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Top BBA Colleges in Banking and Insurance - India

Become familiar with the countless topics related to insurance and banking through this variegated management course. It harbours the intricacies of practical financial applications like merchant banking, treasury operations, risk management, and investment banking. The programme also delves into definitive areas of insurance.  This degree course of 3-year duration teaches you about banking legislation, loans, insurance products, marketing management, organizational behaviour, etc. Aspirants also gather an understanding of economics and credit management. It is a blend of multiple disciplines such as accounting, information technology, rural finance, and computer applications. 

Top 10 Reasons to do BBA in Banking and Insurance Management

Become Digitally Mature

  • It has been quite a number of years since the intrusion of technology into the banking sector, but those in charge of operating it still need advancement in their practice. A BBA programme lets you master the art to facilitate easy access of internet banking, ATM and other such services for customers. 

Get Your Doubts Cleared

  • The BBA programme elaborates every little detail regarding the different branches of banking and the procedures associated with it. With a profound knowledge of remittances, current account, counter operations, savings bank ready at hand, you could detect the flaw and resolve consumer issues at once. 

Expand Your Knowledge Base

  • This degree course curriculum covers the underlying conditions of all possible categories of loans such as a personal, home, vehicle, etc. It educates you on the management techniques of finance as well as corporate insurance apart from insurance products. 

Acquire Financial Intelligence

  • Other than securing your job in the banking industry, you personally benefit from this degree programme through theoretical and practical knowledge of banking services. It allows you to make the right choices when it comes to financial decision-making in your own life.  

Garner Practical Experience

  • A BBA degree gives you the scope of paid internship as a part of your syllabus. Thus, you get the hang of the work ambience, including the emergence of challenges and pressures in various operational categories. 

Compliance with Banking Laws

  • The study curriculum gets you acquainted with the directives of digital delivery routes, sales operations, banking schemes, wealth management, financial and compliance strategies, accounting, and banking communications.

Progressive Insurance Sector

  • This sector is in dearth of knowledgeable and tactful professionals with the retirement of around 25% employees of the industry since 2018. Thus, a BBA in banking and insurance management will fetch you a suitable job designation in this field. 

Effective Handling of Losses

  • The best part of this BBA programme is that it not only trains you in the benefits and functioning of insurances but additional risk management methods as well. It focuses on the subject of financial planning that makes you capable of detecting the financial goals of the insurance buyer and formulating policies accordingly.  

An Exceptionally High Compensation

  • Insurance management professionals are entitled to an alluring remuneration while the salary of banking personnel isn't too far behind. This degree course provides all the required intellect, aptitude, and expertise in demand by the finance sector. 

Choose Your Specialisation

A wide array of skills is provided by the BBA in banking and insurance management. These include insurance laws, equity debt, taxation, capital market rules, international business, microeconomics, cost accounting, quantitative banking techniques, and counting. 

Job Opportunities

The number of available job designations and the industries to work with is endless. No business is free from the risk of one type or the other. Risks can be categorized into financial, liability, liquidity and credit, which demand the protection of insurance management professionals. Back office service, insurance, mortgage, personal loan providers have never-ceasing employment possibilities for you. 

Become an investment banker and assist your employer organization's customers in fund development to meet the financial security and operational requirements of their companies. The average salary for this designation is 9, 02, 800 rupees per annum. The task also includes imparting advice on the concerned organization's capital value and its allocation to different sectors in appropriate portions. 

This degree course also makes you suitable for the job designation of an insurance manager. The job profile is centred on problem-solving skills along with the management of insurance claims, appraisers, specialists and overseas agents. The individual is also responsible for handling the protection of rehearsing functions. This position fetches an annual salary of  Rs 7,30,048/- 

The credit and risk manager's job is to adjure associations on identifying imminent threats to the concerned organization's presence or productivity. The individual detects potential danger and analyzes its seriousness to develop counter plans beforehand and thus, prevent or minimize the rate of damage. Plotting ways for the transfer or mitigation of expected risks is also included in this job profile. It draws a compensation of Rs 9,92,343/-

A BBA programme lets you switch roles as a specialist required by the concerned department of different industries. Credit unions, shopping malls, research institutes, automobile, aviation, health care, and education industries, to name a few. Loan associations, mortgage companies, banks, insurance agencies, charity associations and credit companies are the direct employment sectors of the banking and insurance industry. 

This degree course makes you befitting for a multitude of job ranks such as loss control specialist, investment analyst, asset manager, internal auditor, loan counsellor, investment banker, financial advisor, administrative officer, etc. The study curriculum is devised to endow the aspirants with analytical thinking. Strict diplomacy needs to be maintained while interacting with clients, and articulate communication skills have to be mastered through the management programme. 

Your desire to work in a foreign bank can be materialized through the fundamental expertise obtained in credit appraisal, project assessment, foreign exchange and loan portfolio management sections of the course. The requirement of improved insurance products in India is the need of the hour to survive the present global competition. On the other hand, the estimated vacancies in the finance industry amount to around 2 lakhs a year. Therefore, a BBA pertaining to this field is a prospective course at the present time. 

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