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Top BBA Colleges in Brand Management - India

The significance of brand awareness is well-understood through this preliminary course. A product label gets build up on the consumer’s acceptance and loyalty towards it. It involves optimisation of a brand to replenish the monetary resources spent on its canvassing and to fetch in greater revenues.  It is a multi-faceted degree programme that trains aspirants in critical thinking, economics, innovation, and financial management. You gather the ability to implement your creativity in formulating business plans, especially those related to product promotion in the form of a brand. 

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Brand Management 

Ensure Consumer’s Positivity

  • A BBA gives you the expertise of using an organization’s resources in the right way to create a positive outlook of the customer on the concerned brand. You acquire the knowledge of maintaining the brand’s standards by tweaking them according to the evolving consumer requirements or desires. The preservation of customer loyalty needs effective planning, which is taught in this course. 

Show that You Care

  • Brand management is necessary for making the target audience realize that their personal interests are taken into account by your organization. Thus, it involves the establishment of an emotional connection through the product type or the medium used for its promotion. This degree course concentrates on the directives to help the respective brand generate repeated sales. 

Stay in Budget

  • Going overboard is not the only solution to maintain a brand’s reputation for years. Brand management professionals are responsible for making the most of impactful digital campaigning modes without increasing the organization’s expenses. The art of customizing marketing strategies to prevent the budget from exploding is learnt through this BBA course. 

Survive the Competition

  • A BBA in brand management equips you with the tools required for making one’s brand stand out. These tools are namely, the images, company logo, name, design features and corporate gifts that need to be plotted with accuracy. Planning and development of product promotion content, is also covered by the study curriculum. 

Firm Reputation

  • Organizations demand talented professionals to keep their brands strongly rooted to the ground. There are incidents in the recent past regarding illegal activities in the most popular food and eating joint brands. A brand that stands firm on its identity has its customers hardly swayed by the occurrence of such rumours. A brand derives its strength from its stable sustenance over the years. 

Brand Equity

  • This degree course trains you in maintaining the brand’s standard to a level that can sell a product at a higher price than its counterparts. Apart from the durability and quality of a commodity, its brand name contributes to higher sales. The brand manager’s duty is to employ schemes for keeping the impact of a brand name intact over a long time span. 

Organisation Growth 

  • A job in brand management would make you reasonably be proud of being one of the governing forces behind the growth of the concerned company’s stature. The brand name is the prized possession of an organization and requires protection by skilled professionals. A regular BBA course wouldn’t inculcate in you the same specialization as is required here. 

Hone Your Skills

  • The study curriculum covers many subjects, such as communication, social media marketing, advertising, and campaign styling. In the process of taking practical assignments, students end up interacting with media personnel, campaign designers, digital marketers, and even assorted customers. 

Assess the Market

  • A BBA course makes you capable of identifying a consumer approach to the concerned product during a specific time phase. The management personnel must be enabled with far-sightedness regarding a product’s verdict and how it can be changed for the better.

Strategic Planning

  • Constant ideation, selection of strategies with respect to the accompanying practicalities, and implementation of those are; namely, the tasks handled by the brand manager proficiently. A BBA programme provides you with theoretical knowledge and practical concepts of justifying a brand name by all means and building a dedicated consumer base for it. 

Job Opportunities

Brand management experts are hunted by multiple industries, namely, PR agencies, service-oriented firms, telecoms, marketing departments, tech-based start-ups, and e-commerce companies. 

A career in this domain lets you build potential alliances and observe the functioning of industries up close. Besides, you have immense liberty of directing your creative juices to develop the right policies and promotional schemes. The assigned projects leave you with enough room for gathering the wisdom of innovation at different levels of complexity. The leading globalization has projected out brand management as an emerging sector, thereby assuring employment. 

Management Intern 

  • This is an entry-level job role in the domain of brand management. Collection of market data by conducting surveys and its preliminary assessment are the tasks allocated to this job rank. The annual compensation is 2 to 3 lakh rupees. 

Market Research Executive 

  • The individual is responsible for recommending product campaigns to the employer organization that would earn its brand a leading position. The annual salary ranges between 2 and 4 lakh rupees. Based on experience, the limit reaches to 6 -7 lakh rupees per annum. 

Assistant Brand Manager 

  • This job profile involves monitoring the regular operations of the marketing executive team. Besides, it demands a significant contribution to the formulation of management plans. This designation draws an annual salary of 8 to 10 lakh rupees per annum at mid-level, while the fresher’s remuneration is 4-6 lakh rupees a year. 

Brand Manager 

  • The individual is the centrifugal force in the ideation of marketing schemes, formulation of brand management plans, end ensuring that those are properly executed. Salary soars as high as 12 to 14 lakhs per annum, while the entry-level compensation isn’t less alluring with a range of 6 to 10 lakh rupees a year.

Hindustan Unilever, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Samsung, Airtel, GodrejIndia, Nokia, Maruti Udyog, Tata Teleservices, Hero MotoCorp, are among the jaw-dropping brands you can get placed in. The offline marketing sector is another employment possibility, especially in app-based agencies. This BBA degree guides you towards your fortune in brand management with ever-increasing domains and opportunities. 

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