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Top BBA Colleges in Human Resource Management - India

The monitoring of employee performance and fulfilment of their needs are the two essential factors that influence a business organization’s tenacity to pull through the increasing competitiveness in every industrial sector. The aspirants are made to gain knowledge of the possible legal issues faced by an organization and ways to enhance its productivity. This management programme covers the topics of retail management, management accounting, business environment, communication skills, and organizational behaviour.  This undergraduate course makes you capable for maintaining the employer company's human resource so that it may achieve its objectives. The study curriculum deals with job analysis, training of the hired employees, and time-to-time screening of their performances for the better. Deciding on the remuneration, job designing and allocation, and workforce planning are included in the job responsibility of human resource management professionals. 



Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Human Resource Management

 Multiple Task Handling

  • The predominance of technology in every industrial organization has raised the bar for HR responsibilities that are no longer restricted to administrative functions. Processing of data, management of financial services, budget approval, etc., are also brought into the purview of the HR professionals. 

Moulding Techniques

  • A BBA in human resource is essential to understand the different business trends and methods to catch up with those for the smooth functioning of the concerned firm. An HR is responsible for identifying the business threats or opportunities to train the employees accordingly so that they deliver their best. The changes made in the business decisions by higher authorities have to be well conveyed to the recruited staff and also ensure that they are comfortable with the alterations in their task execution. 

Necessary Skills

  • This programme endows the aspirants with the vital skills of collaboration, planning, communication, problem-solving, and organization. The job of HR is highly interactive, being in charge of connecting the authorities to the employees, bringing both the parties midway in terms of work and salary-related negotiations. Looking after employee satisfaction is the core function of human resource management. 

Employee Nurturing

  • HR is required to pluck the best talent available but within the limits of the respective company’s budget. To get the best out of an employee even during the strenuous phases is the job of an expert who helps the former to analyze his or her strengths that could overcome the flaws. And thus, the employee gets an opportunity to put the best foot forward instead of being rebuked. 

Maintain Decorum 

  • This management programme inculcates in you the qualities of a leader. You become adept at resolving futile conflicts to ensure harmonious relations between colleagues to tap into their collective efficiency for the overall benefit of the organization.

Satisfaction of Employees

  • BBA in human resource management equips you with the specialization to shape the future of employees by designing effective programmes that would elevate their career while dedicating their time to your organization. HR knows the tactic of boosting employee performance by introducing rewards for fulfilling certain criteria. 

Employee Retention

  • It is required of an efficient HR to prevent the frequent departure of newly recruited employees.  This leads to inconsistency and interruption in the company's operations due to time wastage in repetitive sessions of talent hunting, recruitment, and training. This degree course curriculum imparts you the wisdom of maintaining a positive vibe at the office. 

Preservation of Goodwill 

  • This management course is essential for you to gain a deep-rooted understanding of the varying aspects of business, especially those responsible for its goodwill. Devising programmes to uplift the organization's work culture and reputation is a daunting responsibility that HR needs to handle proficiently. 

Convincing the Clients

  • Computers might have replaced several functions related to human intelligence, but these still lag behind in terms of social intelligence, which is an attribute of human resource management professionals. A regular BBA course isn't sufficient to master this expertise. 

Think Out-of-the-Box

  • A major role of HR is to be creative in contributing ideas and plans to help the organization earn distinctive recognition among the crowd. The study curriculum includes specializations that equip you with a strong base to detect the prevalent market and customer approaches and formulate business methodologies accordingly. 

Job Opportunities

Public Relations Manager 

  • The job role involves the development of a warm relation with the organization with its clients. The individual is responsible for maintaining satisfaction at both ends through the transparent delivery of messages from one to the other. This designation is entitled to a compensation of 5.5 lakh rupees per annum.

Business Development Manager 

  • This is a rewarding designation with annual compensation of 7.44 lakh rupees. The manager builds and maintains client relationships, generates sales leads, and promotes services or products to new customers.

Sales Manager 

  • The job profile involves meetings and association with different departments of the organization. The annual compensation for this designation varies between 1, 80, 000 and 3, 20, 000 rupees. The individual is required to set objectives for the concerned organization and even assist in sorting out employment opportunities.

Purchase Manager 

  • This designation receives a lucrative pay of 7, 14, 557 rupees per annum. The core functions include a selection of global resources and suppliers, monitoring the company's transactions, and maintaining a healthy customer relationship. A fresher in this role is compensated by an annual income of 2, 90,000 to 4, 60,000 rupees.

Other job designations that befit the expertise gained through this human resource management course are namely, Regional Manager, Admin Executive, IT Recruiter, Production Manager, HR Consultant, Quality Control Manager, Product Development Executive, Personnel Manager, Recruitment Consultant, HR Executive/Manager, HR Coordinator, and Talent Acquisition Manager.

Hospitals, banks, MNCs, computer system designing firms, educational institutions, local governments, and any other private or government firm have immense employment possibilities for professionals trained in human resource management. 

McKinsey & Company, Pine Labs, Deloitte, Capgemini, Wipro Limited, TCS, and KPMG are among the leading organizations that hire professionals specialising in human resource management. 

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56 search results