instructions to employees and tactful handling of customer queries are the major responsibilities of a manager. 

Check on Life Risks

  • The biggest problem faced by patients with ordinary social backgrounds is the disorder in the concerned hospital or nursing home’s operating system. Improper management and elaboration of formalities often delay even the critical patient’s treatment, resulting in a life risk. Qualified management professionals are being hired to change to this scenario of the industry. 

Know from the Core

  • The healthcare managers are being challenged by the constant changes in the infrastructure of the industry. In this context, the skills acquired through an MBA programme come in handy and help managers to solve problems efficiently. This course allows you to know the healthcare industry inside out, especially in terms of a business outlook and the driving forces behind. 

Develop Financial Expertise

  • The healthcare management programme delves into the financial aspect of the industry. You become adept in assessing and estimating the appropriate investments to be made by the organization. The sector needs proficient managers to develop cost-effective plans without compromising on medical standards. They are responsible for analyzing and collecting market data to innovate plans for new drug promotions. 

Confirm Your Job Security

  • Healthcare is a never-fading industry and is in demand of trained administrative professionals. Besides, the expertise gained in the MBA programme is variegated in nature to serve different managerial tasks in other fields. 

Job Opportunities

Hospital CEO is the top-most rank with an annual remuneration of 12 lakh rupees. This designation is representative of the organization concerned. The responsibilities include communicating, concluding and managing the entire functioning of the system.

The financial expertise gathered through the MBA programme fetches you the job of a hospital CFO. The compensation is impressive with the annual salary being 9 lakh rupees. He is required to monitor the revenue earned, prepare budgets, keep track of expenses and report them as well as manage financial risks. 

Assistant operation manager is another alluring designation with an annual remuneration of 6 lakh rupees. The daily income and expenditure of the organization come in the purview of this job role. Selection of staff, managing customer relations, preparing work task schedules are the other important tasks associated with this rank. 

You may also act as the physician relations liaison to maintain the doctors who practice in private by connecting them with clients beyond their local sources. The salary is 4 lakh rupees in a year. 

The designation of a healthcare information manager will fetch you compensation of 6.5 lakh per annum. You are required to supervise record-keeping and incorporate methods for maintaining the confidentiality of the indigenous data. 

Oncology coordinator is a job role that gets you closer to the medical sphere with the responsibility of preparing treatment charts for cancer patients. The individual has to ensure the proper care and timely therapies of these patients. The remuneration for this post is 6 lakh rupees a year. 

A medical practice manager earns an annual income of 7 lakh rupees per annum. The task comprises record-keeping, staff training, fresh recruitment, and looking after medical operations' commercial aspect. 

The hospital manager’s role encompasses the sum of administrative functions of the organization such as budgeting, scheduling, formulating policies. It promises you an annual salary of 4.79 lakh rupees. 

The claims manager monitors a healthcare centre’s revenue tabs and billing services. This designation receives compensation of 4.5 lakh rupees per annum. 

You can work with the leading names in the healthcare sector like Wipro GE, Cipla, Apollo Life, Cadila. Apart from an impressive salary, you get exposure to one of the significant industries in the world.

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