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Top BBA Colleges in Finance Management - India

Learn the art of evaluating and maintaining the expenses of an organisation or enterprise. It teaches you microeconomics, operation research, basic accounting, organisational behaviour, and business mathematics. Aspirants also gather an understanding of computers and soft skills. Moreover, the study curriculum introduces you to fund management, banking, corporate finance, accounting, financial theory, international business, and fund management. Get acquainted with the varying aspects of finance such as insurance and investment through this variegated management course.

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Finance Management

Enhance Your Knowledge

  • A regular BBA course won’t provide you with the business acumen required to serve the purpose. This undergraduate course grooms your personality and helps you in mastering soft skills. You are taught to become an extrovert proficient in approaching clients the right way. As an expert in the finance industry, you are required to speak spontaneously on it with clients.

Learn to Predict

  • This BBA programme has been devised in a manner such that the aspirants get the hang of foretelling the outcomes of insurance or investment plans through research and collection of genuine information related to these. As a result, the employer organisation hiring a financial management professional relies on the advice to avoid unnecessary risks.

Financial Planning

  • The degree course largely focuses on the organisation of money that is essential for one's personal life as well, to maintain financial stability. The management professionals are in charge of proper allocation of the concerned company's money in raw material purchase, meeting of liabilities, stock maintenance, and bill and salary payments. They ensure that not a single penny is wasted due to some undue reasons.

Understand the Concepts

  • This BBA programme gives you a clear picture of the finance sector's functioning at both international and domestic levels. You get introduced to several underlying concepts like portfolio management, financial engineering, etc.

Explore Multiple Sectors

  • A BBA in finance management imparts the appropriate skill and theoretical background for working in an array of individual sectors, namely, life insurance, health care, commercial banking, investment banking, tourism, share markets, educational institutes, and mutual funds.

Monitoring Methodologies

  • This management course helps teach you the techniques of using financial tools that include cost and profit management, financial forecasting, risk management, and ratio analysis. These are the means of evaluating and managing the concerned organisation's future finances.

Unending Scope of Employment

  • The high-end expertise attained through a BBA in finance management is always in demand. So, the professionals are remunerated with an impressive salary right from the initial stages of their job. As researches suggest, the US has experienced a hike in finance management recruitment due to the rising number of financial products.

Guide to Investments

  • Another task of financial management professionals is to direct the respective organisation's investments into safe ventures that would assure profits. The finance manager is responsible for maintaining the firm's ROI stability.

Manage the Profits

  • A BBA in finance management equips you with the ability to optimise the profit earned by your recruiter organisation. This involves the distribution of the profit in purposes related to expansion, contingency, and innovation of the business. The provision for dividends to stakeholders also must be considered at the time of allocation.

Debt-Equity Evaluation

  • This degree course guides you through the formation of capital structure that organisations require to operate following the evaluation of the amount it needs. The management professional is responsible for conducting debt-equity analysis on the basis of the capital amount the firm already possesses as well as the amount to be gathered from external sources.

Job Opportunities

Assistant Controller, Treasurer, Tax Assistant, Management Analyst, Financial Analyst, Personal Financial Advisor, Budget Analyst, Internal Auditor, Loan Counsellor, Financial Investment Analyst, Research Analyst, Finance Executive/ Officer, and Recovery Agent – job opportunities are abundant following a BBA programme in finance management.

This course inculcates in you the strength of making the most of the available financial resources to fetch profits and higher returns on investments for the concerned organisation.

Loan Officer 

  • This job profile fetches an annual salary of 5 to 7 lakhs. The responsibilities include approval of loans abiding by the specified limits and referring to management about the loans that exceed the limits. The individual has also required to advise the borrower on loan repayment strategies.

Marketing Executive

  • This is a fresher’s post in the retail management department. The company relies on the market research analyst to choose campaigns or products that would prove fruitful to the brand. The entry-level salary ranges from 2 to 4 lakhs per annum and rises to 6-7 lakhs a year, with experience gathered.

Financial Manager 

  • The job designation is responsible for identifying financial risks, preparing the budget and financial reports, estimating financial results to assist the IT department. The annual remuneration for this post is 10 lakh rupees.

Credit Analyst 

  • The individual is required to adjure associations on identifying imminent threats to the concerned organisation's presence or productivity. The individual detects potential danger and analyses its seriousness to develop counter plans beforehand, thus preventing or minimising the rate of damage. Plotting ways for the transfer or mitigation of expected risks is also included in this job profile. It draws a compensation of 9, 92, 343 rupees per annum.

Business Analyst 

  • This job profile is in charge of enhancing the concerned enterprise's business endeavour by scrutinising, documenting and characterising the business essentials. You are rewarded with an annual salary of 8, 62, 699 rupees a year.

Investment Banker 

  • The job designation demands your assistance to your employer organisation's customers in fund development to meet the financial security and operational requirements of their companies. The average salary for this designation is 9, 02, 800 rupees per annum. The task also includes imparting advice on the concerned organisation's capital value and its allocation to different sectors in appropriate portions.

Consultation agencies, corporate houses, retailers, MNCs, banks, credit unions, finance organisations, and mortgage companies always need professionals acquiring a BBA in finance management. 

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78 search results