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Top BBA Colleges in Hotel Management - India

Life can become a full-on vacation for those seeking their future in the hotel industry. A job that has the sole objective of delighting customers through your impeccable services leaves you satisfied at the end of the day. The ever-expanding industry has no bar in the pay package for the right talents among which, you could possibly be one.  This undergraduate programme is split into 3 academic years when aspirants are rendered fit for services in clubs, luxury hotels, resorts, etc. The curriculum deals with services in the front office, catering, food production, housekeeping, and beverage. It imparts articulate knowledge and practical skills to the aspirants, in each of these departments.

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Hotel Management

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  • A BBA in hotel management is the stepping stone towards your vision of the industry. It is the foundation for delving deep into the ocean of further degree courses or specializations to live the life of your dreams. The better the authorization, the greater are your possibilities to be associated with the top-ranking brands in the industry.

Unending Demand

  • With the hotel industry acquiring the second position, this course is fruitful for candidates yearning to be landed in the lap of luxury. Every hotel strives at offering the best possible service through an organized team of expert staff. This ensures the non-stop search and recruitment of professionals by hotels of all statures. 

Passion Play

  • This degree course is an opportunity for you to analyze, which aspect of hospitality has interested you the most. For instance, if you have had a tendency to whip up enchiladas or apple pie for those visiting your home, then operating in food services on a larger scale, is your forte. 

Enjoy Work 

  • In contrast to the imposed stress faced by individuals in different employment sectors, the hotel industry provides you with the stress that is inviting. When you fully enjoy doing your stuff, even the most pressing situation becomes lighter. 

Get Recognized

  • A few years of dedicated service in this industry is bound to make your presence felt or demanded by employers, hotels in this case. Have you ever noticed that the most celebrated chefs, travel hosts or food journalists started off with jobs in the hotel industry? And, they eventually managed to transform into an individual brand or celebrity.

Size it Up

  • The multifaceted BBA programme opens numerous avenues of determining the job designation, hotel and clientele types you would like to handle from time to time. An acquisition of variegated knowledge and expertise allows you to pursue higher specializations where you become your own boss. 

Money Matters

  • Remunerating employees with the most lucrative pay above any other industry, is ritualistic of the hotel management sector. Besides, you get the opportunity to indulge in exuberant interiors and picturesque views at your so-called workplace. This is the only job that doesn’t require you to be in a conventional office setup, even when your job is at the front office desk. 

Personal Grooming

  • Forbearance rules the world of hotel management and this BBA course injects the same attribute in you. Being polite and dedicated from within makes you satisfy customers in the best possible manner. Consequently, a subtle sense of responsibility prompts you to render each task with perfection. This quality not only makes you shine in the hotel management industry but turns you into the perfect homemaker. 

Luxury Stays

  • A BBA course in this subject is the wish-fulfilling creeper of attaining further certifications and degrees that would assure your stay in luxury and overseas hotels, as an employee. Happiness lies in giving, and that is what this industry requires of you at the cost of fulfilling your desires. 

Multiple Roles 

  • The hotel industry with its multifarious wings is always in need of trained personnel for a variety of designations. With your growing knowledge, work experience, fondness, you may swap roles at specific stages of your career. 

Job Opportunities

Front Office Manager 

  • The annual compensation for this job profile is 4.5 lakh rupees. The responsibility to be shouldered is the monitoring of Information Clerk and Receptionists operations. The objective behind the task is to achieve customer satisfaction through appropriate responses.

Restaurant and Food Service Manager

  • The individual is in charge of getting the kitchen equipment repaired in time and keep those well-maintained. He has to ensure that the kitchen doesn’t run short of its utensils, appliances and cutlery stocks. The annual remuneration earned is 4.3 lakh rupees. 

Housekeeping Manager

  • This job designation is centred on providing spick and span rooms to customers through the supervision of housekeeping and cleaner operations. It fetches you a salary of 3.8 lakh rupees a year. 

Department Manager

  • The responsibility of this job profile includes the coaching of newly recruited staff in the multiple departments of a hotel. Your effort is rewarded with 4.2 lakh rupees per annum. 

Sales and Marketing Executive

  • The individual gets an annual pay package of 4.96 lakh rupees. He is required to manage sales and gather leads for promotion of the concerned hospitality service or brand. 

Banquet Manager

  • This position lays down the responsibility of accomplishing business meets or social gatherings at the concerned organization through effective arrangements. The annual salary drawn by this rank is about 4 lakh rupees. 

Operations Manager 

  • A hotel being the home to diverse operations within its different sections are supervised by this job designation. It fetches you a salary of 7 to 8 lakh rupees per annum. 


  • This is one of the central figures in the hotel industry with fine dining being an integral part of it. The job responsibility involves the manipulation of culinary sciences and creativity to serve elite customers by the plateful. The annual compensation ranges from 6 to 10 lakh rupees.

The salaries discussed here are liable to changes based on the years of your experience in a particular domain. This BBA programme helps you materialize your childhood dream of travelling places. 

The country has a never-ending demand of talents in the most prestigious labels of the hotel industry. The Leela Palaces, the Oberoi Group, the Taj Group, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Country Inn Suites, to name a few. 

When you are joyful inside, you tend to make others feel pleasant. A job in the hotel industry treats you to exotic settings, new locations and cultures other than keeping you financially secured. It develops your behavioural ethics in the process of being courteous and cooperative to the customers. So, why not give it a shot?

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