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Top BBA Colleges in Travel and Tourism Management - India

This degree course is the gateway to the front office or travel agent sections of lavish hotels, both domestic and global. Aspirants are enabled with academic knowledge and practical applications to bring around customers and help the hotel retain its clients by satisfying them with the best possible arrangement.  It is a programme that concentrates on specialisations favourable for working in diverse tourism related sectors. Foodservice management, resort environment planning, intercultural communication, ecology, etc., are included in the study curriculum. With the Indian government emphasizing and investing in the travel industry, there is a thriving employment assurance within the national boundaries, too. The students are trained in arranging the itinerary, travel modes and overall accommodation of tourists. 

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Travel and Tourism Management

Break Free from Desk Job

  • The travel and tourism professionals might have one of the strenuous jobs without fixed shifts or working hours, but the stunning ambiences within which they work give them the feel of a vacation. With people constantly checking in and out, plush office interiors of the hotel, and scenic surroundings, work transforms into a festive mood. 

Live a Fancied Life

  • A job role in this sector is associated with additional privileges such as discounts on vacations, hotel, fine dining or transportation charges. You can avail these amenities on the allowance offered by the organization or hotel you work for. Free entries to the most celebrated events or exotic amusement parks help you build memories with your family and fulfil their desires as well. 

No Monotony

  • This BBA programme is worth the excitement you can catch up with after turning into a professional. It is both a challenge and fun to attend to people with different expectations and requirements. The ultimate objective lies in making the customer wear a happy smile at your performance. 

Increased Holidays

  • The job of a professional in the travel and tourism industry might not take calendar holidays into consideration, but the paid leaves he is entitled to exceed that number. Therefore, the balance between life and work remains untainted while you can enjoy your own vacation with family members during your home visits. 

Go Places

  • A BBA in travel and tourism management infuses you with skills that are sought after by several relevant departments in foreign countries. This degree course thus paves the way for you to get placed in any of the famous travel destinations or cities on the planet. The demand for your expertise would provide you with touring opportunities at reduced costs. 

Alluring Compensation

  • This degree programme makes you fit into an array of specialized job designations concerned with travel and tourism. The job responsibilities that you need to shoulder are awarded with a heavy remuneration that motivates you right from the entry-level. 

Explore the World

  • Another aspect of job satisfaction lies in the chance to interact with people from different lifestyles and social backdrops. You garner practical knowledge of cross-cultures, temperament, cuisines, etc. and implement it in your services to enhance tourists' satisfaction. 

Take Your Pick

  • With the demand for expertise like yours, acquired through this BBA course, you can select the field that interests you the most. Ecotourism, food, beverage, conventions, outdoor recreation, hotels, airlines, ancillary services – the list is unending.

Sharpen Your Skills 

  • A BBA programme in travel and tourism management is essential for developing the ability to work efficiently and meet the targeted period, even in a packed schedule. Coordinating with teams, problem-solving, leadership, research, presentation and IT skills are also imbibed by aspirants through the training. 

Combat Challenges 

  • This degree course puts aspirants on daunting tasks that would possibly come their way in their profession. Field visits being a major portion of this programme, allow students to observe up-close the various sectors and their functions. 

Job Opportunities

Tourism boards, travel agencies, hotels, resorts, airlines, cruise companies assure you with never-ending employment possibilities. 

Event Manager

  • This is an all-in-all job designation that is responsible for arranging, conducting and gathering the feedback of an event. It fetches an annual salary of 6 lakh rupees.

Travel Agent 

  • The job profile is about assisting tourists in their trips by arranging for the flight, car rental, and accommodation bookings. This requires the individual to pre-inform the traveller about the scenic spots, customs rules and weather of the concerned travel destination. These individuals are also recruited by speciality groups or resort to market their travel packages. The professionals need to be adept at communication and networking skills for establishing healthy relationships with clients. The annual compensation for these responsibilities is 2, 95, 493 rupees. 

Lodging Manager 

  • These individuals are recruited by resorts and luxury hotels to monitor individual departments' operations such as human resources, food service, housekeeping, etc. The annual remuneration of this designation is 4, 67, 000 rupees. 

Travel Coordinator 

  • This job profile involves the arrangement of travel services offered by large organizations like NGOs, universities, etc. The tasks include reservation of venues for conferences, private or commercial jet flight booking, provision of support staff, and to keep the staff of the concerned venue informed about the tourist arrival. These responsibilities are rewarded with a salary of 4, 55, 286 rupees a year. 

Front Office Executive 

  • This job role's tasks include greeting customers, addressing their queries, handling their room keys, guiding them to the allocated room numbers, and ensuring the quality of offered hospitality services. This position fetches you an annual income of 1, 83, 000 rupees. 

Lobby Manager 

  • The individual is responsible for leading the front office staff, controlling their shifts, catering to the guest requirements, and maintaining the utmost professionalism. The annual remuneration for this position is 2, 63, 000 rupees.

Tour Operation Manager 

  • This job designation is related to preparing tour guides for travellers from different corners and making every other arrangement for their vacation trips. 1, 75, 000 rupees is drawn as the annual salary by this job profile. 

The tour guide, travel and tourism consultant, airport staff, ticketing staff, customer service manager, ticketing staff, and tourism marketer are namely the other available job designations apart from those discussed already.

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