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Top MBA Colleges in Finance Management - India

Finance is not limited to number-crunching but has many facets. An MBA in Finance Management is being preferred by a majority of aspirants from different nations. The reason behind its craze is the high-paid job that one can get in any industry after pursuing this course. The economic slowdown following the pandemic hasn't had much of an effect on the demand for expertise in this field. It is a postgraduate course that teaches how to maintain an organisation's accounts and finances to help it reach specific financial goals. During this programme, the aspirants are endowed with a thorough understanding of financial planning, asset management, pricing, risk management, capital costs etc. 

The subjects included in the degree course cover the nook and cranny of the financial sphere. An MBA in finance management fills the student with theoretical knowledge and tests its practical application in the real world of trading and finance. 

Top 10 Reasons to do MBA in Finance Management

Most Sought After Qualification

  • Firstly, an MBA in Finance Management is more sought after than that in other specialisations like HR or Marketing. Whether it is the Real Estate, teaching, consulting, advertising or IT industry, financial management is one of its core operations. Every organisation requires someone to handle and keep track of investment details, salary-related information and cash flow. This degree course would enrich you with all the required knowledge of financial management to fetch you a high-salaried job irrespective of the industry. 

Job with an Attractive Pay 

  • An employee with an MBA in marketing, HR or any other domain doesn't get as high pay as that of one with an MBA in finance management. Besides, there is an assured rise in pay with an increase in capability and experience. 

Exposure to Varying Job Roles 

  • Finance is a vast arena with assorted job profiles to be explored in private as well as public sectors. The options to select from include budgetary examiner, corporate banker, investment banker, financial analyst, risk manager, personal advisor, and manager of a hedge fund. The list is unending for an aspirant who has bagged an MBA in finance management. 

An All-in-All Personality Growth

  • With an MBA in finance management, you become adept in handling business organisation's complications and corporate backlogs. In the course of studying, the aspirants gain financial knowledge at all levels through comprehensive projects, internships and management stimulation. These processes result in self-analysis for students to figure out weaknesses and rectify those. 

Expansion of Knowledge

  • An MBA in finance management is of 2-year duration covering a plethora of subjects. These inculcate analytical and critical thinking skills in the aspirants. The curriculum comprises investment banking, risk and finance management, business finance, analysis of stock exchange. Thus, on the completion of the course your knowledge in leadership, marketing and statistics gets inflated. 

Increased Resources for Networking

  • An almost practical curriculum of MBA in finance management leaves the student with adequate resources for building a considerable network. The degree course engages you to interact with others in public while working in teams and collaborative associations. In the process, you develop a potential professional network by establishing good relationships. 

An Ever-Lasting Profession

  • Finance management is a requisite of every business irrespective of its size. With an MBA in this field, you could fetch a job in any industry for monitoring the huge funds, transactions and cash flow of the concerned organisation. The agility of a business is solely dependent on its finance. Extensive financial knowledge is a necessity for starting or extending a business, to invest in the development of new products. 

A Secured Job Profile

  • Report states the yearly growth of India's financial sector by 8.5%. Financial management is an indispensable job designation for any company. Therefore, acquiring an MBA in this field of study assures you with a permanent job. Students are taught both hard and soft skills in finance during this 2-year programme. 

Way to a Private Undertaking

  • Tread your own path in business by obtaining an MBA in finance management. You get well-versed with successful investment and revenue generation. This degree course materialises your dream of entrepreneurship by teaching you the constructive management and optimisation of funds.  

Personal Benefits

  • Knowledge never goes in vain. So, whether or not you start your own venture, you can remain financially stable by studying MBA in finance management. Bankruptcy endangers happy living, which can be kept at bay through efficient skills in budgeting, investment, governance, financial and time management. This degree course instills these qualities in you so that you don't lose track of your personal income flow. 

Job Opportunities

As discussed earlier, a wide array of job roles are available to a qualified MBA in finance management. Corporate banker, risk manager, personal advisor, financial analyst, budgetary examiner are to name a few. Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Barclays, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, JP Morgan, Johnson & Johnson are some of the top-notch recruiters. Organisations like ICICI, HDFC, Accenture, and TCS provide an annual remuneration of around 6 lakh 78 thousand rupees to those with an MBA in finance management. An MBA in finance management not only branches into different job roles but also exposes you to a variety of specialisations that are intertwined. 

The career growth is sky-high for an MBA candidate in finance management. It is the door to a plethora of lucrative job roles with high levels of permanency. No organisation can survive without proficiency in the financial realm. An MBA in finance management endows you with qualities essential to tackle different aspects of finance. This degree course might be of only 2-year duration, but it's curriculum encompasses insurmountable knowledge to guide you in your personal finance handling, as well. This study program brings the gem out of you by making you enriched with a rare skill set of high demand. The reasons to pursue MBA in finance are vital and decisive of one's career for a lifetime. So, aspirants must make the most out of it. 

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