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Top BBA Colleges in Business Analytics - India

It would be appropriate to define business analytics as the magic wand being adopted by contemporary organizations to obtain a forecast of their investments. The humongous quantity of data generated by companies in every industry requires a specialised skill set to be deciphered for its correct evaluation. It is a multi-disciplinary degree amalgamating the sciences of Computer Programming, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Data evaluation is an indispensable operation of every industry to identify the marketplace patterns and accelerate problem-solving in business. From giant government undertakings to private enterprises, the demand of expertise in business analytics management is scaling.

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Business Analytics Management

Learn the Branches

  • Business analytics management comprises three categories to help you increase your employer organization’s efficiency. Prescriptive business analytics uses simulation and optimization algorithms to advice the concerned firm about the possible results of a business model along with its remedies in case of irregularities. Descriptive analytics makes raw data comprehensible with the help of statistics. Predictive analytics foretells the future outcome of an implemented plan as well as market trends to prepare the necessary course of action. 

Imbibe the Mandatory Skills

  • This management programme teaches you a unique set of technical skills that include MS Excel, Python Coding, mathematics specialization, and the know-how of the business. You get acquainted with profitable analytical instruments such as R-programming and RapidMiner. These tools can prevent certain business processes from taking an unfavourable turn, but most organizations have a dearth of professionals who are capable of operating those. Business threats to organizations become manageable through the use of analytical techniques. 

Power of Statistical Data

  • Business analytics management is effective in tapping the quantitative data collected by organizations for accurate decision-making in business. Adept professionals are thus, required by firms and agencies to help them reach accurate business conclusions and at a faster pace. 

Aptitude of Customer Satisfaction

  • A study of this subject makes the ability to recognize consumer behaviour inherent in you. Business organizations seek for professionals who can leverage their business analytics specialization to evaluate the drifts in customers’ approaches towards the service or product of the concerned enterprise. This information has proved useful in several past incidents where organizations could stay prepared with production enough for catering to the future consumer-craze of the respective commodity.

Enhanced Execution Efficiency

  • Recent reports state the growing use of predictive business analytics in most organizations. The individuals trained in this specialization are far-sighted to prepare solutions for upcoming operational risks. The resource of such talent is still not able to match the buzzing demands from organizations belonging to various industries. Therefore, management in business analytics enables you with immense scope for employment and affluent ranks. 

Check on Operational Costs

  • A prior evaluation of business methodologies, opportunities and failures save the organization’s money from going down the drain. The management personnel optimize the available data to figure out the flaws, which could otherwise create a sizeable obstacle to the company’s progress. Consequently, the expenses incurred in the process inflate the firm’s operational costs. 

Industrial Usages

  • This management course renders you eligible for recommending artificial intelligence to your employer organization. You become adept at evaluating situations, stating accurate predictions, making beneficial business decisions ahead of time. 

Fetch Financial Gains 

  • With the business analytics management degree in your kitty, you would be able to determine the fate of a newly launched product and mould it accordingly. Your premonitions, when proved right, makes the organization rely on your skills to finalize products or campaigns that won’t get the least wasted. You end up providing improved financial returns to the employer firm. 

Sharpen Interpersonal Skills

  • The degree course exposes you to people of cross-cultures and potential clients for practical assignments related to the adoption of articulate communication skill. This management programme lets you confront daunting tasks while you are in the making. You get enough chances to fail at and redo the actions in mock circumstances to attain precision in your expertise. 

A Logical Foundation

  • The study of business analytics trains you to make decisions solely based on proven numbers, statistical figures, data, and facts. Therefore, the calculated outcomes of these decisions don’t disappoint you, unlike the decisions made on general reasoning. 

Job Opportunities

Business Analyst 

  • This designation involves a full-time desk job with occasional travelling with respect to meetings with stakeholders and clients. The job responsibilities include visualizing the data, evaluating business injunctions based on it, and accounting for business intelligence. Data modelling and maintaining the organization’s database are the other tasks of this job profile. The annual compensation received ranges from 6 to 9 lakh rupees. 

Market Research Analyst 

  • The individual is required to gather and scrutinize data regarding market and consumer behavioural patterns. Based on quantitative research, he suggests initiatives to the employer enterprise, which would make its service or commodity sell better. The annual salary ranges between 2 and 4 lakh rupees. Based on experience, the limit reaches to 6 -7 lakh rupees per annum.

Process Analyst 

  • This job profile functions in coordination with the firm’s IT team for analyzing the internal business system and formulate plans accordingly to benefit the company’s business operations. A salary of 5 to 6 lakh rupees is drawn annually by this post. 

Data Scientist 

  • The job responsibilities are compensated with an annual salary of 6 to 9 lakh rupees. It focuses on the simplification of huge volumes of researched data on consumer and market trends to convey the same to the organization so that it may reach appropriate business conclusions and keep off from possible pitfalls.

Management in business analytics makes you versatile to be successfully placed in various sectors, namely, IT, E-Commerce, Consultancy, Telecom, Retail, MNC, Manufacturing. A host of designations in different industries are seriously in need of the expertise you would acquire through this management programme. 

Data mining expert, SAS programmer, predictive modeller, industry expert, a business intelligence expert, data warehousing expert, management analyst, consultant are some of the job profiles hunted by recruiter organizations. 

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