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Top BBA Colleges in Marketing Management - India

This is an all-in-all guide to the diverse approaches of marketing and how to make the most of these. It imparts knowledge on a plethora of relevant subjects like product management, branding, consumer behaviour, market analysis to leave no gaps in your learning and help you understand it to the core.  It is a degree course throwing light on the directives of marketing management and business economics. Aspirants are introduced to the basics of business-related computer programmes as well as business mathematics. In other words, a BBA in marketing management makes you industry-ready. 

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Marketing Management

Get Equipped for Competition

  • A BBA in marketing management equips you with the tools required for making one’s brand stand out. These tools are namely, advertising, email marketing, mobile marketing and interacting marketing. Planning and development of product promotion content is also covered by the study curriculum.

Maintain the Organization’s Budget

  • Going overboard is not the only solution to promote an organization’s service or product. Marketing management professionals are responsible for making the most impactful digital campaigning modes without increasing the organization’s expenses. The art of customizing marketing strategies to prevent the budget from exploding is learnt through this BBA course.

Ensure Consumer’s Positivity

  • BBA in marketing management gives you the expertise of using an organization’s resources in the right way to create a positive outlook of the customer on the concerned service or commodity. You acquire the knowledge of maintaining the company’s standards by tweaking them according to the evolving consumer requirements or desires. The preservation of customer loyalty needs effective planning, which is taught in this course.

Learn Strategic Planning

  • Constant ideation, selection of strategies with respect to the accompanying practicalities, and implementation of those are; namely, the tasks handled by the marketing manager, proficiently. A BBA programme provides you with theoretical knowledge and practical concepts of justifying a product by all means and building a dedicated consumer base for it. 

Obtain Communication Skills

  • The study curriculum covers a plethora of subjects such as communication, social media marketing, advertising, campaign styling. In the process of taking practical assignments, students end up in interacting with media personnel, campaign designers, digital marketers, and even assorted customers.

Explore Different Work Environments

  • The practical aspect of this BBA course lets you observe the variation in operations from one industry to another though the class assignments. Therefore, you become equipped to switch job profiles or organizations at appropriate stages of your career. 

Let Your Creativity Flow

  • Jobs related to marketing management give you the creative liberty of formulating innovative solutions for the arising market opportunities or threats. You are hired by organizations to enhance the promotion of their commodities through your strategies. 

Assured Job Security

  • The evolution of the digital platform has boosted the significance and necessity of marketing for business enterprises belonging to all industries. There is a consistent demand for professionals trained in marketing specializations to catch up with the increasing requirements of different sectors. 

Strengthen Your Foundation

  • This degree course imparts a comprehensible knowledge in an array of subjects so that you have a strong base for understanding the specializations or higher course curriculum with ease. 

Numerous Options to Choose From

  • BBA in marketing management provides you with an incredible number of choices to acquire expertise in any of these. International marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, market research, integrated online strategies are some of the specializations that aspirants may opt for. 

Job Opportunities

Marketing Manager 

  • The duty of a marketing manager is to determine the organization’s accessibility to clients, monitor the cash flow, and cater to client needs. Marketing of the event to the existing clients and acquiring new ones is the core function of this job profile. The annual remuneration for the task is 5 lakh rupees.

Advertising Manager 

  • This designation is responsible for planning and implementing ideas of getting an event its public reach. The yearly salary for this role is 4.5 lakh rupees per annum. All promotion related issues regarding the upcoming events are taken care of.

Marketing Executive

  • This is a fresher’s post in the retail management department. The company relies on the market research analyst to choose campaigns or products that would prove fruitful to the brand. The entry-level salary ranges from 2 to 4 lakhs per annum and rises to 6-7 lakhs a year, with experience gathered.

Brand Manager 

  • The individual is the centrifugal force in the ideation of marketing schemes, formulation of brand management plans, end ensuring that those are properly executed. Salary soars as high as 12 to 14 lakhs per annum, while the entry-level compensation isn’t less alluring with a range of 6 to 10 lakh rupees a year.

Market Research Analyst 

  • The individual is responsible for recommending product campaigns to the employer organization that would earn its brand a leading position. The annual salary ranges between 2 and 4 lakh rupees. Based on experience, the limit reaches to 6 -7 lakh rupees per annum.Advertising executive, sales manager and several other job profiles are available for professionals with a BBA in marketing management. You get the privilege of choosing from a variety of sectors, namely, manufacturing, IT, retail, media, brand management, advertising, market research, event management, tourism, hospitality.

This BBA programme is the gateway to some of the country’s most valued organizations, such as Wipro Limited, Capgemini, Deutsche Bank, TCS, Mudra, Amazon, Nestle, and SBI.Besides, this degree course infuses the individuals with the efficiency of collaborating with and managing teams to reach the employer organization’s objective. They develop the skill to handle clients with patience and also bring them around to the proposed product or marketing technique. 

This degree programme is the know-how of both conventional and innovative marketing approaches. Students become adept at problem-solving, which is essential to tap into the ongoing customer and market trends for enhancing the concerned organization’s business through greater sales. 

With the right tactics employed in the promotion of a product, marketing is neither unethical nor inflated. It is just the means of conveying the right information to the customer in an appealing way.

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